Title: Warm Vanilla Sugar

Summary: After falling through the Hogwarts' lake, Lily Evans wakes up to find that she's five years in the future, has a child, and she's married to the cocky James Potter- which is just wrong in itself.

Disclaimer: I only own the plot.

Author's Note: This is indeed Keeperofthemoon. For some reason decided to delete all my stories. Everything I had ever written for this site was deleted without any warning. The only reason I'm reposting this on this site is to let you know I am still alive, that I did not willingly delete the story, and that I will be reposting the story somewhere else. With the next chapter there will be new sites where this story is posted.


Chapter One: Unable to Swim

December 15th, 1975

The lemon drop was sweet in her mouth. Too sweet, actually, and Lily fought the urge to spit it into her hand just to get it out of her mouth. But she didn't wish to be rude, especially to the Headmaster, so she simply sucked on the candy. She hoped her face wasn't twitching.

Crossing her left leg over her right, Lily allowed her eyes to dart around the Headmaster's office. She had been in here many times before, more often for Prefect and Head Girl meetings then from getting in trouble, but she would never get over how interesting it was. Portraits of old Headmasters and Headmistresses stared down at her and there were a good amount of things that Lily had no clue how to work – or even what they did – just laying around.

"It seems that James doesn't wish to join us, does it?" Dumbledore asked, a small smile coming to his face.

Lily smiled back at him, shrugging. Honestly, she had no clue where Potter was. It was terribly irresponsible of him not to report to a Head Boy and Girl meeting and she wished that Dumbledore would just punish him already.

"He's probably pulling pranks with his friends," Lily responded.

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow at Lily and she fought the temptation to feel ashamed. It was true though. Potter only ever worried about whether a prank on Snape was going to pull through or not.

"You and James have never got along well, have you?" Dumbledore questioned.

When Lily shook her head, Dumbledore sighed.

"I was rather hoping that by partnering you both up as Head Boy and Girl you would push past your differences and… work together."

"We do work together!" Lily said, quickly. "Just not to the state you wish."

"And what state is that, Lily?" She could swear that was a chuckle behind his voice.

Lily always had the feeling that there was a bet going on between the professors on whether she and Potter would ever date. Potter was always trying to get her to admit she liked him, when she really didn't, and she was always trying to get him to leave her alone. So when Dumbledore informed her that they would be working together, she knew that the professors and Merlin himself had to be against her.

But they didn't begin to work together and fall in love. Actually, the exact opposite happened. Potter drifted away, hardly ever speaking to her, and though she loved the silence his lack of effort in trying to capture her heart was… strange, to say the least.

Blinking, Lily realized she had been quiet for quite a long while and she gave Dumbledore a reassuring smile. He stood up from his desk and walked over to the only window in his office.

"I want to ask a favor from you, Lily," Dumbledore spoke, stroking his beard. "And I do hope you won't think me an old fool."

"Oh," Lily responded, a blush staining her cheeks. "Never, I could never think that of you, Sir."

"Good," He nodded. "I would like you to retrieve James for me. Mr. Black, Mr. Lupin and Mr. Pettigrew should know of his whereabouts."

Lily sighed through her nose. Of course he would send her to go do that.

"Of course," Lily agreed. "I'll go find out from the boys where he is and then I'll get him. I'm not sure how long it will take."

"It won't take long," Dumbledore promised. "James has always been for you tofind, hasn't he?"

Blinking, once more, Lily felt her eyebrows rise on their own accord. Standing from her seat in front of Dumbledore's desk, Lily gave him a small nod and went to leave his office. His voice stopped her, however.

"Are you a good swimmer, Miss Evans?"

Lily glanced at him and saw he was still staring outside. For the first time, Lily noticed how heavy it was snowing.

"I never learned, Professor," Lily admitted.

Dumbledore nodded his consent and Lily took hold of the doorknob. Really, old age was beginning to affect the Headmaster, wasn't it?


The Marauders had been rather easy to find. Most of the Gryffindors were residing in the common room, finding it better to relax by a warm fire then to go through the cold corridors just to get to somewhere just as cold. Brushing a piece of hair from her face, Lily stepped up to them.

She had all but speed-walked to the common room and her breathing was coming in quick. Trying to regain her composure, Lily cleared her throat, catching their attention. It seemed that Lupin was playing a game of Wizards Chess against Black. Who was winning, Lily didn't know.

Lupin glanced up at her, quite sure she was just a first year bugging him for reasons unknown, and stopped short when he who it was. His eyebrows perked in interest and Lily felt a scowl come to her lips. Black, wondering who was distracting his friend, looked up also. A look of frustration came to his face.

"What do you want, Evans?" He asked shortly. "I would rather like to finish this game."

A scowl did take over her lips this time and Black grinned in success. He did have a way of annoying her.

"Where's Potter?"

