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Story by StormDancer

It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

Heroes are idiots, to my way of thinking. They charge in wherever they're needed, regardless of their own safety. They have no thought for themselves, but only for defeating their enemy. If they did, they would do something safe rather than fighting evil. They have no caution, for themselves or even for the people they are working with and saving. They think that all those fighting with them and even saving are heroes of the same caliber. They don't realize that the civilians can't take care of themselves, and that if the hero sacrifices themselves, the people will be lost. Or that a ordinary person doesn't truly want to be a hero. The people look up to heroes, and admire them, but most would rather stay safe and unremarkable. So the heroes needlessly throw themselves into danger. They don't realize that this is more than sacrificing them, its leaving the world vulnerable. And it's stupid. Better to live and fight another day.

I make sure Kim remembers that. I'll fight, if necessary. I'm their secret weapon. But I will not do any of that without complaining, or fear. Ron refuses to blatantly show fear. I have no such compunctions. I won't move on a path I'm scared of until I'm certain it's the only way. By forcing them to convince me, I'm forcing Kim to consider all the other options. And I make sure she remembers she's forcing me to do this. That there is a world outside of the fight for good, one that she has a part in. And that she can't sacrifice herself. As an animal, I'm considered innocent, despite the fact that I'm probably smarter than Ron. If I show fear, and reluctance, or even affection for her, Kim realizes that hero work is only part of her life, and that it's okay to live and fight again, that if she kills herself people will grieve.

And I'm a naked mole rat. What more do you need?