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Sora: Yes! Nailed her! One down, and two to go! Hehe! Now, for the next goal.. (grins)

Riku: (rouse up from faintness) Ugh.. What happened? (looks around) Where's.. Waft?

Kairi: (holds her big head) Yeah.. I'm feeling all oozy.. Ooh.. Sora?

Sora: Riku, Kairi! Don't you guys remember? There's someone.. or something, that scares us to fade away!

Kairi: (squeal) OwO! You mean.. (still in squeaky voice) It's s..ss.. still in here? XS!

Riku: Gulp! (trying to speak as calmly as he can) Who's that.. ff..f..fellow anyway? I don't like this f..ff..feeling.. We bb..better do some-! (catch a glimpse of something white) OMG! O0O!

(something flew above them as it speaks in a very gentle eerie tone)

: Riku… Kairi.. Heeheehee.. Where are you..?

Kairi: O0O!(shrieks)


Chapter 2: A Commencement

"11.30 p.m." said Wakka as he looks at his watch.

"Damn it, these kids! Where are they? I don't have time to play games! This is a waste of time!" said Riku crossly.

Riku always tend to say like that when he gets barmy, as he thinks that he is an adult. But the truth is, Wakka is way, older then he is. And he never thinks that he's already a grown up, except that he thinks he's a grown man. Sometime, that's the reason Sora and the other little teens, just can't brush the feeling of shutting Riku's mouth whenever he's angry. He sounds just like Cid, every now and then! But, sometimes they like him, just the way he is. The attitude of this group makes the borderline between them even tighter. It means, that's the way they lean to become best friends with moderate and even uncouth manners at times. Occasionally, the little ones were more understanding then the elder ones. For Wakka's situation, he just sits at the middle in being a child mannered guy but with a mature way of thinking and looks.

"Relax, Riku mann. I'm pretty sure they're heading here one way or another"

"Grr.. It's just I don't agree this adventure.. I'd rather do my job then amalgamation with their stupid quest. I really don't get it with you guys.." said Riku as he grunts.

"Aww come on Riku! There must be a reason why they flout the time! Like, maybe they had to sneak out quietly without their parents notice?" said Tidus as he leers.

"Yes, that's a verrrry good explanation. I'm sure their parents would be happy if they find out their children is missing. Then the whole village will come searching and chasing us, the older ones, with pitchforks and fire torches. Like as if we were living in some kind of old centuries! We're not witches you know! And it's not my fault for your silly idea! But nooo.. I get to be scold first, because I am the oldest and I get to be blame for all this with Wakka!" mumbled Riku.

"Who's actually the oldest one here..?" whispered Wakka with narrow eyes.

"Uh.. What are you babbling about Riku? Do you really believe in witches?

"NO! What makes you think like that?" snarled Riku. "But you know what? I did see Maleficent. She's a witch alright. But that doesn't count that I believe in witches. I really don't believe they exist."

"Then, hello? Earth to Riku? Why are you saying as if you're living in that kind of time? Come on, we live in the modern era right now! There's no such thing as pitchforks chasing right?"

"Oh, just shut yer trap dim-witt.." Riku snapped as he grinds his teeth together. He was very furious.

"Hey! I didn't say you names! How dare you Riku!" said Tidus, defending himself.

"What? Dim-witt?"

"Hey! Stop it, damn it!"

"Now.. now.. Don't start the taunting lexis fight! We have to deal with this simple thing easily. Besides, is not cool mann to wrestle. Unless you're in the WWF arena. Then that will be pretty entertaining!"

"Oh, Wakka.." said Selphie as she chuckled hearing Wakka's words. It tickles her little heart.

Wakka just have the intense words to make people be comfortable. Soon, all of them started to laugh. And so does Riku and Tidus. He manages to stop any fight, and so he did on this one. It's just his specialty.

"Now that's more like it mann! Just, be patience Riku and all of you. I'm sure they'll be here any minute.."

"Hey you guys! We're here!" shouted the brunette.

"Oh, finally the popular-kid appeared.." said Riku with an aggravated tone.

"Yeah, with his love.. (points at Kairi) Are you two been dating or something? What took you guys so long?" asked Tidus as he leer his eyes to them.

"WTF! Hey, don't you ever mention that! We're not couples!" said Sora blushing.

"Yeah.. yeah.. Whatever mann.." said Wakka provoking. And they all laugh some more.

"So, what's up? What are you guys talking about when we're not here?" asked Sora as he pulls his boat to Destiny Island shore to be tie up to the deck.

"A lot.." said Selphie simplify.

"A lot? What kind of lot's? There's a lot's of kind of lot. So, which lot are you talking about? A lot, lot? Or a lot's of lot? "

"Oh, my brain.. (holds head) Stop repeating words Sora. I don't understand your language.." said Tidus as he makes a giddy looking face.

"What? I was asking about which lot? About a lot like a house or lot's that-

"He's starting to talk gibberish again.." said Selphie.