Pettigrew looked up from whatever homework he was trying to complete and blushed under her glare. He shrugged and looked back down. Lily sighed in annoyance and looked back at Lupin and Black, who had gone back to playing their game.

"Quite sure he's outside," Lupin muttered, moving one of his bishops.

"Outside? What is he doing out in that snowstorm?" Lily asked, incredulously.

All three boys shrugged.

"Thanks," Lily muttered. "You've helped so much."

Walking away from the boys and their game, Lily began up the steps of the girls' dormitory. She would have to go out into the snow to find Potter. And she certainly was not going to go in just a skirt, jumper, Mary Janes and some wool knee high socks. Entering the seventh year girls' dormitory, Lily walked over to her bed. A scarf hung on the corner of it, as did her jacket, gloves and a hat.

Putting them all on, she then picked up a random pair of trousers. They could, for all Lily knew, be one of her dorm mates' pants but it hardly mattered. The girls were rather close and often wore each other's clothing.

"Lily? Is that you?"

Lily started slightly when she saw the bathroom door open quite suddenly. Dorcas Meadowes, a tall girl and close friend of Lily's, grinned at her surprise before her eyes grew wide at Lily's clothing.

"Is there a snowball fight beginning outside?" Dorcas asked.

"No," Lily shook her head along with her response. "Not that I know of. I'm going in search for Potter."

"Is he missing?" Dorcas took a seat on her bed.

Once again Lily shook her head, though this time she was grinning.

"Dumbledore just sent me to find him. The git is probably playing Quidditch in the snow."

Dorcas' eyes lit up at the prospect of flying on her broom in the snow. Lily shot down her hopes before she could even speak them.

"It's too dangerous," Lily simply said. "But I'll be back soon."

Leaving the dormitory after giving Dorcas a wave goodbye, Lily ran down the stairs. The common room was more packed now than it had been before and Lily felt a frown settle over her lips. The snow was getting that thick that even the first years, still young and youthful, didn't wish to play outside?


Her cheeks burned from how cold it was outside. Lily had trouble simply breathing, much less seeing, and she began to believe that Dumbledore was indeed mad to send her out here. Pushing her way through the snow, and trying to keep her teeth from chattering, Lily hoped Potter was at the Quidditch Pitch.

If he wasn't at the Quidditch pitch, she was heading inside. There was no way she was going to search all of Hogwarts grounds for Potter when he probably managed to slip inside while she wasn't looking. Clenching her freezing fingers together, Lily looked up in the sky, waiting to see a red, green, blue or yellow flag waving in the air. That, after all, was her only way of knowing where the Quidditch Pitch was.

It felt like a long half an hour before she managed to stumble upon the Quidditch Pitch. The Gryffindor locker rooms were always easy to locate, though she did have to walk through half of the long hallway that circled the pitch to get to them.

"Oh, please be in here, please, please," Lily muttered, banging her fist against the door of the locker room.

Only Professors and Quidditch players were allowed in the locker rooms and, since Lily had never been particularly interested in playing Quidditch, she had no way of getting inWhen she received no answer, Lily cursed under her breath before banging at the door again. Great-

"What?" Potter's annoyed call came as he opened the door, taking a look out. "Evans?"

"Potter," Lily greeted and realized that her teeth were now officially chattering.

"Evans," Potter's eyebrows furrowed as he took in her appearance. "What the bloody hell are you doing out here?"

"I could ask the same for you," She shot back before cutting off the impending argument. "Dumbledore… He wanted you to come to his office."

A look of confusion flashed across Potter's face before his eyes grew wide. He hadn't purposely ditched the Head Boy and Girl meeting, Lily realized. Potter had forgotten. His cheeks grew red, whether from the cold or embarrassment or both, and he frowned.

"Damn," He muttered under his breath.

Lily frowned in annoyance.

"Potter, it's freezing out here. Can you please just walk back with me to the castle so I can defrost my frozen body?"

Potter unconsciously reached up to touch the back of his hand to her cheek, most likely to feel how cold it was, but Lily flinched away. His concern disappeared and he nodded, closing the door then opening it a moment later, dressed up in his jacket and a hat.

The two walked in silence through the corridor before Potter cleared his throat.

"How did the meeting go?" Potter asked.

"It was pointless," Lily said back, folding her arms across her chest.

She wondered if her lips were blue. It was positively freezing.

"We couldn't get anything done without the Head Boy there," She continued.

Potter rolled his eyes to the ceiling before running a hand over his face. Lily opened her mouth to ask him what he had been doing with his time out here, why he had forgotten but found herself saying something else instead.

"You're becoming irresponsible, Potter. I don't know why Dumbledore even chose you as Head Boy."

She blinked in shock and Potter gave her a furious glare. He stopped walking and she stopped along with him.

"Merlin, Evans, if I had known you were going to jump on my back about it I would have stayed in the locker room," Potter snapped.

Lily narrowed her eyes.

