Title: Everything In Its Right Place

Summary: After falling through the Hogwarts' lake, Lily Evans wakes up to find that she's five years in the future, has a child, and she's married to the cocky James Potter- which is just wrong in itself.

Disclaimer: I only own the plot.


Chapter Four: Relief, Anger, Comfort

The first day had been the longest day. Her body had been exhausted, along with her mind. Potter had been a terror and she could hardly sleep once he had lain down in the bed next to her. But the next morning when she had awoken she found it wasn't nearly that bad. As if the baby sensed her good mood, and didn't wish to ruin it, he didn't cry as she carried him around, exploring the house once more. It was clear that Potter worked during the day and came home at night for she woke up alone once again.

There were only two rooms she was unable to go in, both locked and unable to be opened with an unlocking spell. The baby had only looked up at her with a grin when she had asked him what was behind those doors. By afternoon she had bathed and dressed the baby before taking him outside to play. They had simply sat in the snow, Lily thinking and the baby rubbing the cold white stuff between his fingers.

When Potter came home that night he gave Lily a kiss on the cheek. She had to fight back stepping away from him. They ate dinner quietly, Potter had cooked, and then went their separate ways. It seemed that Potter was still bitter over her attitude the day before. He took the baby and she was alone for the rest of the night, sitting in the middle of their bedroom and looking through pieces of parchment.

She had decided that she would send an owl asking Dorcas to come over the next day. Lily would explain the whole situation and ask Dorcas to help her figure out what had happened. No one else needed to know about the situation. After sending the owl Lily had gone to bed. Potter didn't come to share the bed with her that night.


December 17th, 1980

Lily walked through the common room, hardly paying attention to the Gryffindor students that filled it. It seemed that the snow was too much for the students and they decided that spending the afternoon in the common room would be better then getting frostbite outside. She was almost to the portrait hole when she heard her name called.


A frown immediately came to her face when she found it was Lupin who had called for her. He was with Black and Pettigrew still.

"Yes?" She asked, slowly walking over to the boys.

"Are you going outside?" Lupin questioned, his eyebrows raising slightly.

It seemed that they were still playing a game of chess, though this time it was Pettigrew against Black. .

"To look for your friend, yes," Lily responded.

Black and Pettigrew ignored her presence.

"Why are you looking for him?"

"Lu-" Lily stopped herself. He had called her Lily, after all, and not Evans. "Remus, I wouldn't be looking for him unless it was because someone important asked me to."

She walked away from them then but she could still faintly hear their conversation.

"So, basically," Pettigrew began. "She's going out there to yell at him."

"How many girls would go out into a blizzard to yell at James?" Black asked, only half sarcastic.

"Only one," Lupin answered. "Only Evans."

"Lily! Wake up this instant!"

Slowly, Lily opened her eyes. And she was greeted with the smiling faces of Dorcas and Harry. She sat up in the bed, feeling her face relax into a smile along with the two of them.

"You're early," Lily commented.

"And you're in a better mood," Dorcas noted with a wink. "I decided to come and visit my favorite family early in the morning. I'll spend breakfast and lunch with you before I go into work, sound good?"

Lily nodded and got out of the bed, grabbing a robe and watching Dorcas bounce Harry up and down on her hip out of the corner of her eye. Harry giggled loudly and Lily felt an even bigger smile come to her face. Today seemed to be shaping out to be a good day already.

The three of them went down to the kitchen where Lily began to make some tea. It was still difficult finding stuff in the large kitchen but it was getting easier, now Lily knew where the mugs were. Dorcas didn't seem to notice how long it took for the tea to be prepared, too mindful of Harry.

"So when should I be expecting a baby from you, eh?" Lily asked, placing a hot cup of tea in front of Dorcas and taking a seat.

Dorcas looked at Lily like she was mad but the light mood between them didn't change.

"And with what wizard should I be having this baby with?" Dorcas scrunched up her nose. "There aren't that many out there at this time."

"Pity," Lily murmured. "You'd make a great mum."

"Right up to the point where the baby starts crying," Dorcas laughed.

Then they both stopped talking. Harry was banging his hands on the table, amused by the amount of noise it made. This is it, a pesky voice said in Lily's head, tell her what is going on.

But the amount of nervousness Lily felt stopped her thoughts on the situation from forming, thus making her unable to speak of it. Dorcas, however, managed to bring up the situation.

"What was wrong the other day, when you visited me?"

Well, here goes nothing…

"I think I've gone crazy, Dor."

So she explained everything, with Dorcas watching her intently and baby Harry becoming increasingly bored. They went through two and a half cups of tea each by the end of the story and finished their third cup by the time Dorcas began to speak.

"Are you sure this isn't stress?"

"I don't remember a thing!" Lily said sharply. "This isn't stress. I remember the snow storm, falling into the lake and then I woke up here."

Dorcas sat in silence for a few minutes and Lily felt her stomach twisting painfully. She had finally told her best friend her worries and Dorcas didn't believe her! This was a terrible situation.

"After you fell in the lake," Dorcas began in a whisper. "James saved you."

Lily looked at Dorcas, staring at her and waiting for her to continue.

"He jumped into the lake and dragged you back to the surface. How he found his way back to the top and back through the hole is a wonder but he did, somehow. Dumbledore was waiting there for him, with a handful of professors."

"How did Dumbledore know I had fallen through the lake?" Lily asked, her voice in slight awe.

"How does Dumbledore know anything?" Dorcas responded, amused for a second. "He just knows."

The moment turned serious again when Dorcas continued with the story.

"You weren't alive when James surfaced. You were blue, that's what James told me. If it weren't for the professors being there you wouldn't be alive now. It took you four days to wake up."

Dorcas leaned across the table, grabbing Lily's hands.

