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A/N- Just a little POV of Happy and how it must suck to only be able to feel one emotion all the time.The first of numerous other ficlettes, oneshots, or POVs to come. Let me know what you think!

The sky is blue, the trees are pink, and it smells like strawberries. I like it. It makes me feel happy. I am happy. I'm always happy. I'm sitting by the lake fishing with a tree branch and some string I found. The water is a pretty blue, and the fish are even prettier. This is my home and I'm Happy. Sometimes I'm other things too. I can be Joy, Laughter, Optimism, Fun, Pleasure. At least that's what Knowledge tells me.

I glance behind me to look at her sitting underneath a giant tree. A giant purple tree and the only one like it in my realm. She comes here sometimes to do her research or just to read. Right now she's busy going through a big book. I like books. Picture books with a lot of color and funny things. They make me happy when I look at them.

I have other names. Things that they call me, sometimes in a whisper or really loud in my face. Pest, Brat, Stupid, Immature, Airhead. Knowledge tells me that these words are negative. She says I should tell them not to say words like that. I don't understand though because they make me happy. Not as happy, but happy either way.

A fish swims by so close and I jerk the string in excitement. Now I've scared it and it swims away to the center of the lake where it knows it can't be caught. But that's okay. There's a lot more and I like watching the fish and the water.

I have a different name too. I don't know why it's different. It just feels special when I whisper it to myself. It made me so happy when I first heard it, happier than anytime I could remember. I was called: Friend. I like the word, and I like the person that said it even more. I called him Friend. My Friend.

The memory makes me giggle so hard that I almost lose the fishing rod as a fish bites. It's exciting, and I can't help but give a little scream as the fish comes flying up out of the lake right into the green grass by my feet. It's a pretty lime color with some blue scales scattered around its head. I stare at it with a smile, and my heart beats hard against my chest. The fish is trying to swim in the grass. Its mouth is making a kissing motion and pretty soon I'm laughing and imitating it.

"Knowledge!" I scream. She should see this. Maybe it'll make her happy like me. Her face looks up from the book and I pick up the squirming fish to show it to her. She doesn't smile, but looks slightly impressed.

"Very good. Now put it back in the water before it dies." I nod. Dead fish aren't as fun. So I give it a kiss before throwing it back in the water. A small spray hits my face, and I laugh and fall over. I'm so happy! Rolling onto my stomach, I look into the rippling water and see my own face. There's my pink cloak, and my smile, but something catches my attention. My cheek is wet from the splash. It reminds me of something. I hum happily, and see the way my cheek is all shiny from the wetness. And then I know.

It reminds me of Timid.

Her cheeks are always shiny like this and sometimes it's shiny right underneath her nose too. I remember Timid told me what is was. She called it: Tears. I smile. Tears are pretty.

I take a finger and dip it in the water and dot another one on my face. It's cold and it tickles as it drops down my face. I laugh and dab more on until I have a whole bunch running down my cheeks. Tears make me so happy! It must be fun to be Timid and to be able to cry all the time. I want to be her. I want to be sad. Grinning, I dab some more Tears on my face and then I stick out my lower lip right like Timid does. I can even make it shake a little bit like hers does when she cries. Perfect. I stand up and shuffle over to the purple tree with my new face.

"Look Knowledge. I'm Timid." I tell her trying to imitate Timid's whine. She looks up at me through her glasses and I can tell she's thinking.

"You do indeed have a few similarities in appearance." She tells me. I nod and try imitating a whimper. The sound feels so funny coming out of my mouth that soon I'm rolling on the grass laughing, with my sides in stitches.

"I wish I could be sad." I tell Knowledge after I can speak again. "It's so fun and it makes me so happy!" Her figure sits up a little straighter and she lowers her book. I know she's going to say something important so I cross my legs and listen.

"And that is exactly why you cannot be Timid. Timid exists to represent Raven's sadness, her fears, her doubts, and her insecurities, and it is because of this that she feels things that are different than you. It is simply her nature to be sad as it is mine to learn and understand. We are like a filing cabinet for Raven's emotions. She organizes her feelings by using us as physical representations for them. Rage is responsible for her anger and hatred, I for her memory and information, and Timid for her sadness. You on the other hand can only feel happiness. You are not designed to know what sadness feels like. It is simply impossible." She pauses and I grin. I like it when Knowledge talks to me.

"Do you understand?" She asks me while wiping her glass on the hem of her yellow cloak.


I don't understand and that makes me happy.

I hear her sigh as a butterfly catches my attention. It's so pretty and fun looking. I want to chase it. Wings flutter by my face as it darts off and I jump up to dash after it. But there's something bothering me and I stop.

"Knowledge, you know everything right?" I ask her.

"I know everything Raven does." She replies with a small bob of her head. I pause and look out at my world, so bright and happy and wonderful. Then I turn to face my yellow doppelganger.

"Do you know what it feels like… to be happy?"

She hesitates, and searches my eyes like she's lost or confused, but all I can give her is a smile.

"No… No I do not." She tells me quietly. I nod then go over to peck her on the cheek hoping that my kiss does not smell like fish. Skipping off to find my butterfly, I laugh and let my joy overwhelm me.

It is the happiness of Timid, Wisdom, Knowledge, Crass, Affection, Bravery, and even Rage… but it is mine to feel.