Something's Gotta Give

Mei Queen


Authoress' Note: Title of the chapter is taken from one of the numbers in Audrey Hepburn's film Funny Face. Some inspiration for the ending taken from Sweet Home Alabama. It's been a great ride, all of you. I loved this story with all my heart and I'm very sad to see it go—maybe that's why it took me so long to bring it to a conclusion (sorry about that).


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And as they pulled away from each other, Draco's eyes full of as much tenderness and caring as she was sure her own were, she did tell him. Ginny smiled and stood on her tiptoes so Draco could hear her better.

When she spoke, it was a delicate whisper, but he definitely heard it.

"I love you."


Chapter 17: S' Wonderful, S' Marvelous!


"So," Draco drawled, looking over with amusement at his exhausted bedmate, "are you regretting coming with me yet?"

The question, of course, was rhetoric. Nobody had ever regretted getting into bed with Draco Malfoy, at least as far as he could remember. Anyway, when he asked the question, the blond multi-billionaire was fairly confident Ginny Weasley would say 'no.'

But what would Weasleys be for if not to eternally surprise and confuse Malfoys, anyway?

The redhead sat up in bed, looking in the mirror across the room with a plainly horrified expression. Her jaw dropped in disbelief as she reached a hand up to touch the rats' nest where her curly tresses used to be.

"Merlin, yes!"

He sat up, obviously a little brassed off with Ginny's enthusiastic answer. He sent her a dirty look as she continued fussing over her hair. "Nobody forced you to come, Red."

Ginny sighed in exasperation. Of course Draco would take her comment as a slight on his bedroom skills- no doubt she had just delivered him the worst possible insult he could have ever received. She chuckled slightly at Draco's pride in his sexual reputation before answering.

"No, it's not that. It's just…well…have you seen my hair?"

It was true, her hair was sticking up at all angles. She looked like the love child of a banshee and a redheaded Boy Who Lived.

Draco chuckled. The relief that swept over him when he realized her comment was not an insult was immediate, washing him from head to toe like a wave of warm water. Suddenly, the whole situation seemed extremely amusing to him. "I rather enjoy it, actually. It suits you. You should wear it like that to your book-signing."

She turned from the mirror and fixed him with the most angry stare she could muster. However, to Draco the expression just looked amusing--like a flobberworm who thought it was a dragon.

He attempted a serious expression, but dissolved into laughter after a few seconds.

Ginny looked over at him, even more annoyed than before, if that were possible.

"Oh, shut it, you, or I'm transfiguring this bed into two twin ones. Then see how much love you get."

He quieted immediately, appalled that Ginny would threaten him with something so very cruel.


There was a knock on the door a couple hours later. Draco had been quiet most of those two hours, still quite sore about Ginny's transfiguration threat. She had left the bedroom shortly after she'd said it, so she could shower and get ready. When she got back, though, he was still a little cross with her, so Ginny was glad someone was coming to break the silence.

"Yes?" Ginny asked, raising her voice slightly to make sure the person on the other side could hear her.

It was Andy, the pilot. "We're here, miss. Just landed in Paris."

"Lovely. Thank you, Andy," she answered. She was excited to get out and see Paris. Her book-signing was going to be around two hours long, and then she'd have at least 24 hours to explore the city. Ginny looked in the mirror, pleased to see her hair was back to sitting down obediently at its normal angles. "I still say I liked it better before," Draco said with a chuckle.

"Of course you do," she answered wryly. Even though he was teasing her, Ginny was just glad they were breaking their silence. After Andy's news of landing, Draco seemed to have perked right up. Maybe today would actually be fun.

"So are you excited to see the city?" she asked, making conversation as she leaned over to strap on her shoes.

"I'm excited to see it with you," Draco qualified, leaning over to get a good look at Ginny's backside while she put on her stilettos. "I've been here plenty of times on business trips, but I've heard Paris is an entirely different place when you're here with someone you love."

"Really? Who told you that?" Ginny asked curiously, finishing with her shoes and looking back to meet Draco's eyes. He looked up from her bum immediately, but not quick enough for Ginny. She scowled at him slightly, but couldn't keep a slight smirk from spreading on her lips.

"Justin," he answered, smiling a little himself.

"Ah," she replied. This was enough for her. Justin was a smart guy. If he said that Paris was different with someone you love, well then, he was probably right. "I've never been here before," she murmured quietly.

