This is cappyandpashy4ever, back with a brand new adventure! This story uses original characters invented by Stitch Phantom, so give her some credit! I know most of you were expecting humor, but for this fic I have decided to do a more serious style. Here is a frequently asked question. Why would I use someone else's hamsters in my fic if I could have just made up my own? Well, because Shadow fits all the requirements to be the star of this story, and if I made up my own, I would be copying off of Stitch Phantom. Also, Shadow inspired me to write this story, and so it would be an insult not to use him in this story! Well, I guess I better stop babbling on and get to the fic!

Shadow's Solemn Truth by cappyandpashy4ever

Chapter 1: The Start Of It All

Far away in what seemed like a laboratory, a brown and white hamster with a white lab coat sat before a humongous computer.

"Show me the subject." Spoke the hamster to the computer. Instantly a picture of a shadowy black hamster appeared on the screen. "Good, good…"

The hamster scribbled up something on the clipboard he was clutching. He was so preoccupied in his writing he did not notice the shadowy figure of a hamster slinking into the room.

This mysterious figure slowly snuck up upon the hamster, still busily scribbling away upon his precious clipboard. The figure leapt swiftly and silently upon the hamster, grabbing him around the neck.

"Wha…what are you doing?" the hamster in the lab coat choked.

"Oh," smirked the other hamster, his black markings and wings now visible in the blinking lights from the lab. "I just need to 'borrow' your experiment for a while, pfpht."

The hamster with black markings pressed a cloth to the professor's (for that is what we shall call him) mouth. The professor, who was now gagging wearily, was pushed into his own closet by the other one.

"What…what just happened? More importantly, why?" thought the professor. Then a thought of what the other one could possibly be doing stole through him. A horrible, terrible thought.

Locked in a closet with cloth gagging his mouth, no one heard him scream…



Shadow was feeling contentment that he had never felt before. He had just finished a long cuddle with Amy and was feeling relaxed. He turned over onto his back and lay face up, staring at the top of his cage.

"Today is truly a great day!" Shadow sighed to himself. "Ooo, what's that smell? Hif-hif, hif-hif…"

Shadow shifted in time to see Amy's hand inside his cage, filling his food dish with fresh sunflower seeds. He raced to the dish and munched away with a faint "Khrrmp, khrrmp…"

"You like that, huh little guy?" Amy smiled, reaching her hand in the cage to stroke Shadow's ears. "Ah, Shadow, you truly are the perfect hamster."

She gave him a final pat, and left the room humming to herself. Shadow was too busy stuffing his face to notice.

"Ah, this is the life!" Shadow exclaimed, gulping down the remaining seeds. Shadow suddenly felt very odd, like something bad was about to happen. He decided that overeating brought this on, and he needed some sleep, so he lay down on the cage floor. But he couldn't get to sleep no matter how hard he tried.

"Maybe a trip to the clubhouse will help," said Shadow, envisioning a certain tiger-striped girl.

Shadow leapt out his window and landed on all fours in the soft grass. While on the way, he noticed that feeling of uneasiness again. But this time, something happened. A small pain started growing inside him. He was not aware of this pain until he was about halfway to the clubhouse. Then the full force of the pain hit him. He bean to twitch uncontrollably, as though something was shocking him. It hurt so badly, yet he could do nothing to stop it. The pain was blinding him. He could not think strait. He did the only thing he could think of doing.

He screamed.

He screamed and screamed. But eventually, his eyelids began to droop, and his screams died away, as he fainted.



Shadow awoke some time later. He could not remember where he was, or how he got there. Soon he became aware of two voices above him. One, a strong male's, the other, a sorrowful female's.

"Like, oh my gosh, I hope he's okay!" said the girl's voice, who seemed to be crying.

"Don't worry sis," reassured the boy, "I'm sure he'll be fine. Just stop wining."

"You don't understand!" argued the girl, still sobbing. "You like, saw how he was twitching in his sleep!"

"What? You mean how he was moving a little when he was sleeping?" asked the boy. "Like, don't worry about that, it was nothing."

"Moving a little!" cried the girl. "He was practically rolling! And like, he looked like he was in pain!"

"Stan…Sandy…?" Shadow managed to mutter.

"Like, Shadow!" Sandy exclaimed, putting her arms around him. "I was so worried!" She sobbed desperately on his shoulder.

"Sandy…" Shadow said, turning violently red. "What's going on?"

"Well," said Stan. "Sandy was worried why you weren't at the clubhouse, so she like, dragged me into coming with her to your house to make sure you were okay."

"And then," continued Sandy. "We like, found you lying here on the ground, twitching, and we waited for you to wake up."

"You," Shadow muttered, looking at Sandy. "You were worried about me?"

"Well I…" Sandy stuttered, looking away from Shadow to hide her blushing cheeks.

"She means yes." Stan whispered so only Shadow could hear him.

"Like," said Sandy, returning to normal. "So why were you on the ground Shadow?"

"I…I really don't know." Shadow said honestly. "I was walking to the clubhouse when I felt this horrible pain. I started screaming, I fainted, and now I'm here."

"I don't like this." Said Stan. "It sounds fishy."

"Yeah," said Sandy. "I like, don't know what it could be. I think we should ask Maxwell, he knows a lot about these kinds of things."

Shadow felt a twinge of jealousy at these words, but he knew that she was right. Sandy, Shadow and Stan made their way to the clubhouse.



Wee-hee! First chapter down! There are so many questions to be answered! Who is the professor and what is this so-called 'subject' he saw. Why did Spat gag and stuff the professor in a closet? (Seriously, if you didn't know it was Spat, you have issues.)And what is the meaning of Shadow's pain attack? All will be answered, not necessarily in the next chapter, but by the end of this story, you will know. Thanks to Stitch Phantom for letting me use her characters, or character, as I should say, because Hallo will appear later. I look forward to your review, Stitch Phantom! And everyone else, please review! –cp4ever