All Smiles


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Pairing: Scheizka and Kain

Warning: This fiction is EXTREMELY short. That is why it is a drabble.

"Umm, thank you for the lovely evening Kain.I had a nice time," Scheizkasays as she and Kain make it to her door.

"I'm glad you did," Kain replied nervously.

Scheizka took her keys out and pretended to look for her key in hopes of a "good night" kiss.

Kain really wanted to kiss her, but everything Havoc, Mustang, Hughes, Breda, and Falman told him went out the door.

Scheizka sighed as she started to open the door, but was cut short of breath when Kain grabbed her arm.

"Wait...I...I have one more surprise for you."

Kain slowly inched closer to Scheizka's face. When he was only centimeters away from her lips, Scheizka quickly closed the gap between them.

Kain's eyes widened, but then closed as he began to deepen the kiss.

But, as quickly as it began, it ended.

Kain didn't say anything else, but smiled as he walked back home, leaving a blushing and smiling Scheixka to herself.

The End

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