"Ever? Not even on a silly one-weekend holiday? Not to visit Delacour's parents? Nothing?" Draco's expression was incredulous. He knew Ginny's family was very poor, but still...how was it possible that after 31 years of life, several of those years as a successful author, she had never taken the time to nip across the Channel for a croissant? "Wow. Well, we'll just have to fix your Paris virginity, now won't we?"

Ginny grinned. Trust Draco to put a dirty spin on a very innocent situation. "I suppose we shall."


The book signing lasted the expected two hours. Ginny ran out of ink in her favorite pen in that time, but her agent had thought ahead with ink refills, so the potential crisis was averted. The redhead took picture after picture with her fans, smiling incessantly all the while. Meanwhile, Draco browsed the bookstore for about an hour, then took a seat and waited impatiently for the signing to be done.

Finally, when her agent nodded to Ginny that she was free to go, Ginny looked to Draco, a slightly manic smile still on her features. "Am I still smiling? I feel like I am. My cheeks hurt quite a lot."
Draco snorted. "Yes, you're smiling. You look a bit mad, actually. Think of something sad. Drowning kittens or the like."

She punched his chest. "What a terrible thing to say!"

"See?" he muttered, rubbing the spot where she'd punched him (a little more forcefully than necessary, if you asked him). "You're not smiling already."

She shook her head. "You're ridiculous. Anyway, where would you like to go first? Should we just jump on a tour bus, then?"

Draco grinned. "I had something a little more intimate planned for your first trip to Paris, actually."


"Intimate, huh? Intimate how? And don't say you want to go at it on top of the Eiffel Tower, Draco, because I'm fairly sure that's illegal," Ginny ranted. "I mean, I know they're French and have no problems displaying their bodies or emotions in public, but I think that might be a little much, even for them."

"Darling, I would love to do that with you," he replied, grinning cheekily, "but that's not exactly what I had planned. We might be able to fit it in later, though, if you ask me nicely enough."

"Ha!" she replied, crossing her arms over her chest. As if I want to do that! I mean, really! Well...it doesn't sound too terrible, does it? Oh, bugger it all, my brain is going as dirty as his! That's what I get for hanging 24/7 around Draco Malfoy, I suppose.

Draco seemed lost in his thoughts, and ignored Ginny's response. Ginny looked over at him again, deciding to just go the direct route this time. "Well? What do you have planned on this intimate day?"

"I've got a car all lined up, and I'm going to take you to some of the highlights of Paris, Red. I'm just trying to remember if I told my driver to meet us outside the bookstore or a block from here at that cafe."

"What cafe?" Ginny asked curiously.

"Well, I figured since we were in the bookstore for a couple hours, you doing nothing but getting yourself closer to carpal tunnel syndrome, you might be a little bit hungry."

Just as she was about to deny the claim, Ginny's stomach growled. Her cheeks reddened slightly. "I might be a little hungry, yeah."

"Okay, great. Well, I'm going to take you to get the best croissants in Paris."


Ginny exhaled a contented breath. As she sipped her cappuccino, ripping off little bits of her croissant to dip in the coffee, she looked over across the table. Draco was watching her intently, sipping a coffee.

"How is it, Red?"

"It's great," she replied enthusiastically. "I feel like I've never had a real croissant before now, like all the ones I've had back home were very poor impostors or something."

He chuckled. "Nobody makes a good buttery pastry like the French, love."

She smiled, enjoying the way her heart warmed a little to his new nickname for her. She imagined how they must look from the outside- the perfect wealthy couple, nicely dressed, enjoying a leisurely late breakfast on their romantic getaway together. Maybe passersby would think they were on a honeymoon. The reality is so different, Ginny thought wryly. In real life, only one of us is wealthy, and we definitely are not on a honeymoon. Merlin, we're not even engaged, and well...I don't really know if Draco wants to get married anytime soon. I wonder if he wants kids...

Draco watched as Ginny's expression went from fondness (probably at his new nickname for her. He quite liked it himself, come to that) to thoughtfulness, then to slight confusion. Finally, his curiosity got the better of him. "Okay. What are you thinking, Red?"


"Come on," he said impatiently. "You can tell me."

"You'll think it's stupid."

"Of course I won't," he answered immediately.

