Summary: Raul has a present for Queen… RaulxQueen, hints of KingxJulia


"Oh. It's you." King opened the door to his flat and looked his sister's boyfriend up and down.

"Expecting someone else? Can I come in?" King stepped back silently.

"Where's Julia?" King watched as Raul sat down on the sofa.

"Umm… Gone shopping, I think. With… Mathilda."

"Didn't she tell you?" King raised an eyebrow.

"Oh come on! You're a twin too, like we're actually supposed to listen to our sisters?"

"Fair enough. So… why are you here? You only got back from Spain yesterday, why aren't you jetlagged or something?"

"I… I bought something in Spain for Queen…" Raul flushed.

"Uh huh? What is it?" King relaxed in his armchair as Raul dug into his pocket. He pulled out a nondescript black box. "Jewellery?" Raul nodded and opened it. "Wow…"

'Wow' was indeed the only word for it. 'It' was a silver necklace. Attached to a silver chain was a little hollow cup of silver, a garnet embedded in that. And in the cup itself was a large tear shaped, shimmering stone.

"Do you think she'll like it?" Raul muttered, shoving it back in his pocket.

"Yeah, I should think so. Was it expensive? Cause, if so, I can pay you some of it."

"No, it's fine. What sort of a boyfriend would I be if I didn't get my girlfriend gifts?"



"You asked a question. I answered. I don't think I've ever got Julia a gift. Maybe that's why she keeps avoiding me…" King walked into the kitchen to make himself a coffee. "She's in her room. She had her operation yesterday, so take it easy on her mouth, I think it's a bit sore." Raul flushed and knocked on Queen's door.

"Who is it?" She called groggily.

"Psst!" Raul turned back round to the mocha skinned blader. "Give her these. They're her meds." King explained, throwing three pill boxes at Raul.

"Umm… It's Raul."

"Come in then." Queen didn't sound too impressed. Raul opened the door tentatively, his green eyes adjusting to the darkness.

Queen's room wasn't messy per say, just slightly… unorganised. She hadn't bothered to open her blue denim curtains, and she was sitting on her bed, which took up most of the room, listening to a Jesse McCartney track. As Raul came in, she paused it and glared at him. "Yes?" She asked. "What do you want?"

"Does a boy need an excuse to visit his girlfriend?" Raul teased, slipping onto the bed beside her.

"Where have you been? You promised you'd be there for my operation!"

"I know, I'm sorry. But… Julia and I had to go home. I wanted to come, but my plane was delayed, honest!"

"Alright… I forgive you." Queen leant her head on Raul's shoulder.

"Got a present for you…" He whispered in her ear. She watched through hooded eyes as Raul fumbled in his pocket for the second time that day, and gave her the box. "Do you like it?"

"Raul… this must have cost you so much!" Queen lifted it up, watching as it caught the light. She threw her arms around Raul, snuggling in. He kissed the top of her head.

"So you like it then?" His answer was a pair of lips on his own. Queen and Raul battled for dominance. Raul let his girlfriend win, mindful of her delicate mouth. Tongues clashed as Queen familiarised herself with her boyfriend's taste.

And the necklace lay there, not forgotten, gleaming in the sunlight.


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