The warm light filtered in through the curtains that had been pulled haphazardly over the window. Their thin material proved insufficient for keeping the morning light out of the room, and light seeped in through the fabric and found it's way in and crept over the still sleeping floorboards. A light chorus of birds echoed through the room, a sweet medley of finches' and sparrows' songs. The light inched over the floor slowly, eventually settling on Riza's sleeping form.

She blinked her eyes once or twice before opening them slowly, keeping them half shut to fend off the light that had invaded her vision. Nestling deeper into the pillow and sheets that covered her, she let out a contented sigh. The room was cool, and the soft sound of the birds song was lulling, and she would have been content to stay asleep, but the day demanded her participation, so she stretched slowly, attempting to coax life into her still sleeping body. She felt the strong pair of arms that had been wrapped around her waist tighten as he felt her movement, felt him stiffen as he drew in a long shuddering breath and returned to the world. He pulled her closer against him, nestling his face into her hair and breathing her in before beginning to kiss her neck softly.

She turned in his grasp so that she could face him, twisting with agility so that she lay on her side looking at him. He opened one eye, looking a little disgruntled at having her hair which acted like a shade pulled away from him, and blinked in the light. He smiled wearily and leaned in and gave her a soft and gentle kiss on the cheek before pulling away and looking at her, all the while keeping his arms wrapped around her. "G'morning," Roy murmured. She smiled at him, and reached a hand out to brush one of his errant strands of onyx hair aside. "Good morning," She replied softly, looking him over, trailing one hand over his chest and coming to rest on his heart. "Sleep well?" She asked. He grinned widely and moved suddenly, knocking her onto her back and pinning her arms down beside her as he moved over on top of her. "Wonderfully," He replied, before moving on and kissing her neck. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his lips brushing against her skin. He released her hands and she wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close. His kiss trailed lower and she moved her hands under his nightshirt and began to run her fingers over his skin. He moaned and kissed harder, forcing her to open her eyes in a small amount of surprise, and in doing so, came to see the time displayed on the alarm clock. She tried to push him off so she could stand up, but he wouldn't move and instead began to move his kiss lower. "Stop," She said. He grunted, and she smacked his arms lightly, pushing him off of her. She stood up from the bed, and he rolled over onto his face, burying his head in the covers. "We have to go to work," She said a little harshly.

"Can't we be late today?" He murmured from under the covers. "No," She said, throwing his military shirt at him. "Come on, get up," She said, walking briskly past the bed but stopped as he reached out and grabbed her arm. She looked down and he looked up, black eyes sparkling. He grinned seductively. "Come on, please?" He said smoothly, rubbing her arm.

"No," She repeated more forcefully this time. Roy let go, sighed in defeat, and sat up and yawned. "I can't believe it," He said sulkily, ripping off his nightshirt and pulling on the white oxford that would replace it. "No other girl has ever said no to me when I asked like that."

"Then you should have married one of those other girls," She said while brushing her hair in front of the mirror in their room, not even looking at him. He frowned at her, standing up from the bed and walking over behind her whilst buttoning the shirt. "Don't say that," He said, reaching out a hand and pulling her hair behind her shoulders and running a hand through it. "You know why I married you."

"Because I can handle a gun and look half decent in a mini-skirt?" She said jokingly, turning around and putting her hands around his shoulders while he reached down and grabbed her waist. "No!" He said smiling. "Although those were contributing factors. Especially the second one." He said. She scoffed and tried to push him away, but he held her tight. "I married you because you're beautiful. You're loyal, you're smart, you're quick witted, you're compassionate and understanding, and… I love that about you."

She raised one eyebrow and looked at him skeptically. "You're still trying to get me back in bed, aren't you?"

"Yeah…" He admitted unhappily. Riza sighed in exasperation and pulled away from him, walking into the kitchen, putting her hair up as she left. Roy groaned in defeat and ran a hand through his hair in an attempt to make it less messy. Riza called to him from the other room. "Hurry up and get dressed, or I'll make you leave without breakfast!" Roy sighed. It had been such a good morning, too.


Roy moved his ebony pawn up one square. "It's good seeing you in Central, sir." He said smiling. The old general looked up, hand on his chin. "Oh, yes, yes…" He mumbled, mind still focused on the game. "It's good being here. I remember when I was stationed here all those years ago."

"I've heard stories," Roy said. The general fingered the air above the piece before moving it forward two spaces. "Check." Roy's jaw dropped. "Already? B-but... it's only been five turns!" He scrutinized the board for a way to get out without endangering himself further. "It is my old chessboard," General Grumman said, fingering his beard. "I have the home field advantage."

"Yes, of course, but you know," Roy said slowly, retracting his king a safe distance from the offending rook. "The board has been mine for a few years now. I know it, too." Grumman ginned, and placed his queen forward two spaces. "Not well enough. Checkmate."