Her cheeks reddened slightly, and she let out a nervous breath. She felt a little terrified to mention her thoughts to Draco—after all, back in his Hogwarts days, he had barely had a girlfriend longer than a couple weeks! How would he react to one of the most commitment-centric concepts in the world- getting married and having children?

"Um..." she began, not really sure how to say what she needed to say. "I was just wondering if you want kids."

He stared at her blankly. How in the world could she even ask? Didn't she know how much he wanted that with her? "Of course I do."

"Oh. Right. I was just wondering," she murmured softly, her eyes trailing down to the napkin in her lap. The conversation was embarrassing her- she wished Draco would change the topic.

"Even though he was desperate to know what prompted Ginny to ask him that, Draco decided she seemed uncomfortable enough as it was. "So... are you ready to start our tour?"


"So what did you think of the Eiffel?" Draco asked, smiling over at Ginny, who seemed quite awed by the day's events.

"It was amazing," she replied breathlessly. "I can't even imagine what work it must have taken to build that, how many years upon years. For that matter, I can't imagine climbing the damn thing all the time- I couldn't even get past the first two levels, and then there were those crazy hikers headed all the way to the top just lapping me. Oh well, it's still an amazing monument--I bet it would be even more beautiful at night, though."

"It is," Draco asserted. "But don't worry. We can come back here tonight so you can see for yourself."

He looked over at Ginny, grinning. She couldn't stop the wide smile that immediately spread on her face or the thoughts that quickly rushed through her head: When did Draco Malfoy get so thoughtful anyway? He's been so sweet this entire day. It certainly seems like I was right in giving him that second chance. I'd much rather be hurt in the long run than miss out on days like today—this has been amazing, and it isn't even over yet.

"So..." Draco began, still smiling, "are you ready for Notre Dame cathedral?"


"Wow. That's the longest queue ever," Ginny muttered, seeing the stretching line of people, a line which wrapped around the entire cathedral. "But I suppose I can see why. The place is amazing even from the outside."

She reached into her purse, took out her camera, and began snapping some shots of the amazing church. Draco got impatient with her pictures, and began jumping into them with silly poses or impressions, intended to make her stop with the pics altogether. It backfired. Instead, she gave up trying to shoot the church and just took shots of Draco doing some of his more amusing impressions—one of Harry (hand rustling through his hair, looking at everyone with suspicion), one of Gilderoy Lockhart (particularly priceless- he puffed out his chest, and walked to a tourist, volunteering to give them an autograph), and a rather memorable one of Moaning Myrtle (self-explanatory).

He took the camera from Ginny, and positioned the camera so that the beautiful Notre Dame would appear behind her in the shot. "Smile, love!" he called loudly. And she did. Her grin spread from ear to ear as she tried to keep the windy French weather from whipping her hair in her face.

Another tourist standing by smiled to himself at the cute couple. Newlyweds, he thought happily, and they're from England. Finally. Somebody here who won't hate my bloody accent. The tourist decided to do a good deed that day and walked up to Draco, tapping him on the shoulder.

"Hey mate," the tourist said. "Can I take a pic of you and the wife for you?"

Draco grinned. Even though Ginny was by no means his wife, the word sounded nice to him and he didn't want to correct it. "That would be so great, thank you! Just hold this button here," he said, pointing. "The lens cap is already off, so nothing else to worry about."

The tourist nodded, watching happily as Ginny's smile grew even wider knowing that she and Draco would actually have a picture together. Finally! Maybe if it was particularly good she could frame it for their bedroom on the jet!

"All right, now," the tourist called out. "One, two, three...smile!"

The duo grinned as Draco wrapped his arm around her shoulders, and she around his waist. The tourist grinned at the preview on the back of Ginny's digital camera. "It's a keeper, I think," he said, grinning and showing it to them.

"Thank you so much for doing that," Ginny said happily, looking at her new picture with satisfaction. "We really appreciate it."

Draco nodded to the tourist, smiling as the man walked off to join his wife (who was waiting patiently in the never-ending line for Notre Dame). "I guess there are some nice people in France, after all," he said jokingly.

"Of course, he was a Brit too, so it doesn't really count."

"Fair point, Red. Very fair point."


