Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from DC Comics featured herein.

I know, I'm supposed to be working on other things, but I honestly could not help myself and had to write this story down and share with with you all.

Timeline: This occurs somewhere after the "Formerly Known..." and "I Can't Believe..." minis and during Young Justice, post Sins of Youth but pre Apokolips war (I don't care if it doesn't fit continuity)

Pairing: Beetle/Booster, with possible other pairings

A Bird in the Hand


All in all, it could have been worse.

With someone like Impulse around, there's always a way for things to take a turn for the worst. Combining Impulse's ... impulsiveness with a horny Superboy and a violently ticked-off Wonder Girl, it really was amazing that more than just YJHQ hadn't exploded yet. Or that Robin hadn't even yelled at them for it yet. Honestly, for them, that was the scarier part.

Superman had shaken his head disappointedly. Flash had groaned and snapped. Wonder Woman yelled. Batman was silent and intimidating. Green Lantern shuffled his feet (it wasn't that long ago that he'd made mistakes like that after all). Plastic Man tried to act serious, but when had that ever worked? It was mostly J'onn who lectured them on their responsibilities. He was so good at it after all.

Superboy tried to look chastised and failed miserably. Wonder Girl was near tears when her anger finally faded and the humiliation kicked in. Impulse hadn't been paying attention since they got there. Lil' Lobo ignored them and played with a mini game station he'd nicked from Impulse the day before. Empress stood confident, eying the JLA disdainfully behind her mask. Secret was hiding behind Robin, who stood so still with an expression so controlled on his face that even Impulse realised it would be a very bad idea to address him directly for the next few hours.

Luckily, the JLA seemed to recognise Robin's fury and avoided him like the Clench (definitely trained by the World's Greatest Detective).
Of course, just as J'onn was winding down and about to proclaim some inane punishment for them, Impulse had to interrupt with one of the questions naughty boys and girls around the world knew never to interrupt a lecture with.

"Look, can we go yet?"

It was unanimously decided that their punishment was completely Impulse's fault — as most things that happened to Young Justice turned out to be.

Lobo and Robin were the only ones who didn't shiver at the look that crossed Batman's face when J'onn proclaimed their punishment: Lobo through years of developing a superiority complex and Robin, through years of practice.

This would not be fun.