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Hikari-Angel is dead. I killed him. I stabbed him in the face, the chest. I carved out his eyes. And then I carved off the flesh of his arms. See? See the crimson red, all soft like desert violets and tastey, like peaches ripe in summer? See how it swirls and mixes with my own?

Hikari-Angel is dead. But it's okay, he was mad. He'd gone crazy, it is true. He kept saying he wanted none of the power, he wanted me to stop my quest. He wanted to stay inthe Light. Silly things to say. I think the Yami-Pharoah did it. No, I know he did it. Yami-Pharoah corrupted my Hikari-Angel! He wasmineto have! He tained my own! I will make Yami-Pharoah pay for making my Hikari-Angel go mad. For killing my Hikari-Angel.

Hikari-Angel is dead. His silver hair is so rough, like mine, and matted thick with crimson sweetness. He's so pale, but he's delicious. The Yami-Pharoah's Hikari-Pure is lying next to him now. I broke his neck. No Hikari-Pure left for Yami-Pharoah. Now he cries. Why? Hikari-Pure was weak, useless. Even more so that Hikari-Angel. Yami-Pharoah has attacked me now, screaming things I can't hear through the dark cloud that's taken hold of me. It's getting darker, I can barely hear him now. And I just realized...

Hikari-Angel is dead.

That's that. This was brought to you by a hunger spams, some caffienne, and random music.