My angel

When I close my eyes I see your face

When I open them wide there's just an empty place

An empty chair, a broken dream

Open my mouth in a silent scream

You were my angel who stole my soul

Now I feel like half of a whole

All I wanted was one more night

But you disappeared before dark turned light

Gone away before dusk turned to dawn

Yet waking me up with a quiet yawn

Vanished then before night turned to day

The story of how my love ran away

Out the window and down the pipe

Gone before I breathed thrice

Looking back at where you were

The story of my life

You were my angel you were my life

Now I hold a silver knife

Into my heart it slides with ease

It is the dagger, and I am its sleeve

My spirit wings up to where you wait

Oblivious to its violent fate

Dancing together in the core of the sun

You are my heart's only one

You were my angel you stole my soul

I will always feel like half of a whole

But life is worth a thousand wrongs

Goodbye my angel, my only one