"Did you know he thought we were married?" Draco asked as he and Ginny were walking into the Louvre Museum (after yet another long queue. Draco was beginning to think that the French loved queues almost as much as the English). The tourist had left them over an hour ago, and in that time, Draco and Ginny had seen the Arc de Triomphe and walked for a bit along the Seine. Draco simply had not mentioned his thoughts until now because he couldn't find a way to bring in what he wanted to talk about. Finally, after waiting forever for the Louvre, Draco had simply decided on bluntness.

"He who, Draco?" Ginny replied abstractedly, obviously lost in her own thoughts.

"The tourist who took our picture in front of Notre Dame," he replied impatiently. "He thought we were married."

"Oh," she replied. Now she was finally on the same page as Draco, but she couldn't imagine his motivation in bringing it up in the first place. "Well, did you set him straight, then? Tell him we weren't?"

"No, actually, I did not."

"Why not?" Ginny asked, completely bemused. Why in the world would commitment-phobe Draco Malfoy be willing to let a tourist (from their country, no less) believe that they were married? Unless...he wanted to be. Ginny felt her stomach give a hopeful leap as she waited for his answer.

"Because even though the idea, to you, seems repulsive," Draco replied, obviously cranky that his redhead was not as enthusiastic over the misconception as he was, "I thought it was rather nice, that's all."

"Of course I don't think it's repulsive, Draco."

Pacified slightly, he continued- "Still, don't you think it's a little crazy? We actually seemed like a married couple and we've only been officially dating a few days."

Still not really sure where he was going with it, Ginny replied tentatively, "Well, no. We've known each other for years, even if we haven't necessarily liked each other all those years. We've talked so much online that we basically know everything about one another. And right now, we're both really happy and ecstatic to finally be together. So, logically, I guess we probably do look like newlyweds. I was thinking that we probably looked that way when we were at the cafe earlier this morning."

"And you don't mind people thinking we look that way?"

"Of course not. People will think what they will, it makes no difference to me. Especially when they think I'm capable of snagging such a handsome husband," Ginny replied, grinning cheekily at Draco. He leaned down to give her a long kiss in reply.

Spying the Mona Lisa, the redhead pushed eagerly forward to see the famous work. Draco held back, unable to understand what was so amazing about such a dinky little thing of a portrait. Instead, his eyes were on his Mona Lisa, his Ginny. If only she knew how capable she was of snagging me as a husband, he thought to himself. I can't imagine anything I want more in the world than to look at Ginny and know she is completely mine, nobody else's. I want to have her share my life, my money, my home, share everything.

Impulsively coming to a decision, he reached in his pocket and pulled out his mobile. First, he called his driver, informing him of a change in plans. Secondly, he went down his contact list and began text messaging Hermione and Luna.


"WHAT?!" Hermione screeched, looking at her mobile as if the damn thing were possessed.

"It's not like you're seeing things, 'Mione," Luna informed her, already having been at Harry and Hermione's apartment to watch a movie. "He texted me at the exact same time, and the messages are the same."

Harry rolled his eyes at the typical female hysterics, finally taking Hermione's mobile into his own hand to see what was going on. He felt his jaw drop to the floor. "No way. No bloody way!"

"See? And you thought we were overreacting!" Hermione chided, taking back her mobile to try to figure out how to reply. "Luna, what should I say?!"

"We know her better than anyone," Luna said confidently. "We know what to tell him."

"You're right. We really do," the brunette replied, obviously glad that Luna was better under pressure than she was herself.


"So where to now?" Ginny asked curiously, after they had finished with the Louvre. It was nearing sunset now, and her feet were aching terribly. "I'm rather hungry."

"I know, love," Draco replied, holding one of her hands and guiding her gently by the small of her back. "The driver's coming to pick us up any moment."

The redhead nodded weakly, happy to collapse and wait on a nearby bench. Then she heard a loud beeping coming from Draco. He whipped out his mobile quickly, opening the flip phone to check the display. It must be a text message, she thought to herself.

"Who's it from?"

"Oh, just Hermione, love. She wanted to see if we were having fun on our trip so far," Draco called confidently.

Ginny looked bemused. Why would her best friend be text messaging her boyfriend to see if they were having fun? Ginny had a perfectly working mobile of her own! The redhead looked down, feeling a little hurt by Hermione's slight. "Okay. Well, tell her 'yes' for me."

"Will do, love."


Hermione's text message seemed to have brought with it a damper on Ginny's mood, so by the time Ginny and Draco were safely in their car, she didn't really feel much like talking. Draco tried to keep her distracted, hoping she wouldn't notice where they were headed.

