A Twilight fan fiction written by Ryuko Ishida


When the World Ends Tomorrow

Her fingers twitched the slightest, and the immediate stimulation of sharp dampness sent tiny, consecutive shocks from the tip and towards her inner being.

She shuddered, and suddenly, all nerves within her body snapped on one by one, quick and swift with a promptness that left her almost breathless.

The time when people are in love

Is also the time when they are the weakest.

In the endless changes and transition points

You are the only one who holds my hand tightly against yours.

When the world ends tomorrow,

I will not regret this life, when I have been with you.

In the fight of victory and defeat, advance and retreat

Your love alone

Acts like flowing energy supporting me.

With love so infinite, even time cannot wash it away.

-When the World Ends tomorrow

He was so used to the sight that it shouldn't have sickened him the way it was doing right now. Blood gathered in the small capillary-like passages on the concrete ground and it was oozing slowly in all directions. Not too far off was the source of the still lukewarm blood – a carcass, still and pale. The thrill was short, still satisfying, but he felt like shit. He really didn't know why, but for some reason, it... discomforted him to witness the pure essence of a human life slowly and torturously drained away, mostly by him none-the-less.

He sighed deeply, a frown creasing on his flawless complexion.

This fact certainly hadn't bothered him for the last... probably eighty years or so. So what the hell was happening to him?

'Maybe,' he thought, maybe it was finally time for him to search for something different.

Something more worthwhile.



When the World Ends Tomorrow

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