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"But I know he's not here. So just relax for a minute, okay?" Sideswipe said cheerily, hopping up onto one of the tables. Bluestreak timidly sat down on one of the nearby chairs, hoping the CMO had allready passed out drunk in his office for the day. or at least an early afternoon nap. That would leave them about two hours to relax and do nothing.

No such luck. The medbay doors swished open, and a very angry-looking CMO stomped throught them.

"Okay, what did you do now." he demanded.

"I-I thought Prowl told you-" Sideswipe was immediately cut off

"I talked to Prowl allready. So get your aft in gear." he shoved a transformer-sized mop and bucket at the red mech. "I believe we have some cleaning to do. "

Bluestreak started to open his mouth.

"One peep outta you and I'll weld your mouth shut."

"y-y-yessir" Bluestreak stammered. The CMO shot him a deathly glare. Bluestreak shut his mouth and took the other mop and bucket.

fifteen minutes later...

The two mopped in silence for a minute, then Sideswipe gave the snoozing CMO a glance through the open office door, mug of high-grade still in one hand. Then gave Bluestreak a look.

"Don't do it." Bluestreak whispered back.

"What? He'll never know." Sideswipe snuck over to where Ratchet stached his high-grade and slowly eased the cupboard door open...

CLANG! Sideswipe rubbed the back of his head from the floor.

"I knew that paperweight was good for something." Ratchet noted from the office.
Later that day, (about 6 in the evening, actually), Optimus was making his rounds around the Arc. Everything had gone smoothly (well, somewhat.) Although Ratchet had knocked Sideswipe close to silly earlier that day, and Bumblebee and Cliffjumper were out on patrol. Sunstreaker had been supremely mad, and swore if anyone came into the washroom he'd rip their arms off and...

Man, could he ever get mad. And Prime noted the yellow twin had recently added a few more profanities to his vocabulary. Thanks to Ratchet, most likely.

Jade was sulking away in a brig cell until 6:30 (that was when she went to spend the night on monitor duty with red alert)

And there was no sign of Jazz. "Probably in his quarters listening to music." Prime thought. He knew Jazz had internal radio recievers. And could listen to music without others hearing it. He wasn't sure if the black-and white was still sulking over getting caught or not. Optimus knew how Jazz prided himself on being the sneakiest of the sneaky. He'd just have to be more carefull from now on.

Prime wondered if everything would just stay so peacefull.

thenhe heard it.

the noise was coming from a few hallways down.




followed by an ominous giggle.

What on Cybertron?

then he realized, weren't Wheeljack and Wyldkat repainting the end of the adjacent hallway? Prime wondered if he should even dare step foot down that hall. He knew he might regret it if he did. Unfortunately, the leadership side of him firmly commanded him to do so. He took each step carefully as he approached the next hall. Primus only knew what would be waiting for him at the other end.

Hadn't the pranks been ended? well, it was april first. Of course, it could just be laserbeak and ravage trying to infiltrate the Arc again. he wasn't sure which would be worse. For the sake of his sanity he hoped it was the latter of the two. He wasn't sure he could deal with another round of april fools day foolishness. He rounded the corner and froze.

There, covered in paint from boot to helmet on the floor, was a pair of figures trying to untangle themselves from one another.

"Primus help us." he silently prayed.

Then stifled a chuckle at the scene. It was kind of like a bizarre game of twister, only he wasn't quite sure where one bot ended and the other began.

The pile of arms and legs wiggled, trying to untangle themselves from each other.

"oomph get off me!" the female voice demanded

"heh heh, I can't." said the second voice, which was male.

"Whattya mean you cant!"

"The floor's too slippery." Prime recognized the voices. Wylkat and Wheeljack.

"Eh, heh, hang on." Wheeljack's hand must've slipped because Wylkat let out a fiendishly high pitched "Yeoowrr!"

"Oops.. sorry"

They were completely oblivious to their commanding officer standing there watching the scene.

"Here, let ME help!" Wylkat reached out and grabbed a can of paint and deposited it upside down over the autobot scientist's head, paint and all.


Optimus straightened, and tried to swallow his laughter at the scene.

"ahem." he said over the racket.

The pile stopped moving, and two faces peered up at him, both covered in orange-gold paint. Wheeljack lifted the front edge of the paint can slightly to see, not even bothering to remove it.

"Uh..heh..Hi Optimus. Uh... " he thought for a second

"What brings you to this part of the Arc?" That was the most ubsurd question Optimus thought he had ever heard. But he tried to block out the image, and just tilted his head to one side, not really sure what to say.

"What happened here, Wheeljack?"

"Uh... the paint got a little slippery. I didn't know it was going to be like soap.. and, well, see, I kinda spilt a little bit and..." Prime held up his hand to silence them, unable to take anymore without laughing.

"I expect you two to get this cleaned up... and yourselves. He gave the two a merry look.

"And I'll ask Grapple and Hoist about the paint." With that, the red-and blue Autobot leader turned and walked away, leaving the two to their... fate.

As he turned the corner, he heard Wyldkat's voice in the background "How long was he standing there"

"I dunno."

Optimus chuckled he walked away.
Meanwhile, outside the arc's main entrance...

"Hey!... Can anyone hear me"

the setting sun reflected the shadow of a black and white figure, who was hanging upside-down from one of the Arc's main boosters by his ankles.

Jazz squiggled hopelessly, the and the cable holding him up creaked uder his weight, but refused to give way.

"He wondered if he kept calling, someone might eventually hear him.


A gust of wind caught him, sending the figure swaying back and forth, which ended in him being twirled around. The saboteur shut off his optics so he wouldn't have to see the world swirling around him.

I'm gettin' dizzy up here!


no replies, except his own voice, which echoed quite nicely across the completely empty landscape...

In the brig, a certain jet was counting the ceiling tiles in her cell, and contemplating the next year's revenge pranks.

"well, at least Prowl didn't ban April fools Day from the Arc... she grinned at the thought.

Jazz wriggled a bit more, but to no avail. Still no sound. Not a car engine, not even so much as a bleep or a blip.

Except for a few crickets, who chirped happily in the background, completely oblivious to his predicament.

Jazz folded his arms scross his chest and glared at nothing in particular from underneath his visor.

"JADE! just wait till I get my hands on you"

He could have sworn he heard the echo of a faraway giggle. But it could have only been the wind.


Jade folded her hands behind her head and gave the ceiling a mischevious smile.

"I guess it is true what they say: April fools are fools, allways"

A weary voice echoed down from the darkness around Autobot ship's boosters.

"Great... so how am I gonna get down from here?"...