Chapter 3

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'Where are you taking me!'

Billie walked away and ignored the boy. She opened the door next to the interrogation room as she heard Jake shout as he got dragged away.

'You stupid Bitch! ANSWER ME!' Jake shouted after her.

'Where are you taking him?' Van asked as she entered the room. He had been curious about that too.

'Listen.' She said as she closed the door behind her and got a serious look on her face. She looked from Deaq too Van. 'Are you two sure that he saw something?'

Van looked at Deaq. He was the one that had gotten that tip.

Deaq nodded slowly. 'Not totally sure. But he was in the alley at the time. Maybe he saw something.'

'And he needs protection for something. He is afraid. Very afraid.' Van continued.

He received an angry glare from Billie.

'Do you see what I have got above my nose Van?' She said as she stepped closer to him with a daring look in her eyes.

Van frowned his brows in confusion as he looked above her nose. There was nothing out of the ordinary there.

'Eyes Van. Eyes! Just like you. The only difference is that I use them more often then you do.' She filled in for him. 'So don't tell me something what is obvious already.' She snapped.

She felt too stressed that she hadn't gotten from the boy what she wanted and she was too much on edge now to have someone irritating her.

Deaq raised an eyebrow at Billie's unnecessary outburst. It seemed that the kid really had hit a nerve with her.

'What's this ? What did I do?' Van asked confused as he looked from Billie to Deaq and back to Billie with an angry look on his face. 'Don't take your frustration out on me Billie because you couldn't handle the boy.' He snapped.

'What is your plan?'Deaq asked casually, ignoring Van, hoping Billie would ignore his comment to, because he knew it could only explode between the two of them.

'Frustration?' She asked with restrained anger evident in her voice as her eyes bored in Van's. A tight and sarcastic smile appeared around her full lips.

'Believe me Van, you haven't seen me frustrated yet.' She stated as she pointed a finger at him. And somehow, Van believed her.

'And as for I can't handle the boy...He is going to the Candy Store and you are going to watch him. Is that clear!' She snapped at Van in an authoritative way.

Van sighed inwardly. He wanted to say something angry back but he could see on the look of her face that he would get nowhere with that. She had this mood again where she shut all logical things down and all other arguments then her own and she was stubborn as hell.

'Yes SIR!' Van mocked as he raised his hand to his head in a salute as if he was in the army.

Deaq tried to wipe the grin of his face as he felt Billie's attention got focused on him.

'It's still possible that it has nothing to do with our case. And we need to get a witness very quickly. I don't need to remind the both of you how important this case is right?' She said, not expecting an answer anyway. She was already looking at her watch.

'Get your asses back to the Candy Store.'

'And where is her ass going?'Van mumbled angrily as she was half through the door.

Billie sighed audibly as she slammed the door shut behind her. She gritted her teeth as she walked through the hallway.

'Can you believe her? Man!' Van said as he hit the wall with his hand.

'No. She is on edge these last days. Just don't push her man.'

'So now it's my fault?' Van concluded as they walked out of the room and entered the hallway.

'No I didn't say that.' Deaq said. 'You just shouldn't push her buttons. Me, I just stop when I see that she reaches her boiling point.You, you just go on and on and on.'

'Are you chosing her side now?' Van asked in a high voice sounding angry.

'I am not chosing sides man. I'm just sharing my opinion yeah.'

Van nodded frustrated.

'I hope the boy is going to help us with this.' Van said as he changed the subject. He had had enough of Billie.

'Yeah, me too man.Me too.'


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