((Chapter 26))

Kagome waited. And waited...Her heart breaking more each day.

Inuyasha would have thrown himself forward to get to Kagome but Miroku held him back. "Inuyasha, you can't! She'll die!" Miroku hissed out.

Natakishi chuckled and leaned down over Kagome, his breath fanning over her neck where Inuyasha had marked her. Each time Inuyasha made a move towards them Natakishi curled his fingers around the Jewel and Kagome skin grew pale and her body twisted in pain.

What more could Inuyasha do? Inuyasha remembered when Kagome had been in pain, clutching her head. Then Natakishi had finally broke out of the barrier Miroku had created. Inuyasha still didn't understand how it happened but Kagome was there, in his arms, crying out from the pain in her head and then she had gone quiet and stared ahead. Natakishi had lifted his hand to her and Inuyasha had grabbed her as she had started to stand up slowly. "Let me... go..." Kagome had whispered, twisting in his grasp and Inuyasha had been shocked from her words. Shocked enough this his hands slackened and Kagome was jerked from his arms. Unknown to Inuyasha Kagomes words had been to Natakishi, not Inuyasha.

Natakishi had jumped back with Kagome in his arms and laid her down on the ground. Running his hands down the sides of her face. Kagome had gone completely still then and Inuyasha would have rushed forward except for the look of torture that crossed Kagomes face when he did... Then Kagome was so still that Inuyasha feared the worse.

Then as he watched he saw Natakishis lips moving. Kagomes facial expression kept coming back and forth. She was dreaming. Whatever she was dreaming was draining the jewel.


Natakishi smiled and stared Inuyasha directly in his eyes as he leaned down and bit into the mark on Kagomes neck. Over taking Inuyasha possession of her with his own.

Inuyasha saw red. Fury building deep inside him that this bastard would try to take Kagome away like that. Mark her as his mate. As if Inuyasha would ever let ANYONE take Kagome from him. Kagome was his now and forever.

'Let go, idiot.' The voice in Inuyashas head whispered. Inuyasha could save Kagome but...He had to do this in turn. He didn't bother to fight it anymore. He could feel Miroku, as if from a distance saying something him, but he couldn't quiet hear what it was. He could feel the strength and anger building in him. He was sick of Natakishi and this would be the end. Kagome and him were going to have what they wanted and they wanted each other.

Inuyashas eyes flashed red and the demon marks on his cheeks faded in and out for a moment before the slowly began to appear and darken. Miroku feel back as Inuyasha slammed him away from him. A deep growl rumbled up from Inuyashas chest as he started walking in Natakishis direction. That idiot had put his mate in danger and there was no saving him from it now. All Inuyasha saw was red and Natakishi. All he felt was hatred toward the man.

Kagomes body twisted and writhed in pain as Inuyasha came closer. Her throat closing up. "Come...back..." Her strangled words whispered out on deaf ears.

Natakishi was jerked up awak from Kagome. Inuyasha threw him back and jumped forward. He landed on top of Natakishi and started to lash at his face with his claws violently. Blood spurted and pooled as Inuyasha attacked the man vigerously. Within a matter of minutes the mans face wasn't even visable. Within seconds his chest was tore open and his twisted, evil pitch black heart was ripped out. Inuyasha didn't stop there though. He couldn't. Not even when a dark aura started to ooze out of Natakishis wound, his death becoming evident to everyone else.

The Jewel fell to the ground and Miroku fell to his knees beside Kagomes still form. When he touched her head to let it rest against his legs Inuyashas violent eyes turned in his direction immediatly. Miroku stood slowly and moved away from Kagome.

Demon Inuyasha stared at the girl on the ground as he walked over to her and then crouched down, sniffing the air... He ran his clawed indx finger down her neck, studying the tore skin. He leaned down then, his hands on either side of her face, and sank his teeth ravegly over the new mark on her neck, marking her as his again for the last time.

Kagome could feel tears gathering in her eyes. She was surrounded in darkness. There was nothing. The Jewel had taken Inuyasha away and wasn't bringing him back-- A scream rippled from her lips as a searing pain stabbed her neck and a bright light burst before her eyes and then colors and objects were swirling before her eyes. Everything stilled and she found herself on the ground, her body hurting and her neck throbbing... And Inuyasha... Another cry of pain escaped her lips as Inuyasha hissed against her neck, his fangs still burried deep. "Mine."

He was back! The Jewel had brought him back! Unknown to her, hehad never been gone. What she had seen had merely been a dream... "Yes." Kagome whispered, her voice barely above a whisper. Her voice seemed to have done something to him. He shuddered against her and then she felt his teeth leave her neck and then he slumped against her and she felt the hot, warm feeling of his tears against her neck.

((To be continued! MUHAHAHH!))