chapter 6

An eight-year-old boy with blond hair and blue eyes was walking home from school in a slow speed. His friend wasn't there to give him company since her mom had picked her up. They were going to the mall to buy new clothes for the class picture that was soon to be taken now that they'd started second grade. The boy however, didn't seem to mind that much. In fact, he didn't even seem to notice. Why?

Why should he? It's not that easy to notice things going on around you when you are constantly, every second, focusing on not screaming your head off.

Takeru turned left and almost got hit by a bicyclist coming from the other way. He hardly looked up when he yelled 'watch where you're going, kid' after him. Later on he turned right, and then left again. He didn't stop to look at the cute dog running around the garden not far from his house. He didn't wave back at the dog's owner. Takeru just walked, as if nothing else mattered. When he would come home, he would eat and then lock himself in his room. Maybe he'd skip eating and go straight to his room. In his room it was easier to keep calm. In his room he could draw his pictures. Pictures in bright colours. Like red.

Red for love, and red for death.

In his room he didn't have to constantly concentrate of not doing what he always felt the urge to do. Focus on things like not hitting anyone. Not breaking beautiful things. Not making happy people cry. Not crushing something innocent.

Takeru wasn't a violent boy. He didn't like hurting people. But right now, he wanted to find the most beautiful, special and delicate thing that was there to find and break it. Break it into thousands of pieces. And watch as people cried for the lost. He wanted to break Yamato's smile and his meaningful words and the look between the two of them. He wanted to kill that sparkle in his eyes and the blush he got on his cheeks from His hands. His hands, that never seemed able to keep away from Yamato. TK wanted to cut those hands off.

He wanted Yagami Taichi dead. Simple as that. And he wanted his big brother to cry and cry and cry and then die out of misery. He deserved to die too. Because TK would never forgive him. Ever.


"How was school today, Takeru?"

His mom. She sounded so sad. Like she had already given up. Yesterday she had sounded hopeful. TK looked at his food. He hopped off the chair and went out of the kitchen.

"TK? Where are you going?"

She looked after him as he went up the stairs. Sighing, she started to clear the table in plaintive acceptance.


Takeru froze on the last step. His gaze found the door to Yamato's room. It was closed. Inside there was someone talking. Him. Seconds after he heard Yamato laugh. Takeru narrowed his eyes. How come He always made Yamato laugh? Was He really that funny? Takeru didn't find Him that funny. He continued listening to the sound of his brother and Him having a conversation. They sounded so genuinely happy and contented with each other that it made him sick. Why did they have to talk so ardently and sociably? Like they totally agreed with absolutely everything the other one said. Takeru remembered when they were the rather opposite to friends. When Yamato would occasionally come home after school with a black eye, cursing over the 'stupid jackass' that apparently was the one to blame. When Yamato disagreed with everything Taichi said –when they almost urged the other to fight. They were always on each other's backs; when Taichi wasn't pissing Yamato off, the blond found ways to insult or simply annoy the brunet. Taichi always had his loud, annoying and almost spontaneous way of driving his rival off the edge, while Yamato had his cold, quite intelligent and controlled style that both confused and therefor frustrated Taichi to no end.

Takeru missed those days.

His heart jumped when the door was opened. The sight of his big brother and the one who caused him nightmares greeted him. The two teenagers were unwarily standing to close for the eight year-old boy's liking. They stopped on their way out, both spotting Takeru gazing at them in horror. Yamato shifted his weight nervously, eyeing the boy carefully.

"Hey TK! 'Sup?" They briefly waited for an answer.

"We were just grabbing something to eat, wanna join us?"

Hearing His voice TK instantly ran to his room, slamming the door shut behind him and leaving the confused best friends staring at the closed door.