"What do you want to eat, love?" he asked, covering her hand with his.

"Anything," she replied aimlessly. "I don't really care too much."

"Okay. Well I have some snacks here if you're interested," he replied, reaching into the limo mini fridge and pulling out some chocolate-covered strawberries.

Ginny grinned widely. She was a sucker for anything chocolate, something Draco knew all-too-well. She reached for one and eagerly popped it in her mouth. He poured her a glass of champagne, and she accepted it with a grin.

"What are we toasting to?" she asked, smiling as she watched him pour a glass for himself.

"You losing your Paris virginity."

She grinned. "Cheers!"

"Sir?" the driver asked, knocking on the partition between the front seats and the back of the limo where Ginny and Draco were sitting.

"Yes? What's up?" Draco asked curiously, reaching for the controls to lower the partition.

"There isn't any parking. Should I try one of the alleyways over here?"

"By all means. Thank you," the blond man answered confidently.

"Draco, are you sure? Paris isn't exactly safe at night. Alleyways are a big no-no in every tourist guide, you know," Ginny said, nervously tapping on Draco's arm.

"It'll be fine, love. We won't be here long, I promise."

"Where is here?"


Draco and Ginny walked in through an unmarked back entrance, led by a very handsome young man dressed in an impeccable suit.

Must be a very nice restaurant, Ginny thought inwardly, groaning at how she must look after trekking through Paris all day- sweaty, tousled, dirty.

The man opened another door for them, and Ginny and Draco found themselves in a completely dark room, looking at a cage screen on the windows. Ginny gawked at the screen with disbelief. Draco must have paid some poor restaurant to stay open just for us. It's obviously closed to the public right now.

She was about to chide Draco for his extravagance when some lights came on inside glass cases scattered throughout what Ginny now recognized as a jewelery store. Her hand came up to rest on her mouth when she saw the sign on the wall.


"Wow," Ginny whispered, suddenly realizing why Hermione had really been text messaging Draco earlier. She had been letting him know how much Ginny loved Cartier, how much Ginny had always dreamed of even walking into the famous store on the Place Vendôme, let alone owning something from there. Of course Draco would want to buy her a present from Paris, but she just couldn't accept it, as much as she wanted something from here. A watch or necklace would be divine, but she simply couldn't accept something that expensive. She had just made up her mind to turn to tell Draco that, when she realized he was in front of her on bended knee.

"Oh, my God," Ginny murmured, realizing that she had mistaken the situation entirely. Draco didn't just want to get her a special gift, he wanted to give her one of the most special gifts a girl receives in her life- an engagement ring.

Draco reached up, grabbing one of her hands with his own. "I can't imagine living without you. I know we'll be together this whole year, but that tourist today made me realize how much I want it to be true- I want to be married to you. I want you to be mine, forever. I couldn't let this perfect day in Paris end without at least trying—will you marry me?"

Ginny grinned through the happy tears that were slowly making tracks on her freckled cheeks. She nodded. "Of course."

Draco smiled back, getting up to give her a big kiss. "That's amazing. I'm just...I'm so glad, Red. You can't even imagine how happy you've just made me."

"I think I can," Ginny countered with an easy grin. "Anyways, aren't you supposed to pick out the ring before you propose? Did you just take me here so I'd take some of the work out of the whole proposing thing?"

Draco could tell she was kidding, and he chuckled. "I would have picked one out, but Hermione told me how much you love Cartier and never owned anything from there. I figured it was only fair to give you your pick."

"Don't think I'm going to let your money get you out of hard situations again, mister," Ginny replied chidingly.

"Soon it will be your money, too," he countered.

"I guess you're right, there," she replied, walking over to the cases and saying hello to the friendly salespeople who stayed late just to help Draco in his proposal. The salespeople reached into the glass cases, pulling out ring displays for Ginny to inspect. "These are absolutely amazing. Draco, I couldn't possibly ask you to get me one of these."

"You don't have to ask, love. I want to."

Ginny grinned. Her phone began to vibrate in her purse. She whipped it out quickly, wondering who could possibly be calling.

Message from: HERMIONE:

-did he ask? =D-

She wrote a message back while examining a princess cut in platinum.

Yes, he did. I'm so happy, Mione.

