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The Ultimate Race

One day, a boy Neil Dunsmore was just sitting around thinking about what to do. It had been weeks since he had last made fictional characters do stuff for people's enjoyment. Suddenly, he came up with an idea.

Two days later, he had set up a special race with cameras all around the area. This great setup was home to one of the greatest races in history.

We take you to the Straw Hat pirates. They were out enjoying blissful weather when a bird showed up. As Luffy saw the bird, he grinned happily and exclaimed, "SANJI, GET THAT BIRD! I WANT YOU TO COOK IT SO WE CAN EAT IT!" Sanji knew that Luffy couldn't catch birds so well, so he came out, climbed up to the top of the nest and hurled himself at the bird. His foot smashed into its back as it crashed down onto the deck.

Luffy started to drool as Sanji took out his knife. The bird noticed the knife and blew a fireball at Sanji's face. Luffy was left in hysterics at the site of this as Nami noticed that this strange bird had a letter on its foot.

Nami walked over to the bird, pried the letter from its foot and opened it up. She glared at Luffy and barked, "Don't eat that bird! It was only here to deliver a letter!" Sanji was about to pummel the bird when Nami had made that order. So, instead of killing it, he ran up to Nami and stated, "I'll gladly let the bird go free for you, Nami-sama!"

The bird flew off as Nami was ready to read the letter. It read: "Dear Straw Hat Pirates,

We are proud to announce that you have been chosen to partake in a race!" Usopp beamed at the sound of this and exclaimed, "I'm the fastest runner around! I can handle this!" Nami continued, "All participants are allowed to take all means necessary to win. This means you can hit your opponent to slow him/her down. Oh, one more thing: This is a team effort." She glared over at Zoro who merely shrugged and continued his nap.

"The last thing you need to know is that you must all travel in a vehicle that can travel on land. There are no exceptions. You'll need a pair of wheels. Sincerely, Neil Dunsmore."

Luffy scratched his head and asked, "What's a vehicle?" Nami thought for a moment and answered, "It's like that motorcycle Smoker uses." Everyone merely stared as Luffy asked, "Where are we gonna get something like that?"

Usopp laughed and answered, "On Motorcycle Island, of course. There, the people dedicate their lives to making motorcycles!" Chopper's eyes started to sparkle as he asked, "Can such an island actually exist?" Usopp nodded and continued, "If you give them alcohol, they gladly hand over a motorcycle to anyone who…" He was cut off as Nami whacked him on the back of the head.


On a far away planet known as Popstar, the young warrior, Kirby played happily with his friend, Bun as a bird flew in holding a piece of paper. It flew up to another one of Kirby's friends, Fumu.

Fumu looked at it with sparkling eyes. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed. "This is a rare breed, and it just flew up to me!" Bun ran over to it as Kirby followed like a sheep.

The bird held out his leg, which had a piece of paper tied to it. Fumu picked it off of the leg and said, "It must have come to deliver this letter." Metaknight showed up and asked, "What does it say?" Bun glared at him and asked, "How does he keep showing up like that?"

Fumu opened the letter and gasped as she read, "Dear Kirby and friends,

You have been accepted in a race here on Earth. All participants can win any way they want. That means you can play dirty and it will be legal."

The King overheard this and stated, "You hear that, Dr. Escargon? We can fight dirty!"

Fumu finished reading the letter as King Dedede approached her and asked, "Can we be a part of your team, Fumu-chan?" Fumu glared at them and asked, "Were you spying on us?" Escargon looked around and answered, "We might have."

Metaknight nodded his head and said, "They might make good additions. It says that we can legally attack our opponents in order to win as long as we don't kill anyone. I think this may be a good idea." Fumu had to admit that if her friends agreed, she had no choice but to let him join.

In the far off Mushroom Kingdom, Mario was sitting around and enjoying himself as a letter was dropped on his chest. He picked it up and opened it up. After he read it, he rushed to the castle to tell of this great event and assemble a team of his own.

Anyway, more and more people joined as young Kagome got this same letter and showed it to her friends in the feudal era, Yugi received his letter as the bird literally broke his window and other characters received this letter and were more than pumped to begin this race.

A week later, everyone had shown up. Usopp of the Straw Hat team had personally installed wheels onto the bottom of the Going Merry. Inuyasha had somehow found out a way to bring the others to the present. Kirby and his buddies a taken a spaceship to Earth. Team Zelda had used the song of time to find this race. Anyway, no matter what world the contestants were from, they all had managed to find the place and were ready for the start to be announced.

Neil walked up on stage and announced, "Welcome all to the ultimate race! Characters from all over the anime and video game universe have shown up to compete! They all have their own mode of transportation, and even though the letter says you need vehicles, you can use wagons if you are from another time period! The teams are lined up and ready to go! Anyway, for this race, the participants will start in the forest region in which they will have to survive giant piranha plants and vicious monkeys! We next move on to the Canyon region! Here, you must try not to fall off a cliff! That goes for you, two, team Bo-Bobo! Nest up is the desert region! Careful of quicksand and sandworms! After that, you travel through a big city, which will lead right back here thus ending the race!"

The contestants lined up their vehicles as Neil raised his hand in the air and announced, "Commence the race… now!"

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Dragon Ball

One Piece





Final Fantasy 7


Yu-Gi-Oh GX


Zatch Bell