((Chapter 19))

Inuyasha stared down at Kagome as he held her sleeping body in his arms. He had sworn that he had hated her but now... Just the thought of her being in danger, of Natakishi getting his hands on her sent chills down his spine. He would never let Natakishi get his hands on Kagome again.

When he'd seen her in danger he'd felt the wall in him crack. Seven years had been long but something in him still knew Kagome and he craved her. Missed her. Loved her. There would be a time when they would be free to be together. Someday. He'd make sure of it.

The moon was still high in the sky when Kagome snuggled deeper into the warmeth all around her. Her fingers curled against something soft and she sighed. Inuyasha. He was safe and in her arms. Her eyes opened slowly and she tilted her head back slightly to look at his sleeping face. His features seemed so much softer when he was asleep. She'd thought that he would have left her the moment she'd fallen asleep, but she was grateful that he hadn't.

She lifted her left hand and traced the arch of his eyebrows. Her fingers trailed along his cheekbones and over his chin before tracing the edge of his lips. She touched the seam between and stilled when his eyes opened and he closed his lips around the tip of her finger and sucked on it gently. His tongue smoothed over her finger before he released it.

Kagome felt a small smile tug at her lips as she pulled her finger away from the temptation of his lips. She felt so content right now. Just to be in his arms.

Inuyashas fingers were curled around her wrist and he shifted his hand so he could twine her fingers with his and lifted there combined hand to rest on his chest. He was so content to be with her right now. Holding her in his arms. No one but the two of them. He didn't want to ruin this precious moment between them but thoughts kept running through his mind. He needed to know. He wouldn't give up this chance that was thrown at him but he needed to know...

"Why did you leave, Kagome?"

Kagome stilled when she heard that. She knew that question had been long in coming the moment she'd come back. "I tried to come back. I swear I did, Inuyasha." Talking about it brought the memories back. The pain and sorrow of how she had felt when she realized in that small moment that she wasn't going back. Inuyasha must have felt it before he leaned up on his forearm and leaned over her parcially. "You don't have to do this, Kagome." If her telling him brought her pain in the process then he'd rather not know. All that matter was that Kagome was back. He wasn't letting her go a second time.

"I have to, Inuyasha." Kagome whispered, staring up at him. "I tried. I didn't know that the well would close up when I went through it. I had no idea. Something happened. I felt it deep in my body. Something happened. Thats when the Jewel reappeared. I... It ripped out of my body like it did the first time but this time there was so much more pain. It felt like a blow torch was scorching my insides...And then the Jewel was there. It was tainted... Then it dissappeared. And I fell into the well." She glanced up, her eyes meeting his. It seemed her eyes were begging him to believe her. "Inuyasha... I don't doubt in my mind that Nat --"

Inuyasha pressed his index finger against her lips lightly. "Don't say his name." He didn't want to even think of that bastard. He was awash with relief at the fact that she had cared for him all those years ago. She'd never planned on leaving him. Back then she was going to come back. And when she hadn't he'd lost all faith in her. He'd disgraced himself. He didn't deserve her but he coudn't bring himself to let her go. He'd hurt her in more ways than one. He'd taken her body not once but twice. He'd make it up to her but not now. He couldn't. His body wasn't fully healed...Not that that mattered though. He wanted to wait till everything was right again and safe. He'd make it up to her and make sure she never wanted to leave him. Ever.

Inuyasha wasn't going to do it but when she still didn't speak he leaned down. His lips inchs from hers --

'Knock' 'knock.'

Inuyasha and Kagome glanced towards the door. Inuyasha closed the last few inchs between there lips and kissed her quickly before he jumped up and landed on a small wooden beam on the ceiling, crouched over it. He smiled.

Miroku had built the small hut for Sango and him. The rooms weren't all that big but they were roomey enough. Just right to keep a family happy. There were small beams along the ceiling though Kagome didn't know why. She just stared at Inuyasha and touched her lips with her fingers. Inuyasha nodded his head towards the door and Kagome jerked out of her little fairy land.

She opened the door but only to see Miroku and Sango walking away. Miroku turned half way around when he saw the door open. He smiled as if he was embarressed but still happy. "Sango sleep walks now." He whispered, keeping a gentle arm around Sango to lead her back to there room. "Sorry, Kagome." Miroku whispered as he led Sango through the door and into there room. Closing it with a gentle click.

Kagome felt a small smile tug at her lips as she closed the door gently. She heard Inuyasha jump to the floor behind her and turned. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. One of his hands cupped the back of her neck as his tongue plundered her mouth. Kagome kissed him back, her arms sweeping around his neck. Her tongue tangled with his in an intimate caress that left her moaning.

Inuyasha pulled back with sheer force of will. He didn't want to but he couldn't keep kissing her like that and do nothing. "I have to go." He whispered. He hated the look of sadness that entered her eyes when he said that. He'd be completly healed soon enough and then no one would be able to stop him from seeing her when he wanted. He kissed her one last time before leaving through the window.

Kagome stared at the open window and touched her tingling lips and smiled.

Katsumi moaned against the tentacle that had been Natakish's arm, as it wiggled into her mouth. Her body jerked and bounced as he slammed into her ass from behind her over and over again. From somewhere another tentacle had come and pushed up into the place between her legs. He been fucking her for an hour now. Thrusting into her mouth, ass and pussy till finally, she felt him get even harder in her and then his seed spew inside her again.

She groaned as she fell to the ground limply. He came to her everyday. Still he hadn't done what he'd promised but she didn't ask him when he would do as he said. Even though she enjoyed him fucking her she still wanted to know... Inuyasha...When would he do it?

As if reading her mind he leaned down and cupped her chin in his fingers. His grip tight. His eyes were cold. They always seemed like that. There was never nothing there. "All in good time, Katsumi." He spoke and even his words were cold.

There was something that she was forgetting. "What is it?" Kagome whispered. It was leaving her so frusterated because it was something important. She knew it was.

"Whats what, Kagome?" Sango placed a small cup of water in front of Kagome.

"There is something that I'm forgetting but I can't remember what it is. Its important. I know it is. But. I. Can't. Remember. What. It. Is."

Sango chuckled. "You'll remember it I'm sure. I think you're just a little off because of everything thats happened."

Apprehension dawned on Kagomes face as she realized... "MOM! Johnathan!" She stood up so fast the she knocked her chair over. Her wedding! Something inside her froze. Inuyasha.