"Lily, look at me."

Turning shocked eyes to Dorcas, Lily opened her mouth and closed it. Her mind was going crazy again; she didn't know what to think or what to do. But this time she had someone to guide her, someone to help her.

"I believe you, so I hope you're not lying to me. This could be a curse that a Deatheater placed on you or maybe something had happened when you fell into that lake or maybe the guys are playing a trick on you, though I doubt it but… I will help you with this."

Relief flooded over Lily and she began to cry, leaning across the table to grab Dorcas in a hug. Harry began to bang his hands on the table again, seeing that the adults were more active now.

"Thank you," Lily whispered before laughing. "Merlin, I have been crying too much these past days."


When Dorcas left, by lunch as she promised, Lily knew much more of the life she was currently living. She knew the date she married Potter, when Harry was born and what was going on with her parents. Her father was ill with the flu, her mother was still working at the local hospital and Petunia was married with a son of her own. Lily also worked at a hospital, St. Mungo's, as a Healer. Apparently she was quite good at it.

Dorcas worked with the Ministry of Magic and Potter was an Auror, along with Black. When Lily questioned why Potter was an Auror, for she had been so sure that Potter would become a professional Quidditch player (he often bragged about his Quidditch skills in the Great Hall), she found out something terrible. A war had been going on for a long while now. Lord Voldemort, a wizard who Lily had only heard of once or twice while at Hogwarts, had killed thousands of Muggles and wizards.

She was in a secret organization called the Order of the Phoenix, along with many of her old schoolmates. They were set to defeat Lord Voldemort. People she knew while she was at Hogwarts were killed, some were mentally damaged beyond repair and others were physically harmed. Her brave face had been kept in place when Dorcas began to list the people wounded in battles, Lily's friends that were killed in battles. Dorcas told her this was just in case James mentioned a name.

Her body had been stiff when Dorcas had come up and hugged her. But Lily had made sure to keep her emotions hidden until she was in private. When Dorcas had Apparated to work, Lily had grabbed baby Harry and headed up to his room. Placing him in his crib, she barely had a moment before the painful sobs came. With a shaky hand she covered her eyes and leaned against the crib for support. Lily feared she wasn't able to hold her body up.

"So many people," She whimpered. "So many of my friends."

And suddenly the relief she had found from telling Dorcas about the situation was replaced with fear. Lily didn't want to be stuck here. She didn't want to live this life where her friends are dead, she's married to an enemy and she has a child! Her sorrow became more evident when baby Harry joined her crying.

That's where Potter found her when he came home for lunch; on the floor of the nursery, still crying. The baby was also still crying and the conjoined efforts made a hectic site for Potter when he walked into the room. For a long moment he just stared at the scene.


He rushed over to her, falling onto his knees and taking her face in his hands. Lily stared up at him through swollen eyes and her lips trembled at his touch.

"What's wrong? What's going on?" She didn't answer. "Lily!"

And the anger from the night before came back. Lily used all her strength to push Potter away and she wiped at her face roughly. Potter stared at her in shock.

"I hate you!" She shouted. "I hate you! Look what you've done to me!"

Lily began to whimper again as she scrambled to her feet.


"No! I don't know what's going on. I can't even think! I hate you!" Her voice cracked and Potter stood up slowly.

"Calm down, love," Potter whispered to her.

"All my friends are dead! Dorcas is all I have left! I don't want to be here! This isn't my body, this isn't my life!" Lily took a step back when Potter took a step toward her.

"I'm sorry, Lily," Potter told her, reaching out a hand. "I'm sorry I've done this to you."

Lily stared at him, at his hand. She felt her body begin to shake as more sobs were about to come.

"I hate you, Potter."

Potter nodded as if he knew this all along. He took another step towards her and she took another step back, hitting baby Harry's crib. Baby Harry continued to scream out his cries.

"Leave me alone!" Lily shouted. "Get away from me! I don't want anything to do with you!"

She began to sob again and Potter walked to her, wrapping his arms around her and bringing her towards him. Lily buried her face in his shoulder when he lifted her body up. Sliding down to the floor, Potter cradled her against him, as though she were a baby. He didn't seem to know what to do and neither did she. Feeling the need to be as close to someone as possible, Lily wrapped her arms around him.

"I'm sorry, Lily," He whispered into her hair.


"It could just be stress, James."

"I know, I know. It's just…she deserves better then this."

"Prongs, mate, this isn't your fault."

"Isn't my fault? This is my fault! She said so herself."

"Was she drinking, perhaps?"

"Possibly. I don't know. I wasn't here, I don't know."

"Because drinking would explain her outburst-"


"I… I don't know what to do. I've never seen her like this."

"James, you're her husband. You know her best. Just think. What should you do to help her right now?"

"Kill myself."


"Prongs, how is yours and Lily's sex life-"

"Oh Merlin-"

"Sorry! Just thought it might help to ask!"

"Just- Padfoot- don't ask questions."


"I'm going to take off from work tomorrow."

"There's a start."

"We'll take Harry for tomorrow!"

"That would be great. Remus, is that all right?"

"Yes, Sirius and I would love to watch Harry. We'll pick him up in the morning."

"Thanks. I…"

"We'll see you tomorrow, James."

"I'll tell the boss you called out sick!"

The sound of a door closing was what caused Lily to open her eyes. Only a few candles were lit in the room and Lily had trouble seeing but she quickly found the person she was looking for. He was rubbing his face and sitting on the edge of the bed, turned slightly away from her.


Her voice sounded horrid and the fact that she had called him by his first name didn't process in her thoughts. Right now she just needed comfort. As though James had read her mind, he crawled over to her. He looked into her eyes, as though searching for something, before taking her into his arms.

She fell back to sleep.


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