"Sora mann.. What Selphie meant is we did talk about many things. Not a lot's lot, or a lot like houses, or a lot of lot-"

"Oww, my brain! Ow! Stop it! Brain, cannot accept, weird, verbal communication. Ow! Brain freezes!" said Tidus like a robot in error.

That night, the air was fill with their laughter.

"Okay, enough. We're already late. Let's discuss this later in the journey. It's almost midnight now," said Riku cutting it short.

Then they started to get things ready and bring along their goodies. Sora brought tons of stuffs, his rucksack looks as if he's going to some camping trip.

"Hey, Sora. Are you going on a vacation or something? That's a big heavy load if I should say. What are you bringing anyway?"

"Oh, nothing Tidus. You can never be too prepared ya know.. I just brought some toothbrushes, towel, cooking pans, refrigerator-"

"O.o! Refrigerator? Cooking pans? What are ya? Afraid of starvation? And do you think were going to some swimming pool with that towel and bathrobe? Argh! And loose that rubber ducky!" shouted Riku.

"No! It's my lucky rubber ducky! You can't take it from me!"

They all blink at the term. Awkwardly, Sora just adores bringing weird stuffs when going somewhere.

"What? Don't you guys have things that you love? Like a teddy or somethin'?"

"(sigh) Whatever Sora.. Just leave those other stuff.. We're traveling light. Coz I don't want to help bringing your heavy bags of goodies up the hill later, understand?" said Riku.

"Owh, all right.." said Sora as he pout's.

"Kairi, why are you so quiet tonight?" asked Selphie as she packs her stuff.

Not a single word was uttered by her, then suddenly..

"Why are you guys putting me away from the conversation? What am I? A twig? A log?" said Kairi out loud.

They gawk for a moment, and Sora speaks up.

"Um, Kairi? What's wrong?"

"Zilch, just wanna make you guys know about my appearance here.." she said with a smile.

"Eh-heh.. Uhh.. We know you're here.. (sweatdrop) Weird.."

"Oh, come on! Stop fooling around anymore! Or else I'll leave you guys with the ghosts!" said Riku.

The girls screech in a very high tone as they hug each other. The boys were startled by the note. It gives them a shudder all over their body.

"Don't do that! It's passed midnight don't you see? You'll really gonna wake up the dead!"

The girls squeal again and again the boys were shocked.

"What's wrong mann? Why are you screaming again? You give me the bone-chills!"

"It's Riku! He said the 'G' word!"

"What? Don't tell me you girls were scared of gh-"

"Warggh! Riku! No!" shouted the girls snappily.

"All right! All right! Pipe down will ya? Who ask you to have this expedition if you're scared?"

"Shut up! We're not scared! We're just jumpy! That's all!" yelled the girls. And they started to walk first.

"O.O!" Riku was totally stunned and surprised by their attitude.

"Oooh.. I never see Riku being scold by girls before.." said Sora as he ooed.

"Humph! Shut up and get going you moron!" said Riku and he gives Sora a jagged at his stomach.

"Ow, hey-! Ergh.."

"Come on, let's keep going.." said Tidus to Sora as he gave out one of his wide smile.

Tidus knew that Sora would be bothered by Riku's doing. Trying not to make things worse, he pulled Sora along by his shoulder and they walk together. Sora sulked as he holds the slight pain at his tummy.

"Aye, aye.." said Wakka as he slaps his forhead. "This is gonna be a looonng night.."

And so, they started their drive to Destiny Island Embarkness hill. It's sure is getting dark, and pretty soon, the woods they have to cross will be totally murky and mysterious. Evil sinister were about to arise as the only light from the full moon brighten their passageway…

-End of chapter-

: Oh, there you are! (evil creepy smile) I've been looking for you.. Hehehehee!

Riku and Kairi: GAAAHH! LET'S GET OUTTA HERE! (runs away 1000 kilometres)

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: Oh, is that.. so?

Sora: GAHAHAHA-HA-hak-ha-! Huh? O.o? I thought I heard a voice? Is it the tape recording? But I swear I did switch it off already.. Nah.. Couldn't be.. (shakes head) Must be my imaginations.. (scratches head)

: Are you sure you have switched it off? Or did you pull the radio wire already?

Sora: Yeah.. I guess I did that.. (looks at the radio cable that he's holding) Hurmm.. That's odd.. The line is already pulled, then.. O.O! (yells with a glinch of fear) WHO SAID THAT?

(in soft wailing voice)Sora.. I thought you like the way I pull the pranks for ya to them.. Why are you yelling, Sora? Sooo… raaaa….

Sora: WTF! Oh no.. (trembles and putting hands together) Please, lord! Just don't, be it! (turns around slowly with very wide eyes) OH.. MY.. Gg.. guh.. OoO!

: Goat? Hehehee.. Or girl? (floats nearer and whispers at Sora's ear) Do you like me Sooarr…rraaa? (evil laughter)

Sora: Guh..! God! HELLPPP! (runs away like mad) MOMMY!

: (eerie giggle with a sneer and vanishes into thin air..)

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