"What happened to you, Potter? You never use to be… like this. In the beginning of the year, you were at every meeting, early sometimes. You never didn't show up."

"People can forget, Evans," Potter growled out. "People change."

She shook her head at his answer. The thought hadn't come to her till now but… but Potter was different. His bigheadedness had disappeared, ever so slightly, but there was something else to him now. He was more distance with everyone. Stopping with his attempts to court her, Lily realized, was just the beginning of his changes.

"Not this often, not like that," Lily muttered, trying to catch his eyes with her own, before repeating her early question. "What happened to you?"

Potter looked ready to throttle her.

"I changed," He shouted. "I grew up. That's what you told me to do and I did it. I thought you would be proud."

Unsure if he was being sarcastic or truthful, Lily sniffed. Her nose was so cold she couldn't even feel it.

"Since when have you listened to me?" She asked and his eyes grew wide in disbelief.

He began to laugh, though the laugh had no mirth to it, and Lily lowered her eyes from his gaze, waiting for him to stop. When he did stop, he managed to whisper his answer.

"I always have, Evans. I always have. You've just never realized it."

Lily gave a snort of disbelief, though the action seemed to take away her breath more then amuse her

"That's rich, Potter," She muttered.

And, just like that, Potter's moods changed. He shouted, kicking the wall of the corridor. He was angry and Lily flinched away from him. Never before had he been angry at her.

"Go mind your own bloody business, Evans. I don't want to ever see you again. You tell me I'm just a little boy, immature and such, but have you ever looked in the mirror? You are nothing. A little girl who wants to rule the world. But you are nothing."


The tears of anger pooled in her eyes, making it even more difficult to see as she pushed her way through the snow. Her legs were tiring quickly but she would not let Potter catch up with her – if he was even trying to, that is She gasped to try to get air into her lungs as she began to cry.

Her tears burned their way down her cold cheeks, bringing feeling back into them for the shortest of moments. Bringing a gloved hand up to her face, she attempted to wipe at the tears but it didn't matter. More tears kept appearing and she was unable to stop them.

How dare Potter say that to her? He knew nothing, nothing at all, about her. He had always triedto pretend he knew her, that he was one of her best friends and that he knew what it felt like to come into this magical world as a Muggle, knowing no one. That had been the reason she and Dorcas became such close friends. Dorcas was also a Muggleborn, she understood…

Throughout her years at Hogwarts, Lily had always tried to be the best. She was not going to let anybody tell her that she couldn't succeed because of her heritage. Her breathing was coming in as gasps now and she stopped her walking, realizing she knew not where she was going.

The snow didn't allow her to see past five feet in front of herSince she had exited the pitch a few exits too early, she was not going in the direction she had come from. Lily felt a whimper build up in the back of her throat. She was bloody well lost in the middle of a snowstorm!

Doubt that the school was right in front of her pinched at Lily's stomach but she pressed forward still, at a slower pace then before. There were no landmarks that she could see to help guide her and a feeling of dread washed over her. What if she froze to death?

Her thoughts were interrupted, though, by a loud crack from underneath her. Lily glanced down in curiosity, though fear was beginning to come into her eyes, and she bent down, trying to brush away the snow to see what she had stepped on and broken. Sobs and whimpers had come back as she pushed away the snow, which was only an inch below her knees.

A moment of disbelief washed over her before she realized what was happening. She screamed. Ice. Oh, she was standing on ice! The Hogwarts' lake was known for freezing over and being a great place to skate when it was winter. And she was standing on the lake.

The lake which was cracking from beneath her. Lily, slowly, took off her bright red and gold hat, taking a hold of it as she quickly walked away from the spot. She needed something that would bring attention to the spot in the ice if she were to fall through. Biting back a whimper, Lily attempted to follow the path she had taken to get onto the lake.

Hopefully Potter hadn't headed inside of the castle yet. Oh, she hoped. Lily continued her walk, hearing the cracks of ice following her as she tried to get off of the frozen lake. It was too difficult to run, her legs screamed for her to stop, for just a second…

"Evans, get off the lake!"

The yell reached Lily's ears, carried by the wind, and she looked up in hope. She couldn't see anyone though. But, she knew, that Potter had yelled that. Her hope diminished as an awfully loud crack was heard from right below her.

Lily screamed again when refreshingly cold water seeped into her shoes. Oh no, hurry, hurry, get off, get off-


Her scream could have pierced through even the loudest of winds.


She couldn't breathe. No one was going to find her. Get back through the hole, oxygen, oxygen. Clothes, they're dragging you down, Lily, take them off and swim to the top. Get out! You can't breathe under water! Swim… swim…

"Are you a good swimmer, Miss Evans?"

"I never learned."

Lily breathed in the water which froze her bones and muscles, unable to help it, the need for oxygen too great. Her world blacked out as the water spilled into her lungs.


Author's Note: Read the Author's Note at the beginning of the chapeter. Thank you for reading the story.