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Angel Food Cake

Michael -second only to God and equal to Gabriel, and therefor one of the most powerful beings in the universe- stared blankly down at the statuesque woman with auburn hair in front of him and her husband as he nodded. "You did what?"

Kyoko stood in his awesome presence with no air of fear or nervousness, staring up at his nearly seven foot frame. "I rigged it where my daughter could spend some time with the boy she loves."

Gabriel silently materialized beside him, watching and enjoying the play by play as his friend was once again dragged into one of the mortal soul's harebrained schemes.

"And you want me to do what?" Michael wasn't sure he'd heard right. He leaned forward, ignoring the highly amused grin of Katsuya and the huge brunette man at his side.

"I want you and Gabriel to guard them and sort of guide them along the way." Her cinnamon eyes lit with a fiery purpose. "And help her break the curse."

Gabriel lost his smirk when he heard the mention of his name.

Michael could practically feel the sweat dripping down his hair. "You realize that you're screwing around with Akito, right?"

Katsuya nodded solemnly. "Yes."

Kyoko snorted. "As if we care. That bitch can't touch us."

Gabriel's stare could burn a hole through most mortals –literally, in some cases– as he faced the much smaller woman. "But she could bring a great risk to your daughter. You may have bestowed that gift unto your child and her boy, but they are in children. Someone will find out, and you must only pray it is not those three that are so close. The snake will tell the dragon or dog, and they will go to Akito."

"Kyo knows that the moment one of them spots either him or Tohru, the gift will be gone. Believe me, he's not one to lose this opportunity."

Michael fumed, his sharp blue eyes crackling. "We let you get away with communicating with Tohru in her thoughts and saving her hundreds of times. If I didn't know your daughter's head to be only cotton candy, I wouldn't let you do this! You made her so good, she has no common sense at all! We've had to even assign her three guardian angels. Three! That's almost unheard of! There was that time a child was bending over to get a ball and both of them nearly got hit by a car when she flung herself in the road to get it and then there was the time with the old lady and the robber–"

Gabriel cut him off. "I believe they get the point. The fact of the matter is, Kyoko-chan, you've put your daughter in even more danger than she is constantly in. It's bad enough we let you get away with sending them both to the house of the Dog. We cannot -will not- do this. We draw the line." Michael nodded in agreement.

Kyoko turned snapping brown eyes to him. "But it's already been set in motion. You won't say no to a mother's plea for her children's protection, will you?"

Gabriel and the woman's eyes burned into each other's for a long while, neither of them backing up an inch. Michael's shaggy blonde curls swaying as he looked back and forth at them. The husband merely stood serenely by his wife.

At long last, the massive archangel closed his eyes and sighed, bowing his head. "We're going to need Raphael for this one. He has the most experience dealing personally with mortals."

Michael stared dully at the angel. "You're kidding, right?" he asked. "Raphael?" He closed his eyes as the expressionless man in front of him. "God help us."

Kyo sat in the hall outside of Tohru's room, wide eyed and dazed. "I didn't just see a ghost. Nope, didn't see a ghost. I could've, dammit!" He slammed his fist against his knee for emphasis, then winced.

"Okay . . ." he said slowly. "Anything's possible. Remember, you're under a curse, so a ghost or two shouldn't be any big deal, right? You probably ate something bad." Then he remembered he hadn't eaten anything. "Okay, then." He rose and padded over and glanced into Tohru's room. She still slept soundly, her breathing deep and even and a tiny little snore rising in the room. He glanced at her hand, curled against her pillow, strands of long brown hair curling over her wrist.

He pulled back and trotted down the stairs, then looked in on Tohru's magnificent meal. Guilt crept in. He hadn't even eaten any of it. The least he could do was put it away before anything got to it. He may not could cook, but he knew how to heat things up.

Kyo crept forward and began the trek to and from the kitchen, carefully wrapping it all up before placing it inside the cool cavern. Then he glanced at the nearly untouched cake, hesitating. He needed to take the candles out. He stepped forward, for once actually looking at the cake. It was small and round, with a second tier, slightly smaller than the first, covered in pink icing and rosettes.

And on top of it sat and orange cat of frosting.

Kyo sat down, staring at the cat. I've always liked the cat from the Zodiac. His hands, placed limply on his thighs, tightened into the khaki fabric. He bent his head, then looked back up, and reached for the utensils to eat with and grabbed a tint bite, placing it in his mouth. It was light and good, the strawberry icing sweet and a bit tart, the reddish drizzle sugary and fresh.

Oh, God, was he going to cry over a piece of cake?

He swiftly ripped out the candles and placed them beside the table, placing a cover over it and shoving it in the refrigerator where he wouldn't have to look at it.

Then he opened the door, stepping out into the dark. The night breeze ruffled his hair, and it was chilly. Tohru would've insisted that he wear the light green jacket he usually wore outside at night. He hesitated, and grabbed it from where she'd neatly put it by the door, and once more entered into the night. He couldn't go very far; there was Tohru to look after. But he needed to be outside for a little while.

His bare feet made no noise on the ground and he took no notice of the burning cold. He'd sit on the roof for a bit . . . then come back and watch over Tohru, just like he was supposed to.

