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The students of Ekoda High School were once again having an animated debate.It had started with a simple question. If you could wish for one thing, what would it be? The usual answers had come up; money, fame, true love, but still the discussion raged.

Aoko stood up. "I would wish my father would catch that stupid thief!" the wild-haired girl passionately exclaimed.

Hakuba nodded in agreement. "I believe catching the Kaitou Kid is my dream as well." Turning to examine the look on Kuroba's face the detective paused, then frowned.

The magician looked oddly pensive. He wasn't the only one either. Akako sat regarding the surface of her desk. Both magic-users had been unusually quiet.

Keiko also regarded Kaito. "What about you Kaito-kun? What would you wish for?" The entire class waited, curious about his response.

Kuroba raised his sapphire eyes. "It doesn't matter who you are or what you are capable of," he said softly. "Some things are simply not possible." Kaito's voice and demeanor were serious, "as for the things that are they are rarely handed to you. His eyes scanned his classmates as he paused. "If you want your goals to become reality, you have to work for them."

Just like that the moment was over and the class clown sprang out of his seat and bounced toward Akako. "I'm going for some ice cream. Wanna come?" he grinned, holding out his hand. Nodding, the sorceress put her hand in his, allowing herself to be pulled to her feet. Without another word the pair left the room, aware of the questioning golden eyes that followed them.

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