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Chapter 1: Focus, Flirt, Fight

Amy sat in her desk twirling a pencil in her hand. She was so bored, only Ms. Hicks could make History so boring that everyone was willing to strangle themselves just to get out. Amy's random thoughts were interrupted by a paper ball that hit her in the back of the head. She picked it up and unfolded it.

Hey Amy you need to at

least pretend to be paying


She turned around slightly in her seat and saw Rouge shaking her pencil at her in a scolding fashion. Amy smiled and shook her head as she turned back around.

"Class attention please, now today we have four new students I want you to make them feel welcome." When the teacher moved to the door and opened it four boys walked in, two hedgehogs a fox and an echidna. Ms. Hicks motioned to each one with her hand as she began to announce their names. "This is Tails, Shadow, Sonic, and Knuckles." Amy looked them all over she didn't think anything much of them just four new faces to get use to. She watched them as they split from each other to take up the four empty desks. A black and red hedgehog sat down next to Amy, the blue one sat one desk behind him, the fox sat down in front of a Cream, and the red echidna sat down in front of Rouge.

Rouge smiled as she saw the echidna take the seat in front of her. "Well it's about time something interesting happened in this class."

He turned his head slightly to her. "You look pretty interesting yourself." He turned back and smirked to himself as he saw the blue hedgehog shaking his head at him mouthing the words 'horny bastard'.

Amy had been listening to the two and she was surprised to see Rouge jumping at some new guy she didn't even know. Amy looked at all of them once more she wasn't sure about them they seemed to be a pretty shady bunch. Especially that black one. She stared at him for moment. Shadow turned to her. "What?" He spoke to her a little bite in his voice.

Amy frowned at him and turned back to her desk. 'Jeese what a jerk.'

"Now each of them will need a guide." "Cream I won't you to show Tales around, Rouge you assist Knuckles, Zack you will be with Sonic and Miss Rose if you would be Shadow's guide."

Amy's eyes got wide as she slammed her head flat on her desk. 'Why me?' The others were actually quit contempt with who they were paired with.

The class for once seem to past so quickly, probably because Amy was dreading what was waiting at the end of it. The bell rang and everyone began to exit the class room when Amy and Shadow were then left alone. Amy looked at him as he pulled his book bag up on his shoulder. Amy was about to speak but he got the fist word. "Look I don't need some girl to show me around I can help myself." Shadow defiantly had a hint of rudeness in his voice.

"Hey you don't have to be such an asshole about it!" Amy picked up her stuff and stormed off into the hall. "What's that jerks problem anyway?" Amy was getting some things out of her locker as she got ready to go home, when Rouge came up on her left and Cream on her right.

"Hey Amy what's up?" Rouge asked as she leaned against the lockers.

"I hate that new guy!" Amy almost yelled as she slammed her locker shut.

"Why what'd he do?" Cream asked.

"I didn't even get to say anything before he started putting me down saying he didn't need me and to just go away." Amy started to walk down the hall with her two friends.

"I like the new guys." "Maybe they won't be so bad once you get to know them." Rouge glanced at Amy.

"Whatever I don't like them, but it's obvious that you like a certain red newbe." Amy mentioned in some sarcastic voice. Rouge just blushed a little in response.

Suddenly a flash of blue sped by the lot of them. The three of them looked down the hall where the flash was headed. "Woa what was that?" Rouge was the first to speak.

Amy stepped out further into the middle of the hall a little dazed as she was still a bit dazed. Cream and Rouge hadn't moved from where they were standing. Creams ears perked slightly as she heard something. She looked down the hall from where the blue flash came from and she saw a dark black one coming. "Amy look out!"

It was to late the black flash crashed right into Amy just as she turned to see what was coming. She was knocked to the floor with that rude black hedgehog on top of her. She rubbed the side of her head as she opened her eyes and saw Shadow beginning to pick himself up off of her. "You!" Amy yelled as she sat up.

"You shouldn't be standing in the middle of the hall like that stupid." Shadow was dusting himself off.

"Excuse me, you were the one who ran into me and you should watch where you're going!" Amy got up immediately and was practically in his face. "You know you need to learn some manners and I've got no problem beating them into your stuck up black ass!" She pushed her way past him and walked away toward the exit with Rouge and Cream at her side.

Shadow was boiling mad and things just got worse as he heard some familiar voices mocking him in the background. "Wow bro you really have a way with the ladies." Sonic was leaning on the corner of the hall.

"Shadow you really know how to get under a girls skin." Knuckles was standing next Sonic as they both tried to hold in their laughter.

"Shut up!" Shadow demanded as he walked over toward them.