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Every memory of looking out the back door
I have a photo album spread out on my bedroom floor
its hard to say it,
it's time to say it
Goodbye goodbye

- Photograph, Nickelback

It was well past midnight but neither Carey nor Kirk noticed or cared. They were laughing too hard at the past.

Carey wiped her eyes with a napkin, and then turned to Kirk with a twinkle in her eyes "Do you remeber when we went to the fair and you tried to get me that blue monkey?"

Kirk groaned, and pulled a hand over his face. How could he forget that day? It had been their frist date, and all he wanted to do was impress Carey. It had worked.

She thought he was the funniest guy she had ever dated.

17 years Ago

"Oh my god! Look at that monkey! Look at it! Kirk, are you looking?"

"Yeah, trust me I see it."

"What color is it?"


"Lucky guess, now come on!" Carey grabbed Kirk by the arm and then proceeded to drag him over to the stand where the blue monkey was. She pulled out her wallet, and then asked the man how much it was.

"Cost? It's free! As long as you win, and pay for the game."

"Win? Win what?"

"The game, princess." The man winked at her, and grinned at Kirk.

Carey turned to Kirk with pleading eyes. Kirk winced (How he hated that look) and then looked at the game. It was fairly simple. Toss the baseball into a hoop, get a small prize. Get it in two times, a medium prize, And then three times was a big prize.

The blue monkey was a big prize. But Kirk, was on a first date, so he had to make a good impression. He pulled out his wallet, paid the man, and then grabbed the baseballs.

Howvever, Kirk hadn't counted on some things.

Wind. It might not have seemed to make a lot of difference, but it did make enough of one to mess you up, Kirk soon found out.

Children. They ran into you, on purpose or not, and made you mess up. The chid had only messed him one time, but Kirk gave up the next two tries. What was the point?

Carey. She appreciated what he was doing for her, but really it was too funny to watch. The poor guy couldn't get it in even once. She kept laughing, which flustered Kirk.

A line. A long line. Apprently, people liked this booth (Or maybe they wanted the blue monkey), and since there was only one spot. Talk about preasure.

20 dollers later, and a lot had changed.

The wind. It was still blowing, but Kirk was now using it to his advanatge. Kind of...

Children. After he yelled at the first child so badly reducing the kid to tears, children gave him a wide bearth. He felt bad for making the kid cry, but honestly, he was on a FIRST date.

The line. They had all gotten fed up with the man who couldn't even get a single basket, and had left.

Carey. She wasn't laughing anymore. She was bored, she hadn't wanted the monkey that badly but Kirk refused to leave. As he pulled out his wallet for another 5 doller bill, she stopped him. She pulled out her own money, and handed to the guy behind the counter.

3 throws later, and Carey had her monkey.

Kirk had rolled his eyes, but had jogged beside Carey making meaningless converstaion. After he took her home later that night, as he was watching TV, he realized that Carey would problay get rid of that monkey after a few weeks tops.

But no, she had kept it, for years.

The thing had grown on Kirk after a while. After a while, he even had grown to like it.

When he had proposed to Carey, he had put MBM (Mr.Blue Monkey) as Carey had dubbed and abbreiviated it, in a suit and taken her to the fair where their first date had been. He had convinced Carey to try again, while he went to check on something. She got all three baskets, and her prize?

A diamond ring, with a proposal to marry Kirk.

With tears in her eyes, she had said yes.

The two got married, and on their honeymoon they had taken MBM and MGM. The green monkey was a wedding gift from the operator of that booth at the fair.


"Yeah, no matter what I think I will always remember that monkey." Carey laughed, as Kirk said this. "Even when I am on my death bed..." As Kirk's voice trailed off so did Carey's laughter. They spent a few awkward moments playijng with their food on their plates, before Carey broke the silence.

"This is stupid! We don't have to avoid the subject. Death is everywhere, why should we avoid it? I am going to die, simple as that. Forget don't we cant avoid it. Ok? So let's stop remembering better times, and focus on the twins."

Kirk felt his mouth drop ever so slightly at the blunt way Carey had just spoken to him. But she was right. They needed to get things done.

"Ok, don't you think we need a lawyer present so everthing's like official?"

"Yeah, but not now. Let's get everything figured out, and then we will go see alawyer and figure out the official crap." Kirk nodded. Carey had a point.

"The twins are with you. You get full custody of them, no doubt, or so help me god, I will come back from the dead until you get custody of them. Got it?" Her tone bared room for any doubt that Kirk had had. He nodded, which seemed good enough for Carey.

"Ok, so what about school? I would prefer for them to stay in Boston, because that's where they've been, but after you're gone, they may wanna get away from everyone because people may treat them different, but then again---"

"Kirk! Calm down...ok. You're right, they should stay here in Boston, but they might wanna come with you to New York..." Carey took a sip of her drink, and then loked at Kirk. "I think that they should stay here in Boston, as long as you can come and live with them..."

"Of course! I've been needing a change of scenery. And Brooke has some friends down here. The last thing the boys need is more change." Carey nodded in agreement, and then looked of Kirk.

"Speaking of which, I don't think we should go through with our orignal plan and seperate the boys. They do tend to comfront each other, when no one else can."

Carey raised her glass of wine in the air. "Agreed?"

Kirk raised his too. "Agreed"


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