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Chapter 1

'How much?'Van asked as he walked towards the basketball court again.

'Twenty times.'Deaq answered proudly.

'Nah.'Van said as he shook his head.

'What?'Deaq asked surprised in a high voice.'Ya think I am lying here?'

'Twenty times! No way!'Van said as he bended through his back to emphasize that.

They both heard a pair of heels clicking and coming closer.They didn't have to look up to see who it was heading for the desk in the middle of the Candy Store.

'You are playing me!'Van snapped.

'You are unbelievable!'Deaq snapped.'Do you know why? Because you just are jealous that you white boy can't jump as high as me black man.'

'And now you are a man all of a sudden and I am a boy?'Van said irritated.

Billie put her files on the desk and looked at the two arguing men as she sighed deep.The arguing would never stop.They would always find something to bicker about.

She dropped herself in her chair and turned on her computer.Ignoring them for just a few minutes to have some peace at least on this Monday morning.

'O come on man! You didn't just get that ball into the ring twenty times while I was out getting coffee!'Van said as he pointed at one of the lines Deaq had been standing at to throw the ball.

'Guys.'Billie called.

'And how do you know that!'Deaq said as he walked towards the line.'You were out getting coffee right? You said so yourself.'

'Guys!'Billie called louder.

'So let me tell this to ya bro, the question is if ya trust me or not!'

'O is it?'Van said as he stepped closer to Deaq, challenging him.

And up with the -who is the biggest and strongest rooster- again.Billie sighed in irritation.'GET YOUR ASSES OVER HERE NOW!'Billie shouted angrily.

Both men turned with surprised looks on their faces to the woman behind the large desk.

'Yo man, you just had to ask.'Deaq said as he threw the ball away and passed Van.

'There's no need to scream like that.'Van said as he followed Deaq towards the office.

Billie put her arms in front of her chest and waited for Deaq and Van finally to sit down.

'So how was your weekend Billie?'Van asked with a grin on his face.

He just received a cold glare before she turned to her computer and typed a few things.

'She had a bad night I think.' Van said bending over to Deaq and holding his hand to his mouth so she couldn't hear, but speaking loud enough so she did hear.

Her fingers froze above the keyboard and she looked at Van.

Deaq cleared his throat and Van bended away from him, sitting straigth again.

'We have an important case here so I need you both to focus.'

'We always do.'Van murmured.

Billie sighed irritated.'And don't ruin my mood because you really don't want to get me further irritated today then I already am.'Billie snapped at Van.

Van's eyes grew big.'What did I do?'He asked in a high voice, sounding like a scared and innocent mouse.

Deaq looked at his partner and motioned for him to shut up.He had already seen the thunder cloud above Billie's head.

Van sighed and let himself slip further into the chair.Giving her a puppy-dog look which she was apparantly immune for because she ignored him easily and typed on her keyboard again.

A picture of a neat man came up on the screen.He wore an expensive suit, at least it looked like it, and if you knew him then you just knew that it had to be very expensive.The hairs that were left on his head were ligth-brown and neatly combed to one side.

'I don't have to tell you who this is.'Billie said.

'John Pritchett.'Deaq said.

'One of the wealthiest bussinessman of the city.'Van continued.

Billie nodded.And changed the screen to another picture of a woman with brown long hair, and brown eyes.She was wearing a blouse and jeans.

'This is his ex-wife Brianna Pritchett, now known as Brianna Bresket.'Billie turned her head towards both men.'I suppose that the both of you once in a while maybe pick up a paper and try to read it?'

Dark brown eyes and light green eyes just stared at her at this.

'Then you would have known that their daugther Claire Bresket has been killed a few days ago.'

'O that, yes I knew.'Van said.

'Of course we knew.' Deaq snapped.

'I thougth the 'high guys' had that case.'Van said.

Billie looked at him.'They do.But we are going to help them.This case has a high profile.Claire...'Billie turned the screen to show a blonde girl who looked like a college girl. She had brown big eyes, a lot of make-up and a brigth smile on her face.'...Bresket was found dead in an alley downtown.In the bad neighbourhood.' Billie turned away from her computer and stood up.

'We don't know what a girl like that was doing in a bad neighbourhood.We don't know why she was killed and how she was killed.We do know that there are a lot of homeless people in that neighboorhood, people who have eyes and ears on the streets and people who dissapear when they see cops. And that is where you two come in.'

Van looked at Claire's picture.

Deaq nodded.'You want us to find a witness.'

Billie nodded.'A lot of detectives were on the case already but they come up with a dead end.So we are their last resort.'

'So what's your plan?'Van asked.

'That's for the both of you to fill in yourself. Be creative.' She said in a mocking tone.'Maybe act as a homeless person?Just find me a witness or more then one.Because we are going to find out what happened to that young woman.'

Deaq nodded.

'How old was she?'Van asked.

Billie sighed in regret as she looked up at the screen.' Just twenty-one years old.She was in college.'

'So do we get to see this hotshot?' Deaq asked meaning John Pritchett.

Billie shook her head.'No, you just get to see a witness and bring him or her to me.'

She then looked at both of them with a questioning stare in her eyes.

Van and Deaq both looked back, waiting for her to ask something or say something.

'Why are you still here?'She snapped.

'O...'Van said surprised as he got up out of his chair.

'Let's go.'Deaq said as he got up.

'Here you go.' Van said as he put his coffeecup which was half-empty in front of her.'I think you can use it better then me.'He grinned at her.'Loads of it.'He said with a sly smile on his face.He quickly walked away to avoid her no doubt very angry reaction.

Billie took the cup, thinking that it was empty, and moved her fingers in a fist, crashing the cup and causing the dark, cold liquid to splatter over her new and very expensive designer white blouse.

She gave an angry lion-like groan as she trew the cup into the dustbin.

Deaq shook his head as they walked towards the car.' Did ya have to push her buttons again?'

Van shrugged.'O come on, it's the only nice thing to do around here.You know I love danger.'Van said as he stepped in the car.

Van turned on the byrider seat when he heard heels coming closer and saw Billie coming towards them very fast.Her white blouse wasn't so white anymore and she was swearing like a sailor man.That was never a good sign...

'Start the car! Start the car!' Van ordered in panick.

Deaq rolled his eyes and started the car and sped off.


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