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Chapter 1

The school bell rang, signaling the end of Amelia's grade ten math class. She grabbed all her books and hurried out of the class, because her next one was across the school. She thankfully knew a quick short-cut. She had to go cut threw the swimming area which was new to the school since last year. She opened the doors, and she inhaled the smell of chlorine and she heard the many noises of water splashing, people jumping in, teachers speaking to their students... And when she looked around she almost envied all these people, they all seemed so happy, and running about with their friends smiling and laughing. Amelia never really had any friends her only friend had been killed in a car accident, and ever since then she had become secluded from the rest of the social world.

She looked over to a group of people who were laughing louder than the rest, and were coming up on her right Carly Hilton and her friends. They had been the ones who ruined her entire life after her Mandi's death. But even before that, they would always pick on her and treat her like a dog, but Mandi would be there and stick up for her. She did not want to face them so she made her way left, closer to the pools edge. She put her head down and picked up her pace. She then shifted her eyes and saw them coming a little closer to her with smiles on their faces that could only mean they had another cruel plan to play on her. She hurried her pace even more, and they still kept coming.

"Yo, Amelia!" One of them yelled. She slowly stopped and turned around, wanting this to be over with as fast as she could. She looked up to meet their eyes and sighed. They walked right over to her and kept on smiling. Then Carly leaned over and whispered into her ear. "I hope you like swimming." Then a she felt a sudden jerk as she was pushed backwards into the deep end of the pool. It was a known fact in the school that Amelia was mortified of water since she almost drowned three years ago. And naturally she couldn't swim. As she hit the water she could see the group of five laughing and pointing at her. She let go of her books moments ago, and was now trying to reach the edge of the pool. She had already swallowed water, and was coughing, her head kept going under water, and she could not keep herself up because her clothes were weighing her down. She felt and odd sensation and the faces around her all began to fade.


A year had passed since the war between Prince Caspian and his uncle. Narnia was once again in peace. Currently King Caspian the tenth was walking down the steep steps of the cliff by his newly rebuilt home, Cair Paravel. After a few earth minutes, he reached the bottom. Where there was a small ledge about a foot under water protruding from the cliff. It was only about a meter wide, and a meter out, but it was about half a foot thick and was half circle shape. Caspian took off his boots, then his shirt and his belt with his sword. In Narnia, humans would go swimming in a thin short pant, that went about and inch above their knees. Caspian took off his first layer of pants, which now, all he was wearing was the thin swimming ones. Summer this year had been terribly hot, and humid, and being king and all, you didn't get that much free time, but he finally got out of the castle and decided to take this long awaited swim. As he stepped onto the ledge he got a shiver at the coolness of the water around his shins. He gave a relaxed sigh, and got ready to dive in.

He stopped as he heard an odd splashing noise that didn't sound like any creature he even knew. He looked over to the noise which came from about 10 meters in, and he saw someone thrashing around. He could here coughing and he could clearly see they weren't able to swim, he stood there frozen on the spot for a second, until he saw them going under this time, not coming up. He finally took his dive, and swam as quickly as he could, he dunked under and caught hold of what he assumed was an arm, and with a little difficulty, he managed to get their head above the water surface. He could now clearly see that this was a female person. He however took no time in grabbing them under her arms and swimming her over to the small ledge. Once he got there, he hoisted her up and then pulled her up to sit on one of the stairs. She still wasn't moving, so he pressed down on her chest to make her cough out the water. Fortunately that did work, and she coughed it up. She opened her eyes a crack and Caspian sighed as she opened them a little more.

Once her eyes finally fully opened, and she had stopped coughing. She sat straight up, looked around frantically then looked over Caspian. She looked down, and saw his sword. She gave a scarred yelp, jumped up, and bolted up the stairs as fast as she could( which is very hard to do when your clothes are drenched).

Caspian was a little shocked, but grabbed his shirt and ran after her. He reached the top of the stairs just in time to see her hair flick around the other side of a tree, because now they had set foot into the forest.

She weaved her way through the trees and when she couldn't see him anymore, she dropped to the ground and put her back to one of the birch trees, and pulled her knees to her chest. She bit back a sob, knowing it would not help her in anyway. But she could not stop the tear that fell to the ground. She felt a strange thing against her back. It almost felt as though the tree shivered. She figured it was the wind. Until she heard a soft, beautiful voice asked. "What ever could be wrong my dear, sweet Daughter of Eve?"

The girl jumped back away in surprise and when she turned around, she was met with the loveliest face she had ever seen. It was pale with long hair falling down around it. But the girl didn't notice the beauty because the hair was made of vines and leaves, and the face was that of the pale birch bark. When she looked down, she could see root like feet. She screamed once again and bolted as far away as she could. She could hear its lovely voice behind her asking her not to be frightened, but she was past being reasoned with.

As she looked around she now saw faces in every tree she passed, she could see their limbs and she could hear them whisper. She ran even faster, hopping to get out of this forest but as she looked around, she ran straight into something, and fell to the ground backwards. She looked up and saw that she had hit a horse, but when it turned, she could clearly see that where a head should have been, was the torso of a man. She couldn't help it any more. She started to hyperventilate. Her head felt as though it would implode, and she tried to scream, but she could not breathe, let alone make any noise. Hot tears were running down her face and the centaur gave her a quizzical look.

"Daughter of Eve, what are you doing?" He asked kindly, but before he even finished her eyes had rolled back into her head, and she fainted. As the centaur walked a little closer to examine her, someone came running through the bushes that she had just come from.

"My King." said the centaur, whilst lowering his torso in a bow.

"Namago, I am thankful to see you. This girl has appeared into our land, like that of the Kings and Queens of old. She must be taken to the castle and your quick legs move with far more speed than those of us Men. I am asking you to take her up to Yaline."

"Of course my Lord." Namago responded, while bending over to pick up the girl on the ground. Caspian watched as he galloped away back through the trees. He turned around to meet the very same birch tree that she had met in the forest, only this time, the tree was carrying his clothes and sword. He put them all on, thanked the birch woman, and began to run back to the castle.

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