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Inuyasha's Life: The Tale Of His Abuse

Chapter 1: Peaceful Sleep

()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()Inuyasha's POV.()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()

Inuyasha winched, feeling his longed sleeved red shirt brush against his bruised and battered arms. Continuing to scrub the kitchen floor, he ignored the immense pain that washed over him. The water burned the wounds on his hands and he scrubbed the ground with the light pink colored water, harder. Their father had asked Sesshoumaru to do this chore last week, but he went with his girlfriend and left Inuyasha alone with their cruel father, Inu no Tashoi. The abuse didn't just start. No. It was always there.

Ever since his mother died when Inuyasha was 5 his's father would beat him until the darkness consumed him. He would have cuts up and down his body and several broken ribs. Then he would wake in his room with no wounds at all. When he told this to his elder brother Sesshoumaru scoffed at him and said it was a dream induced by eating ice cream right before bed time. After he had the dream over ten times he stopped eating ice cream all together. The dreams continued. Each the memory of pain and the feeling of betrayal. Soon he began to see that it was all reality and never was a dream. He tried to tell Sesshoumaru about their father's abusive acts, but Inu no Tashoi caught him before hand. That night he had the worst beaten yet.

Inu no Tashoi walked in to see Inuyasha bleeding everywhere and staring off into space. He sneered at the damned half breed of a son that he had. But he had loved Izoyi dearly and she begged him not to kill the pathetic being even if she didn't really love him either. 'She barely even visited the thing. The thing deserved it for what he is.' Inu no Tashoi growled at the thoughts, bringing Inuyasha out of his trance. Inuyasha looked at his father in fear. A small whimper come from the pups mouth. 'I wished Sesshoumaru was here. He would protect me from Dad.' Inuyasha thought and turned his face away from his father. A bad move on his part, for this angered Inu no Tashoi.

"YOU DARE TURN YOUR HEAD TO A FULL BREED?" he roared and punched Inuyasha in the gut. All the air fled from Inuyasha. He fell to the wet floor with a soft thump. Kicks and punches rained down on his frail and slender 12 year old form.

Inu no Tashoi hated many things about the teen. Like no matter how many times he beats the hanyou his skin never scared. It was smooth and pale from being deprived of the sun. He also hated how he's ears would twitched when he heard something. How they drooped when he was disappointed or the tip of one would flop over when he was happy. He did, however, like the noises that he made when he was in pain. He always wanted to know what would happen if he went a step further. Inu no Tashoi let out a deep chuckle and placed an uncaring had on the red clad shoulder. He bent down to whisper in Inuyasha's small dog ears that perched on top of his sons head. "You're mine now." Inu no Tashoi murmured, lust heavy in his voice. He pushed Inuyasha's shirt off his shoulder. Inuyasha gasped. Many emotions passing through his soft golden eyes at once. Fear, sadness, and defeat. 'Sesshoumaru I miss you so much. Why did you have to leave me with dad? Wh-why did you have to die.' As Inu no Tashoi pushed his son to the ground this was what replayed in Inuyasha's head. He felt the rest of his clothes be torn off. Tears flooded his shining eyes and spilled over, leaving hot trails on either side of his face. Later that night when he fell asleep he never woke up.

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