The Ultimate Race

Finally, the racers had entered the canyon. It was a vast mountain full of cliffs and… more cliffs.

Neil raised his arm up to the cheering crowd and announced, "For the record, here is the list with our current results!"

(List goes from first to last)

South Park

One Piece


Zatch Bell

Dragon Ball











"Now let's get back to our contestants!" the host stated, pointing back to the huge screen with the racers on it.

And, boy, had this started off exciting. Team South Park tried all it could to stay ahead but unfortunately, they were in front of the only fighters that could break stone with next to no effort and didn't need the most advanced super powers to do it. (Or maybe they did)

Luffy shot out his fist and shouted, "Gomu-Gomu no Pistol!" thus punching onto the back of the vehicle. This left a huge dent and slowed it down long enough for the Going Merry to pass.

"Goddamnit!" Blue Rock cursed as an energy blast shot the vehicle from behind and blew it up.

'Finally we can get back in first,' Kaiba thought as Sleifer readied himself to take down team One Piece.

Just as they were about to get revenge, the Going Merry turned because, apparently, there was a turn-off in front of them. Sleifer had to temporarily stop his attack just to stay on course.

Okay, this is somewhat more boring than my last 6 chapters, so let's get to some scenes that are sure to bring us action AND humor.

As Team DB tried to catch up with Team Zatch, Kiyo opened up his spell book and shouted, "Zakare!" as Zatch fired yet another bolt of lighting at the capsule car.

The attack hit dead-on as Goku leapt off of the flying nimbus, landed on top of Team Zatch's car and punched the car's hood. This allowed them to get passed easily with now problems.

"Dammit!" Kiyo spat, "I am sick and tired of how those teams keep getting ahead of us! We've tried all we can and we still can't stay past them! How do we do this?"

"I know," Parco said, "I will sing my special song!"

Kiyo slapped himself on the forehead and thought, 'That's just what we need.'

Ironically, as he said this, Team Kirby had just caught up. Kanchome pulled out his special radio once again.

"Hello there," he greeted, "Do you know who I am?"

"I don't care," Yamcha replied as Fumu blinked and said, "I'm curious as to know who you are."

"Who cares?" Bun asked as Parco laughed and explained, "I'm a famous pop singer. You logically have to care."

"A POP SINGER?" both teams retorted in unison. This actually shocked them. They were not expecting this.

Bulma blushed and said, "Well, I have to admit that you're kinda cute. Why not sing a song for us?"

Parco blushed and said, "That's what I was planning to do! I'll make you fall in love with my amazing talents!"

Once again, another team caught up, and this team was Goemon. Impact had heard what Folgore had said and stated, "Listen, you, no one sings better than me!"

"Oh, you'll change your tone!" Parco retorted, "Kanchome, you know what to do!"

"Music Start!" the little mamodo exclaimed, pressing the button labeled 'play'.

With that, a rhythm started up in the background as Parco started dancing and sang, "Big breasts, big breasts and boobs. Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing! Big breasts, big breasts and boobs! Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing!"

The other teams, though very disturbed by his song, felt like dancing. Krillin, on the other hand, along with Roshi only danced because they liked the concept of boobs.

"Groping, groping, groping," he continued as he started to dance to the catchy rhythm. Amazingly, even Impact felt the urge to dance with him. So did Goemon, Ebisumaru, Sasuke and Yae.

"What is this strange feeling?" Yae asked as Sasuke said, "Monoshire would love this song. I have to ask him for it later."

No one understood why, but even Fumu had started dancing, and she wasn't one to be bought in by this kinda thing.

"Why am I compelled to dance to a song that's so perverted?" she asked as Metaknight shrugged and said, "Because it's cool."

"M-hm," Wheel Kirby replied, now sounding like Gir for some reason. (Got that joke from a Youtube video)

Parco continued his dance and sang, "Groping, groping, groping. Groping giant breasts. Groping puririn poyon groping. Groping pororon puyon groping. Perfect round breasts, triangular boobs. Rocket-go-boing. Tenderly groping! Suddenly just groping! Repeatedly groping! Continuously groping!"

As soon as the verse ended, Team DB had apparently gotten distracted and ran right into a stone wall. Folgore continued his dance and sang the chorus again. As soon as that had finished, the other two teams met the same wall but had managed to dance away from it somehow.

Parco gasped and said, "Quick, Kanchome, we have to do the combination dance!"

Kanchome nodded in understanding as Parco picked him up and started swinging him back and forth while singing, "Big breasts, big breasts and boobs! Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing!"

As he went on, his strategy had apparently sent team Kirby flying over a cliff. A few seconds more and Impact had stupidly ran into a wall and fell to pieces.

Kiyo simply stared, blinked a couple of times and said, "That was even more affective than the first time we used it.

"We pelted 3 with one stone," Parco stated, laughing all the while.

We'll get to the other teams later. Sorry this took so long.