Gabriel and Michael sighed as they faced the auburn haired angel. Raphael, when in a visible form, had been known to make women cry with his ethereal beauty; his features were far more feminine than that of the two rugged warrior angels. He had a slighter, more lithe build, yet was far from skinny.

Michael glanced at his friend. Not that they were ugly; Gabriel had straight sable hair he kept in a neat tail, though a few wayward lock fell into his face. His calm topaz eyes were quite intriguing, and he bore a quiet, thoughtful countenance that he just quite couldn't master. And he himself was far from unattractive. He had gold, shaggy waves that curled just at the nape of his neck and around his ears, and twinkling blue eyes that were always laughing.

Hell, they just weren't pretty.

And Raphael, if anything, was pretty, looking more angelic than most babies. Long, straight dark red hair, and huge gray eyes that had been described as the color of shadows. Michael thought they were around the color of cobwebs. His skin was peachy pale and every inch of his looked almost of the verge of delicate.

The archangel smiled benevolently, his misty eyes turning up a bit at the corners as he did so. "Kyoko-chan needs assistance with her daughter?" They brightened. "Of course I'll help."

Michael let out a sigh. As gentle as they came, Raphael was known to protect anything in sight and was at heart, a pacifist. And everyone in Heaven knew he had a thing for Tohru.

Not exactly a love thing, as angels were required to love everyone even convicted rapists and murderers. But the angel of purity absolutely adored one of the nearly perfect souls in the world. Honda Tohru.

And that meant there was going to be trouble.

Tohru blinked when the sunlight flickered in her eyes. She brought one dainty hand to come up and cover her eyes. It usually wasn't this bright when she woke up. I must have slept late! What about Kyo's breakfast!

She sat up, then hopped out of bed, sparing only a moment for confusion as to why she was still in her sun dress, then bounded to her closet, grabbing another of them and some underclothing, tossing them over her arm and nearly tripping over something.

She blinked and then looked down to see Kyo, curled on the floor, bits of leaves clinging to his hair. She lifted her hands to her mouth, then bits and pieces of the night before came back. Her falling asleep . . . being sick . . . Kyo must've watched over her.

Red blossomed on her cheeks as she clutched at her clothes. He . . . he'd watched over her. She paused, then looked back at her bed. She couldn't move him to the bed to let him finish out his nap, but she could bring the blanket over and place it over him. The sun was warming up the house, but there was still a chill in the air.

She tugged the pink comforter off and laid it over him, the color clashing horribly with his hair just like on the cake. She smiled. And Kyo trying to feed her what she'd prepared. She vaguely remembered something having to do with Hana and Uo.

She glanced at the normal cotton sun dress in her arms, pale powder blue, one she wore often, pairing it with various camisoles and such. She did remember . . . she remember Kyo saying that they would have a special day. Tohru smiled. Why not today?

She smiled a quiet woman's smile as she placed her dress back on the hanger, reaching for one she'd been saving.

Sighing, she walked to the bathroom and closed the door.

Kyo awoke in something soft and warm, smelling sweetly of strawberry body spray and Mountain Breeze washing powder. He blinked sleepily, other scents wafting up from the kitchen, omelets and . . . . orange juice? His nose twitched as he rolled over and stretched, when his foot connected with something solid that usually wasn't in his way. He opened his eyes and peered up, until he spotted pink.

Wide awake now, he started up. There was nothing pink in his room. Pink was forbidden. He was in Tohru's room. He whirled until he could look over at her bed. Nothing.

Kyo felt a flash of irritation. She'd been sick and here she was, up again and going, just like her, stubborn little onigiri girl.

He rose, the blanket falling 10the floor. He absently grabbed it and tossed it on the bed, then trudged down the stairs, fully prepared to give Tohru a tongue lashing for being so stupid to be running around after she'd been sick.

When he walked into the kitchen, nothing could be said. Tohru, in all her frilly Tohru glory, was dressed in bright yellow, sunflowers seeming to be her main theme. She looked like a piece of sunshine standing in the kitchen. There was a basket on the table.

Tohru turned and smiled at him, the one that would melt ice at a hundred paces. "I thought we could make today our special day."

Kyo started, blinking at her. "Wh-what?"

Her smile wavered a little bit. "Our special day . . . don't you remember?"

Oh, he remembered all right. The question was, what did she remember? He stammered for a moment. "Uh . . . yeah, y-yeah, I remember." He stood, attempting to regain composure "Yeah, I remember." Then he scowled. "You shouldn't be doing that today; you just got over being sick."

She waved a hand. "I was just anemic, that's all."

Kyo felt his eyes slide to half mast as he stared at her in disbelief. She was just anemic? God love Kyoko, but she'd made her daughter into a madwoman. "Uh, yeah, okay."

She turned, returning to whatever she'd been doing. "There's some orange juice and an omelet on the table. I thought you could have something a little while before we set off."

He nodded, moving to the table in the other room. His typical morning habit of arising and drinking straight from the milk carton had been interrupted, and he'd rather have that as to orange juice, but ready made food prepared by loving hands was still a novelty. As he swept into the room, he peered into the basket. Octopus weanies. His mouth watered. He had a weakness for those.

