The Key

A/N: My plot, not my characters

Voldemort laughed coldly as another four unfortunates, those who had long past called themselves a band, landed on the unforgiving stone floor.

'Welcome to my, humble abode. You will perform for me, impressss, and you will have a reward, do not, and my followersss will have their ssport.'

The four looked at each other, and, as one, came to a decision.

One of them nodded, and they all pulled out their wands.

Then they summoned instruments and the song began.

I look at you, this broken child

Inside a shattered dream

As I wander out for miles

I hear your endless scream

Inside this hall of mirrors

Protected by the glass

Am I the only one?

To see beyond the mask

To the innocence beneath it

And the hidden work of pain

I can feel you bleeding inside

And outside again

I know that there is dark inside

But I also know there's hope

For there is sunshine after rain

And somehow you will cope

And somehow you will cope.

The song ended, the last note hanging in the air.

There was silence for a long time, then, Voldemort himself spoke.

'Good, very good, you have the reward,' He spread his hands, and, with a flash of light, they were sixteen again.

Four very confused teenagers looked at him, and, as they faded away, he realized his mistake.

The four had been in the same year.

Two of the Marauders and two of the RAV, or the Resistance Against Voldemort!