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This series has been yuri fics so far (Dragon Lady, Black Magic Woman, High Priestess), but I wanted to be fair to the men too.

Well, this has been done while the yuri ones were more original… but I love Seto/Seth. So you're just going to have to put up with more.

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As Seto flew the Blue-Eyes jet home from the tournament his mind drifted from his honest enjoyment of the free blue sky to the thing he had stuffed under his seat.

The next time he went to a manufacturing plant he was having someone toss it in a smelter. That would show Yugi.

He didn't like the Items. He'd seen… he knew what he had seen. He didn't want to believe it, but he'd seen it. He had to trust himself, at least. He refused to trust in destiny. But there was something to all this mystic nonsense.

He did sort of want to believe Pegasus had beaten him with the Eye. It gave him an explanation. He knew that there hadn't been any normal cheating: he'd held his cards too close to his chest at the end.

He didn't want to become like Pegasus. The Item had been a crutch. Denied its advantages, Yugi had beaten the creator of the game. Pathetic.

Also… look at Pegasus. Look at Malik, at Isis (who wasn't exactly sane either), even look at Yugi (who was trapped in this destiny nonsense). The Items weren't healthy. He refused to have anything that was probably black magic around Mokuba.

Even so, that evening after everything had been taken care of he closed himself in his home office and started to examine it.

He unsheathed the dagger and made a few passes with it. It wasn't as awkward as it looked.

The power of control. And a hidden dagger. It was certainly the best of the Items. No removing an eye or having to wear a gaudy necklace. He could tuck this into a boot or use it as a letter opener.

He put it up on the windowsill and regarded it. It clashed with the décor but it was about time to redecorate in any case.

"Come out," he said finally.

He regarded… himself. He was half expecting him to be wearing the gaudy clothes from the vision, but he was wearing a similar trenchcoat, only cut more flowing instead of stiff. The effect was less 'badass,' as the mutt would put it, but more elegant.

Seto walked around him. Lesser mortals would be flustered under that intent gaze but his double showed no reaction. That won a few grudging points. "At least you don't have ridiculous spiked hair."

"You've seen me before. Of course I don't."

"Who was that woman?"

"A foreign slave. My father killed her so her ka would serve me. He wanted me to take over the kingdom and kill the Pharaoh."

"The other Yugi, I presume?" Seto grimaced. "I suppose I should have you tell everything you know to him tomorrow. I owe him that much, and I always pay my debts."

"He is my cousin, and I protected him even before I knew that."

"In other words, you'll tell him no matter what."

"The world and his soul are at stake. Would you do any less for Mokuba?"

"Touche." It was good to talk to someone who understood how things worked, what was important. "He is my rival as well. I don't want him dead again, not until I defeat him."

It was his double's turn to grimace. "He died before I could defeat him and win the double crown in my own right."

"And I suppose I'm fated to keep trying to beat him because you couldn't?"

"You're fated to keep trying to beat him because you love a real duel, not some easy game against an opponent who doesn't know what they're getting into."

"I hate losing."

"If you truly hated losing you wouldn't have created an entire tournament just for the chance to come in third." An eyebrow rose. "You loved the challenge. You loved the clash of the gods. I have to hand it to you. I never managed to make him resort to the gods in a duel with me."

Seto laughed lowly. "What? No high and mighty, I am an ancient and powerful spirit?"

His mirror image snorted. "I was a king and god. However, you have more employees than I had subjects. Populations were smaller in those days. You have as much right to your pride as I do mine."

"What was your name?"


"I refuse to believe my name was fated."

"Kaiba. Seahorses are thought to be baby dragons. You don't want to believe in fate. I don't want to believe in fate." Seth shrugged. "But it exists, the gods are real. You know you have to fight to control your destiny. Is it really so much of a surprise to you that there is something to fight against?"

"I never thought of it that way." This Seth was starting to grow on him. Dangerous.

"We're both orphans. We've both had horrible luck with father figures." A wry smile. "We have the same true rival. We both have little ones to look after."

"Mokuba won't die."

"I have no intention of letting 'Yami' die either, or Yugi with him. Or you. The whole world is in deadly danger. I agreed to let myself be sealed for that reason."

"You wanted to keep fighting even after death." Admirable.

"Wouldn't you?"

"For Mokuba?" It had been a rhetorical question. Seth knew him too well for there to be any doubt. "You were a high priest?"

"The high priest of Set. Commander of the armies and head of the council of priests, later Pharaoh."

"You were a duelist."

"The best in Egypt, bar Pharaoh."

"World Champion." All this time, Seto had kept circling him. "You can see Yugi tomorrow evening. Until then, you're teaching me how to summon the Blue-Eyes into the real world. I know it can be done."

"Not a novice's lesson. But then, you're not a novice."

Exactly. "All the others are narcissists. I'm not foolish enough to fall prey to that sort of weakness."

"Could you ever really want anyone who wasn't your equal? I loved the Pharaoh."

"I admit I am attracted to Yami and Yugi. However, I have never let my hormones interfere with my actions."

"Of course not."