Not the End?
Rose is dead, murdered by a warlord whilst defending some innocent children, leaving the Doctor shattered and alone. When the White Guardian shows him another way - a way to save Rose, and stop an even greater evil being committed, its up to the Doctor to act once again. But to win he's going to need all his brains, wit and friends. Together, even with good on their side... can he come up trumps one more time? Save the girl, stop the bad guy and protect the Universe all in one adventure? Can even the Doctor manage this one?

Dedicated to Hobbit who is RPGing this plotline with me and plays the BEST Jack Harkness I have ever seen. This one's for you Hobbit!

He fixes the wonky chair just for something to do. It doesn't matter, it wasnt like there was anyone to sit in it anymore. His mind flicked back to happier memory, and for a brief second he saw her, a blonde haired girl would bounce into his console room like she owned the place, plonk herself in the chair and twirl it around to irritate him. He'd always pretend her behaviour was beneath him of course, but secretly it was one of the many many things he'd loved about his favourite ape. His Rose.

It stood empty, alone - and in a sudden fit of rage, he smashed it against the far wall of the room. As quick as it had come, the anger was gone and he sighed - his head drooping.

He hadn't been surprised when, two weeks after her death, Jack had announced he was leaving as well. He didn't try and stop the ex Time Agent, hadn't bothered to respond to the text messages Jack still sent him occassionally. All he wanted to do was curl up in a corner of the Universe and join her in death. Was this love, then? A Human emotion, one which he as a Time Lord should never be able to have? He didnt know. All he knew was it hurt. It hurt alot.

Its not supposed to be like this

His head whipped up and he saw the White Guardian before him. His mouth set into a grim line. "And what would you know about it! Why do you care?" He shouted, the anger and pain back again.

She was murdered by forces unseen, before her time. You can save her, and you must Time Lord. For she will carry on when you cannot.

Insisted the White Guardian with a small smile.

"What? Who killed her! Why!" He demanded, some of the old Doctorness rushing back.

That I cannot say. But save her you can. It is up to you, Time Lord. Make the leap... as she once did.

That was it. The Guardian vanished as quickly as it had arrived.

Galvanised into action, The Doctor flicked switches and for the first time hope stirred inside him. He was going to go back! He was gonna save his Rose!

But first he needed to pick up someone else, along the way to help. The TARDIS landed, and the Doctor stepped outside into the glaring sunlight. Striding over to where the near isolated mechanics works stood, he put a hand up against the intense sunlight breaking into a huge smile. "Hello Jack."