Roy stared blankly at the board, evidently confused of how this little old man could beat him so easily. Grumman laughed at his expression. "Let's see, what is your record now? 101 losses, 16 draws and two wins. The first time you won was when I gave you this chessboard, right? Almost three years ago…"

"Yeah," Roy answered, removing the pieces and beginning to put them away."You've only beaten me once since then, and that was at your wedding reception. And that was unfair considering I had had my fair share of wine." Grumman said, looking thoughtful. "That and I was so excited that you had finally listened to me."

"I won't let it go to my head, sir." Roy said smiling. Just then, there was a commotion out side of the door. Havoc's voice was heard speaking to someone who obviously wanted to speak to Roy.

"Well… the boss is a little busy now… but… I guess he wouldn't mind a little intrusion."

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING SO SMALL THAT HE COULD DATE A GRAIN OF RICE?" Grumman turned in surprise to the door, and Roy just sighed and put his head in his hands. The door flew off of its hinges and landed in the center of the room, leaving a very startled Jean Havoc standing in the door way, eyes wide in confusion and a cigarette hanging limply from his mouth, while Edward Elric stood in front of him on tiptoe, attempting to glare at him face to face, his artificial limb still thrown wide from having knocked the door down.

Roy sighed and stood up. "Your going to fix that, Fullmetal, and I don't care if you can't reach the top hinges." Ed's glare turned away from Havoc and he now faced Roy with flat out rage. "WHO DID YOU CALL SO SHORT-" He stopped, realizing a stunned general was right in front of him. "Oh… sorry, about that, General," He mumbled, quickly putting a hand behind his head. The general raised his hands and waved it off. "Not at all, I admire your enthusiasm, son. You make up for your small size with great spunk, I admire it."

Havoc backed out of the office, he new what was coming next. Ed boiled over. General or no, this man was getting what was coming to him. "WHO DID YOU SAY WAS SO SHORT THAT HIS OVER INFLATED EGO IS WAY TALLER THAN HIM AND YOU WANT TO SQUISH HIM LIKE A BUG?" Grumman sweat dropped. "I didn't say that much..."

Roy sighed. No matter how different things were now, some things would never change.


"Are you serious?" He asked. They were home now, standing in their small room in front of the window. Riza had removed her hair clip, but otherwise were both still in full uniform. She bowed her head and nodded. Roy's look of seriousness melted from his face immediately. A spark came into his eye and he smiled brightly, opening his mouth and laughing. He put both of his hands on her shoulders, making her look at him and she smiled. He laughed louder, stooping down and lifting her into his arms and holding her bridal style. He took of, dancing around the room with her in his arms, his whole body filled with enthusiasm. He held her body close to him as he paraded around the room and she put her arms around his neck to steady herself. He stopped suddenly in the middle of the room, still carrying her like he had the day they were married, and raised his head to the ceiling. "Did you hear that, Maes?" He yelled at the ceiling. Riza raised her eyes to look at him as he shouted into the sky. "Did you hear what she just told me? Damn it, Hughes, I know you heard her! And I'm going to tell you now; my kid's going to be cuter than Elycia!" Up in heaven, Hughes gasped at his friend's impertinence.

Roy looked back around the room, breathless from shouting, before turning his attention back to the woman in his arms. He kissed her forehead as he walked over to the bed and set her down. He climbed over and positioned himself on top of her, and she reached up and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. He smiled at her, hands working to remove the military overcoat she was still wearing so she was left in her black shirt that she always wore. He moved his lands beneath it and began to caress her stomach. She smiled at his affections as he just sat there on top of her. "You have any names?" He asked, not raising his eyes to meet her gaze. "Names?" She asked. "Roy, you have nine months, you want to think about names now?"

"Yeah," He said softly, looking to meet her eyes. "Why not?" She shook her head. "No reason. Did you have something in mind?"

"If it's a boy, can we name him Maes?" She raised an eyebrow at him. "You just finish shouting at Maes that your child is going to be cuter than his, and now you want to name your son after him?" Roy shrugged. "Maes needs some consolation. I mean... he couldn't be the best man at the wedding…" He trailed off and Riza moved one finger to cover his lips. She sat up and kissed him lightly, just a comforting touch. He closed his eyes and kissed her back, moving one hand behind her neck to support her. Riza smiled, pulling away and laying her head back on the bed. "That's fine."

He smirked, bent down and began to kiss her neck. "Glad you agree," He said softly. She tilted her head upward and sighed happily. "But I get to chose if it's a girl," She said. He rolled over onto his side next to her and pulled her into a hug next to him. "Just so long as you don't name her something stupid like you did with the puppy."

She smacked him lightly. "Don't, insult Hayate. He's probably listening you know." He grinned again, and buried his face into her shoulder. "You know it's only because I love you," He said, voice muffled by her shirt. She stroked his hair. "I know."




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