He sat down and wolfed up his meal, went back to the kitchen to sneak an octopus, then padded upstairs to shower and dress.

Michael scowled. "Kyoko does this and expects them to do what? Kyo's dancing around her kid like a prickly bush, and Tohru's totally oblivious to anything and everything. What are we supposed to do again?"

Gabriel assessed the situation as he watched them wonder through the park area to where the beach would eventually be. "Nudge them, I suppose."

Michael gritted his teeth. "The cat boy thinks it's all a dream, and you know he's not going to try and test it to see if it's not. And the girl-"

"Is oblivious, I know." Gabriel huddled into his jacket, ignoring the glaces from the women that paused to stare at the three men standing close to the trees.

Michael shrugged. "Then why are we here? If we're supposed to be protecting her, but there's nothing to protect her from . . ."

"We were going to eventually have to come here anyway." Raphael stuck his hands in his pockets, smiling one of his mysterious little smiles. "Those two are supposed to be together, but that curse is getting in the way of it, and Akito is not helping. We need to let them both know that the curse, however temporary, is lifted."

Michael and Gabriel stared blankly at the angel. "And how do you propose we do that?"

Raphael's collar drifted until it covered part of his face as he smiled a purely cherubic smile. "Leave it to me."

Kyo sat sprawled on the river's beach, Tohru's traditional picnic blanket soft beneath him and his belly full of the wondrous things Tohru had prepared including most of the octopus weanies.

Tohru smiled at him from her side of the blanket, contentedly munching on a strawberry while the breeze rippled through her hair. A little bit of juice trickled down her chin and she looked so much like a little girl that he wanted to laugh, but at the same time he couldn't look at her because he wanted that juice gone.

So instead, he laid back on the grass with his arms folded behind his head and watched the clouds. Suddenly, he felt someone plop on the blanket beside him. It was Tohru, of course. "Are you looking at the clouds, Kyo-kun? Mom and I always used to do that when we went to the park; we'd see which cloud took on a shape. There were always all kinds of them; elephants, cars, horses." He felt her move until she too was laying on the blanket and looking up at the sky. Her smile was soft. "I thought I saw an angel once."

Kyo blinked languidly, trying to suppress the want to turn over and look at her. "Oh, yeah?"

"Umm Hmm." Tohru stretched her arms up, bending the wrists daintily, then extending her fingers until she looked like she was holding onto one of the clouds. "I was three with mom one day, in the park near our house, and I looked up, and I saw a man with such a loving smile that I nearly cried. When Mom asked why I was crying, I told I was so happy to have seen it." Tohru rolled over in the grass until her head rested against her palm, strands of rich brown hair falling to the grass. "Mom told me that everyone has a guardian angel, to protect them and keep them on the right path." Her smile widened, her hair tossing as she tilted her head. "She told me that I'd need at least three to keep me from trouble."

Kyo smiled faintly. It was true; something was always happening to Tohru. Even under constant Sohma supervision, she managed to get herself in some sort of scrape.

"You want to look at the clouds, Kyo-kun?"

Kyo closed his eyes, then opened them. "Yeah."

"I see a cat!"

Raphael smiled as he drifted away from the other two heavenly beings toward the young couple in the grass. Tohru's voice was loud and cheerful. He'd always had a special place in his heart for the girl, one of the few truly pure people he'd ever encountered in the many millennia he'd existed. He owed that to her. Had not the promise of her come, he would've fallen long ago.

He would make sure she got her heart's desire, that she had a happy ending, even if the road there nearly killed.

And all he had to do was give the right push.

Kyo sighed, and rolled to his knees, dusting them as he raised himself to his feet, then helped Tohru to hers. She bent over to replace everything in the basket, gently brushing away ants where he would have crushed them.

Then he noticed her shiver.

He glanced at the water. The breeze coming off was chilly. He scowled. The last thing she needed was to get sick again.

Tohru started as she stood. Something soft and fleecy settled on her head. She looked to find a green sleeve swaying in front of her face. Kyo was looking away, his bare arms crossed against the cold. "You don't need to get sick again."

Tohru looked at the grass, her eyes shimmering and a blush threatening to color her strawberry. "Thank you," she said quietly, pulling her arms into the sleeves.

She gripped the basket while stuffing in the flannel picnic blanket, then rising. "Thank you so much," she said sweetly, smiling. "I think maybe you're one of my guardian angels," she said, reaching for his hand.

Kyo kept his head down, and she couldn't see his face. "No, " he said, turning, with the most bittersweet expression she'd ever seen. "I think you're mine."

Tohru's eyes were tremulous as she looked up at him. And suddenly, there was a gust of wind, huge and powerful, and she slammed agaisnt his chest, fingers tightening into hsi jacket.

And still, she held a boy.

She clutched at his shirt, her cheek pressed against, and her eyes os wide she tohught they'd pop out. "K-kyo?"

Michael and Gabriel watched as Raphael ambled toward them. Michael stared at him, then grudgingly said, "You're good."

Raphael smiled dreamily. "I know."

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