by Chaoseternus

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Harry Potter was officially disturbed, this was not due to the excitement of his life which generally involved the Deatheaters bi-weekly attempts to kill or torture him, but due to the most horrifying and mind-numbing sight ever imaginable.

Professor Snape smiling, Professor Snape genuinely happy, Professor Snape laughing evilly and not in his usual 'I just took five-hundred points off Gryffindor way, but a true, I have just done something truly evilly mischievous and can't wait to see the outcome laugh.

It was disturbing.

It would go down in history as the first time that he had ever truly agreed with the Slytherins on anything, all of whom were glancing uneasily and warily up at the top table with fidgety expressions which just screamed, 'what is he up too?'

Personally, Harry was going to go with 'what had been slipped into his Tea this time?' though the way Flitwick was looking at the potions professor, Harry guessed it hadn't been him, this time anyway.

Harry blinked as a loud; Harsh roaring sound filled the room, his jaw dropping. That sounded like fighters, but that was impossible, fighters were muggle, they couldn't find this place!

"Those sounded like jets,"

He nodded, confirmation from Hermoine, good enough, considering it most likely involved another Deatheater attempt on his life, best investigate it now.

He heard Dumbledore ordering the students to the rooms as he closed the door to the great hall and rolled his eyes. Dumbledore needed to work on his timing if he wanted his manipulation not to be so obvious.

"Sky High One reports drop site clear,"

"Roger that control," Spectre announced, glancing once around his cockpit controls as he tested the tightness of his restraints, "then we are go for drop"

"What the bloody hell is that?"

That, as Ron so kindly pointed out, was new. It was a large craft flying through the air, no apparent wings despite looking as if it was a technological construct as opposed to a magical one, blocky, and something about it just screamed 'spacecraft' to Harry, though he couldn't figure out what exactly made him so sure this was not a purely terrestrial craft.

He watched, eyebrows raised and wand slipping into his hand… that the wooden wand he used for magic thank you, as four large forms dropped from the craft on pillars on flame, dropping fast, but apparently controlled onto the ground.

The forms were large, metallic and vaguely human shaped, all with large and obvious weapons systems crammed across their forms.

"How's that for reinforcements Albus?" Harry glanced around shocked as he heard the familiar gleeful tone in Snapes voice, "one company of Mercenary Mechwarriors allied to the Kell Hounds"

Harry heard a loud crashing, roaring and gulped as he saw the distant shape of the Shrieking Shack momentarily appear shattered above the trees before being occluded by a rising pall of smoke.

"I think Voldemort is in for a surprise or two,"

Harry couldn't find it within himself to disagree.