Be No Nightmares
Isaac/Ivan fluff by SolarCat

A/N- Short and sweet. Contains boykissing of the Isaac/Ivan variety. You no like, you no read. Golden Sun is still not mine, I just like to kidnap the boys and play with them sometimes. And to those of you who may be wondering, YES, I am still working on both Serendipity and Say Goodnight and Go. You should all know by now that Isaac and Ivan enjoy wandering through my brain when I'm supposed to be doing other things.
Isaac lifted up the covers as soon as he heard Ivan's soft footfalls on the wood flooring. The younger boy had waited until Garet was asleep, an event that generally didn't take very long and was easily recognized by the ear-splitting snores emanating from the top bunk.

Garet had claimed the space as soon as they got on the ship, which had struck Isaac as somewhat odd. The Mars adept was seasick most of the time, why would he want to be way up there? Garet had proudly explained that the top bunk was the one farthest from the water, and Isaac didn't have the energy or the desire to argue with him. The bunk above Ivan's was empty - Mia had been given the other small bedroom in the interest of privacy and modesty for all parties - and now Ivan's bed was empty too.

Ivan crawled under the covers, tucking them in again behind him and sealing the two blonds into a cocoon of warm sheets. Isaac had graciously scooted back a little to make room and Ivan snuggled in, resting his head on the pillow so that his and Isaac's noses were no more than an inch apart.

"Thank you." Ivan whispered, his breath ghosting across Isaac's lips and cheek. His breath still smelled like the fish Mia had cooked up for dinner, but it wasn't unpleasant.

"You don't have to." Isaac replied, just as softly, so that he was barely heard over Garet's snoring. "Are they getting better?"

Ivan shook his head, though the movement was small and muffled by the pillow. "Not really... I'm sorry." His voice wavered a little, and Isaac freed a hand from the blankets to softly brush a lock of soft blond hair out of Ivan's face and back over his temple.

"Shh. Don't be. I know you liked her."

And Ivan wasn't sure how, but he had never before noticed that note of bitterness in Isaac's voice when he spoke of Sheba. He reached up and grasped that hand that had settled just behind his ear, twining his and Isaac's fingers together.

"I did like her. But not... not like that." His eyes unfocused slightly as he searched for the words to make his meaning clear. "I felt like... like she was important, but we all knew that she was. More... as though she were very dear to me. Like a sister or a close cousin or a childhood friend. I didn't even... I didn't even know her at all, but I still felt that way. It seems so stupid."

Isaac had listened quietly, but at this last he gripped Ivan's smaller hand even more tightly within his own and tugged the boy closer to him, tangling their legs together and closing the small gap between their bodies. "It's not." He assured, laying a small kiss on the spot where, even though he couldn't see it properly in the dark, he knew a crinkle had developed on Ivan's forehead. Sure enough, there it was, and it smoothed under his lips as Ivan's whole body melted against his. "It's not stupid. It's what you felt in your heart, and feelings like that are never stupid."

Ivan sighed sleepily, tucking his head under Isaac's chin. He shifted and kissed the place where Isaac's neck met his shoulder, earning him a pleased purr. "I love you." He whispered against Isaac's chest.

"I love you, too." Isaac whispered back, holding Ivan just a little bit closer. A gentle smile passed over the Jupiter adept's face as he drifted off to sleep. Tonight, he felt, there would be no nightmares.

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