LASTCHAPTERLASTCHAPTERLASTCHAPTER! Yes, I've finished yet another story! Stitch Phantom, these last few chapters using Shadow and Hallo have been so fun, it's hard to let them go. But they've moved on to bigger and better fan fictions now. Sobs Well, I hope you guys like this final chapter!

What is Love? Part Two

Shadow and Sandy nearly broke down the door as they crashed into the lab. They were instantly met by Hallo.

"I just knew you'd come back Shadow!" she exclaimed, half happy and half annoyed. "You never were good at following orders."

"I'm not going to leave this business between Spat and I unfinished." He said with a slight scowl.

"Oh, and you brought Sandy with you too!" Hallo said, flashing a smile in Sandy's direction.

Sandy gave a cheerful wave to Hallo and said, "All this stuff about Shadow being an experiment, it's not true is it?"

Hallo looked shocked that Sandy was asking such a question and opened her mouth to reply, when she toppled to the ground.

"Hallo!" Shadow and Sandy both exclaimed.

Shadow noticed a figure in the background. "Spat you evil little…!"

"He's not evil…Shadow." Hallo gave Shadow a sad smile from the ground. "Everybody has love in their hearts. Everyone…" Hallo's eyes closed.

"Hallo!" Shadow cried, rushing over to her.

"She's not dead, phpft." Spat cackled. "Just unconscious. And while I'm at it, phpft…" Spat walked over the unconscious body of Hallo and snatched something from her. A small bag with a heart on the side of it.

Shadow had no time to question what was in the bag. The fury in his eyes grew when he saw the nonchalant expression on Spat's face as he stepped out of the shadows.

"This ends here!" Shadow cried.

"Fine." Spat snapped. "But first I need to add my personal touch to Hallo's bag of tricks, phpft."

Spat sprinkled what looked like black powder inside the bag. It instantly glowed a deep shade of purple. Without warning, Spat pulled out what looked like a gigantic bubble wand out of the bag.

"Reversed Love!" He cried, blowing into the wand. "Dark Bubble Attack, phpft!"

Before Shadow could do anything, a huge deep purple bubble erupted from the wand and sailed directly at Sandy. She was engulfed in the bubble and though she pounded hard, it would not release her.

"What did you do to her!" Shadow cried with rage. "This is between you and me, Spat!"

"All I did was make it even, phpft." He said slyly. "You know, phpft? One on one."

"Fine!" Shadow spat out. "But Sandy better not get hurt!"

"Oh don't worry, phpft." Spat grinned. "Sandy won't get hurt. However, phpft. I can say no such thing for your personal safety."

"What do you…?" Shadow looked slightly scared.

"Come forth, minions!" Spat cried. "Destroy the one called Shadow!"

Shadow had no time to ask what was going on. He heard a slow and sudden thump that could only be the stepping of many hamsters.

"What did you do?" Shadow asked angrily. "What's going on?"

"Oh nothing, phpft. I just awakened the old experiments. You could call them your siblings, phpft."

Several figures emerged from the shadows. All had markings identical to Shadow, with the exception of different colors. And their eyes were all glowing red. Shadow knew what was happening to them. It had happened to him too. Spat was controlling them.

"Shadow! Like, run!" yelled Sandy from the bubble.

He followed her advice and ran. The other experiments were slow, but Spat pushed a dial and they instantly sped up, tailing Shadow. He continued to run, but he got tired and eventually collapsed in a heap on the ground.

"SHADOW!" Sandy cried, as she watched him crash to the ground. Tears flooded her eyes.

"Attack!" Spat cried to the experiments. "Get him, phpft!"

They advanced on him slowly, but the group of experiments reached the fallen figure of Shadow. The one up in front was beginning to lower its head.

BAM! A huge sound cam from over by the controls. Spat swirled his head around to see none other than the professor. His legs were still ties up, but his paws and gag had come off, and his paws were resting on the main shutdown button.

"What have you done, phpft!" Spat yelled in rage, stomping his foot on the ground.

"I can't let you use my experiments for evil." The professor said. "They are for research purposes only."

"What's going on?" asked one of the other experiments.

"Where are we? Who are all these other hams?" asked another.

"It's him!" shouted another. Many heads turned towards the professor.

"You're the one who locked us up, aren't you?" asked the one in the front.

"I...I'm sorry." The professor said sadly. "I made you all, but because you'd had emotions, I thought I'd failed. But if Shadow hadn't been there, I wouldn't be alive now. I didn't fail, I succeeded greatly! I've created real hamsters, and I guess I forgot that. You're all real, not just robots or something. You're all free to go as you please."

"Thank you for the speech, professor, phpft." Spat said slyly. "But I'm afraid it's time for this to be over! You forgot, phpft, that there is one hamster that doesn't work on the master control switch, phpft!"

Spat flew over to a small area of buttons. First, he reached into his bag and grabbed the bubble wand.

