River in 100 Words

A 'drabble' is a writing exercise that tells a short story or at least illustrates a character in exactly 100 words; no more and no less. This is a 100-word picture of River, post-Serenity:

She's better now.

Really, she's much better.

Everyone knows it, too. Mal even lets her pilot the ship sometimes. Zoe won't come into the cockpit while she's there, but that's for other reasons.

Simon doesn't keep her locked in their quarters anymore. Kaylee plays with her again, except when there's work to be done on the engines or Simon is ready for more sex. And Inara has offered to help her with her hair, and find some nice clothes.

Jayne still doesn't trust her, though. He still thinks she's crazy.

It's funny, really… this time, he's the only smart one.