Gaara and Sakura Story

(Takes place when we first encounter Gaara)

Rough Out, Softer In

Sakura's point of view

"My name is Gaara."

That's how it started. The guy with no eyebrows. I think he wears more eyeliner than me. And he is so weird. Also, different. He has the see color eyes as me. Can't believe it but I fell in love at first sight.

Gaara's point of view

What's up with that pink hair? It's so unnatural. And why is she staring at me? Is there an alien on my head or something, geez. But still she's really pretty…WHAT THE HELL? Ok…I should stop thinking about this now…

----Normal point of view

Sasuke and Naruto noticed that they were staring at eachother for a long time. Sasuke (being himself) glared at Gaara. And Naruto (being that idiot that he is) Shouts this.

"Hey! SAKURA! Let's go we'd said we would meet Kakashi-sensei at the bridge to start training!"

Sakura turned to Naruto and glared, "Since when do you want to do something else that doesn't involve Ramen!" They start shouting at eachother. Meanwhile Sasuke and Gaara have a glaring contest. And the rest of Gaara's group stands and watchs eating some popcorn while Sakura, now, is beating up Naruto. And Naruto screaming. Yup, this was going to be a long day….