"Just to make sure none of you get in the way, phpft…" He said. "Reversed Love! Dark Bubble Attack!"

Several purple bubbles found their way to all the loose experiments, caging them up like Sandy.

"Now, phpft…" he cackled. "It's time for this to end!"

Spat landed his entire body on a giant red button. Shadow knew what was about to happen. His knees buckled and he began to pant, hard. He struggled against it, but he knew it was coming. His eyes began to go in and out of focus, replacing his pupils with red slits. His teen grew long until fangs poked from his mouth. And he could do nothing to stop it.

Floating above the scene, Sandy watched with horror. Her bubble still held strong as she kicked and punched it, trying to get to him.

"Shadow!" she cried. Shadow! SHADOW!"

But it didn't work. He grew slightly larger, and several red spikes appeared on his back. He snarled and growled.

"SHADOW, STOP!" Sandy yelled, her eyes swimming with tears.

Shadow pounced from all fours onto the desk and completely trashed it, destroying everything on it, and cutting it into shreds with his claws.

He began tearing up all the research papers and biting the various object around the lab. Shadow came up to a small container of light blue gas.

"No!" shouted the professor from his bubble. "Bubbles or not, that's very toxic gas! If you break it open, everyone in this room will die!"

"Exactly, phpft!" Spat cried. "Good thing I found this gas mask in the other room, phpft."

Shadow approached the container.

"Shadow! Don't do it!" Sandy cried, more concerned about his safety that her own. "You'll die! Everyone else will die!"

Shadow walked up closer.

"No!" Sandy said, crystal tears leaking from her eyes now. "Stop this! Spat is controlling you! You wouldn't really do this, would you?"

Shadow came up close to the container, and put his mouth around it, threatening to bite down.

"STOP!" Sandy yelled intensely. "You can do this! I won't let you do this! I…I love you Shadow!"

Shadow stopped in his tracks.

"I love you!" Sandy cried. "And I don't want you to die! Please!"

Then, a magical thing happened. A tear, one single tear, fell from Sandy's eyes into the base of the bubble. For a second, nothing happened. Then, a shining pink light came from the spot where Sandy's tear had hit the bubble. Slowly, a small hole began to appear in the bubble! It got bigger and bigger until it was big enough for a hamster to fit through.

"UWAAHHH!" Sandy yelled as she tumbled out of the bubble. She landed below, directly on Shadow.

Sandy expected him to growl and slice her with his claws. Instead, he picked himself up and said "Geeze Sandy, you weigh a lot!"

Sandy smiled and hugged him fiercely. "Shadow! You're back!"

"Yeah…" he said, looking ashamed. "Sorry professor, I kinda trashed your lab, eh?"

"It's fine, Shadow. It was all that rascal Spat's fault." The professor responded.

"I really don't remember much." Shadow mumbled. "All I can think of is Spat pushing that button. Then I remember being woken up when you fell on me and said…"

"I love you." Sandy said, smiling at Shadow.

"I…" Shadow blushed. "What I don't understand, is how you saved me. You risked your safety to stop me from killing myself. Why?"

"What is love," Sandy smiled. "If you don't have someone you want to always protect?"

Shadow suddenly growled and glared up at Sandy.

"Not again!" Sandy cried. This time, she made sure Shadow didn't do any harm. She kissed him.

When she broke off of him, Shadow was laughing.

"What's so funny?" Sandy asked confusedly.

"I wasn't really in a trance." He smiled. Sandy was about to whack him over the head, but instead she kissed him again.

"Thanks to Spat," said the professor, interrupting their moment. "I now have to rebuild my lab."

"We'll help!" cried all the other experiments in unison. Their bubbles had all popped and they stood by their creator.

"Do you want to live with us Shadow?" the professor asked.

"Nah." He smiled. "I think I'll kick it with Sandy and the rest of the ham-hams for a while."

"Suit yourself!" the professor chimed. "By the way, where is that rascal Spat?"

"Oh," said a voice from the doorway. "I don't think he'll be bothering us any longer."

The voice pointed to Spat, who was locked in a bubble. But instead of it being deep purple, it was bright pink. Only one hamster could have done that.

"Hallo!" Sandy and Shadow cried together.

"Sandy," Hallo spoke solemnly. "Did you find the answer to your question?"

"Yeah." She said cheerfully. "But experiment or not, Shadow is my friend, and nothing will change that!"


"Like, yeah Shadow?"

"Say it one more time."

The path of life is long and hard.

Each step we take brings us a little closer to the end.

I won't pretend I'm not afraid of what wait for us at the end of the road.

But I know when you're by my side,

I will face my own solemn truth.

Just say it one more time.

"I love you."




I don't care that this work didn't get many reviews. Screw all that! I love this story! It was fun to write and now I'm kind of sad that it's finished. Well, I hope I made you proud, Stitch Phantom! It's been a pleasure using Shadow and Hallo! Thanks for letting me write this story!

Much love to you all!