Chapter One:

Sheen Estevez stormed off the set. "Where's my trailer? I demand to know this instant!"

The nervous new director stammered, "R-right w-w-where you left-t it."

Sheen stormed up to him, "Do you expect me to walk all that way?" He was, of course, three yards away from it.

"O-of course n-n-n-not-t-t," the director managed sputter out.

Sheen was suddenly lifted by three stagehands and carried the three yards to his trailer plus the additional five feet to the nearest couch.

"Someone bring me a Purple Flurp, extra heavy on the flurp. And now!"

"I'm sorry, sir, but we are out of Purple Flurp. We can, however send someone to the Candy Bar to get some."

"Forget it! I will just go myself!" And with that, he stormed out of the trailer and outside the large studio door. He then walked the ten yards across the street to the door of the Candy Bar.

Once inside, Sheen walked up to the counter and said, "Hook me up with a Purple Flurp! And remember who I am."

Sam rolled his eyes and set the Flurp on the counter in front of the snobby eleven-year-old actor. He really couldn't stand this kid.

Sheen gulped the soda down and let out an extremely long extremely loud burp. He threw down the money and walked outside and across the street to the studio.