While his father, Lucius Malfoy, had been in Azkaban, Draco finally had time to think about his life. He thought about the Death Eaters, Voldemort, and more importantly, whether or not he wanted to join their ranks.

He thought about it a lot over the past few weeks, and his options were: A, join Voldemort and endure the wrath of the Crucio, kill muggles and mudbloods just for the sake of it, plus having an ugly reminder of who he served during the war burned into the flesh of his left fore-arm; Or B, join Dumbledore and Potter, leave his friends and family behind, to fight for the light side.

There was no question to it, Draco Malfoy wanted to fight for the light side. But how would he approach it? He would surely have to tell Dumbledore of his change in sides first. He then decided that it was probably best if he talked to the old man after the welcoming feast.

He looked around at the expensive surroundings of his bedroom and sighed. His open window blew a breeze in that gently shook the openings of his silver-green four-poster bed. He looked to clock on his bedside table also holding his wand. The clock read 9:16am.

It was probably time to get all of his school stuff for school, after all, they were only starting in a few more days.

He was glad to be going back to school. It was the only real place he ever felt at home. Sure, there was always Malfoy Manor, but purr-lease, would it ever be as homely as Hogwarts? Well, sadly, no.

He went to go get dressed, (a green button-up shirt that showed his curves off fantastically, and grey trousers that showed off his arse perfectly) and then gelled his hair back before his mirror made one last comment ('oooh you look gorgeous'). He walked down several spiral staircases, moneybag in hand then into the larger living room. Looked like no-one was home.

He straightened out the non-existent wrinkles on his clothes while making his way into the fireplace, calling out 'Diagon Alley' before the green fire swallowed him with a crackle of flame.


"Harry...are you sure?"

"Merlin's beard Hermione, I said I'll be fine. I'll meet up with you guys in The Leaky Cauldron. Anyway, why are you complaining? You've been unable to resist each other all the holidays, so why are you turning down a full day together now?"

Ron and Hermione went bright crimson at this, before Hermione finally answered, "Okay Harry, just be careful." Ron nodded in agreement at this.

"Honestly, are you expecting Voldemort to jump out at Madam Malkin's with a pair of safety pins?"

Ron sniggered at this before Hermione gave Ron a scolding glare, at which he immediately fell silent.

Harry waved his friends off, a smirk attempting to appear on his face. "See you Hermione, Ron." With one last glance at his friends, he set off in the opposite direction, to get some new robes from Madam Malkin's as his old ones were now too short for his liking. Which was saying something.


Draco Malfoy was standing on one of the two stools in the school robe's section in the shop. Madam Malkin was just taking his measurements when the all-to-familiar sound of tinkling bells came. "Just a moment, dear," she said, disappearing to the front part of the shop.

When Madam Malkin came back she was with the last person he'd expected to have seen. As he looked over the figure in front of him, it just dawned on him how beautiful the boy in front of him really was; his midnight-black, shaggy-looking hair was now styled, ('thank god!') which actually suited him perfectly, unlike the birds' nest it had been before. His emerald eyes sparkled in the glimmering sunlight, currently shining out of the window of the little shop, but now with no glasses to hide how beautiful they really were. He was slim, muscled, and was slightly brown, probably from being out in the sun. He'd also grown a lot, and was no longer the scrawny little boy from earlier years. His pink lips were slightly parted, and he found himself wanting to run his thumb along the bottom lip, to kiss them, to-

"Malfoy," he greeted, bringing Draco out of his very arousing day dream.

"Potter." Draco breathed almost dreamily. He mentally slapped himself for being so stupid.

A half-amused, half-confused look shadowed Harry's face for a moment at Malfoy's reaction, but then softened.

He stood up on the stool next to Draco, allowing himself to be measured by Madam Malkin, before he caught Draco staring at him, then looking away, blushing.

"So where's Granger and Weasley?" Draco said, trying to ease the sudden awkwardness.

"Somewhere in Diagon Alley. Why?"

"It's called making friendly conversation Potter, although you may not have heard of it." Draco was silently cursing himself for getting worked up.

"Look, Malfoy, I'm not in the mood to fight, so if you're wanting to get into a fight it'll only be one sided, so you might as well give it up now, Malfoy."

They stood in silence while Madam Malkin went through to the back, to finish making their robes, which would probably take at least twenty minutes. They both sat on the bench in silence until Draco decided to speak again.

"Sorry," he said quietly.

"Did you just say you're sorry?" Harry questioned disbelievingly.

"Yeah. Well, I suppose I'm apologising for the way I treat you in the earlier years at school, too. I know you might not believe me but...I've changed. And...I was wondering whether you would forgive me."

Draco stuck out his hand. There was slow dawning on Harry's face as it hit home; they had been here, in this position before. Emotions crept across the beautiful face for a few moments, before he shook the blonde's hand.

Draco let out a breath he hadn't realised he'd been keeping. He also relished the feel of Harry's calloused hand on his. He almost let out a whimper at the electricity going through his body at the simple connection. He held on to the strong, muscular hand for a moment longer than necessary. He almost whimpered again at the loss of contact.

"Yeah...okay Ma-Draco." He then smiled warmly at Draco, who had his heart in his throat at the smile.

'Gods, Draco, calm down.' "Thanks, Harry. I really appreciate this."

Madam Malkin came back, smiling whilst holding each of the boys' robes. "Well, I'm glad you boy's didn't end up in a fight this time. That'll be ten Galleons each, then." The boys handed over the money and left the shop together, before parting.

"Uh, I guess I'll see you at school then, Draco," Harry flashed a smile at him, and he found his insides melting from the smile Harry gave him.

"Yeah, see you, Harry." He smiled back, then Harry gave a wave before the black beauty turned towards The Leaky Cauldron.

"You'll bet I'll see you. I'll make you mine. You just wait..." Draco muttered before turning the opposite way to go and get some ice-cream.

"This'll be a long year..." he whispered to himself.