Message from HERMIONE:

-i'm so glad, babe. How's the ring?-

Ginny quickly replied, trying the princess cut on her finger. A little too generic for her. She wanted something different.

Trying them on as we speak. You didn't tell anyone did you? Besides Luna, I mean

Message from HERMIONE:

-Um...well Harry was there. He might have told someone-

Just as Ginny read Hermione's message, her phone began vibrating uncontrollably.

Message from LUNA:

-Congratulations! Love you!-

Message from RON:

-I'm going to kill that ferret! Please tell me you said no-

Message from HARRY:

-Um, congrats, I guess.-

Message from DAD:

-I dont know if I'm working this fellytone correctly, but your brother tells me you're marrying a Malfoy. Please inform him it's only polite to ask the father first, and to make it up to me, he should bring me some Muggle things from his jet-

Message from DAD:

-Ginny, this is your mother. Has my baby lost her mind? I'm hearing some very scary stories about you and this Malfoy boy. Please tell me he's changed since Hogwarts, darling-

Message from RON:

-sorry about Mom and Dad. I didn't realize it was that big a deal to mention, but I guess it was. =(-

"Oh, Merlin," Ginny said, sighing and handing her mobile over to Draco for him to read her family's mixed reactions. He was particularly amused by her father's message.

"We should bring him the inflatable slide," he said with a grin. "He'd probably be very amused by that thing."

"Definitely," she replied, smiling. "So you're not intimidated by my crazy family?"

"Hardly. I liked you despite them, remember? They're a little loony, but they care about someone who I care about, too. We have someone very important in common."

"And who in the world could that be?" Ginny replied, smiling absently as she looked in a case in the back corner of the store. In it was, by far, the most strange ring she had ever seen. She loved it immediately.

"Please get that one out, would you?" she asked the salesperson, who looked extremely bemused by her request. She was the first customer in five years to even ask to look at the ugly thing, so he hadn't even bothered setting it on the counter. Looking at her like she was extremely mad, he reached in and got out the ring for her.

She looked at it up close. It was a round diamond surrounded by alternating little emeralds and rubies, set in platinum. "I love it."

"Why?" Draco asked critically. "It's hideous. It looks like Christmas!"

"I love it. It has green, for you, and red, for me, and a diamond, for our marriage. It's very symbolic."

"Symbolically shite, you mean," Draco replied crossly. He couldn't believe that after all the options in Cartier, Ginny wanted that. She shot him a death glare, and held her ring protectively as if Draco's words could hurt its feelings. He rolled his eyes. She was obviously set on her choice. "Alright, love, if that's the one you want. You know I can't say no to you."

"I know," she replied, grinning. "I'm depending on that for tonight when we get back on the plane."

Draco looked over at her in surprise, then looked to the salesperson, a look of urgent desperation apparent on his face. "Okay, I'm going to need to buy this now. Like, right now. I've got places to be..."

"...and people to do?" Ginny quipped, winking at him happily.


After their engagement in Paris, Ginny and Draco traveled together all over the world, trying to decide where to get married. After nearly doing a tribal ceremony in a remote country, they decided that the best thing to do was wait for the year to be over, finally getting married in the backyard of the Burrow, like Bill and Fleur all those years ago. Ginny and Draco now happily live in Ginny's house (they sold Draco's apartment) with their now very large dog, Dragon, and three children- Rebecca Fleur (SwanseaSweetie was so flattered), Justin Fred (the real Justin stopped by for dinner every week and Ginny wanted to honor her brother with the middle name), and Hermione Luna (because after two kids, a successful marriage, and an amazing wife, Draco felt it was the least he could do).

Draco and Ginny both see Rebecca and Jim often, along with many of their friends from Chat. It was amazing how many of them coupled up over the years. A few years after Hermione Luna was born, Chat came into financial problems, threatening to shut down altogether. Draco bought it out and kept it running and active, even adding some new chat rooms and new features (by Ginny's suggestion, of course).

After all, he's always been a sucker for a good cause.


Authoress' Note: wow. This has been very emotional for me to write, and it took me forever to finally get to some sort of a conclusion. I'm sorry if there are spelling errors and tons of other errors in here. I'm still very tired from not sleeping much the past few days...but I feel strangely relieved having this off my shoulders. It feels good to finally give Ginny and Draco their closure. I hope you'll review-- I love reading them.