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A/N : I was listening to "Tango Maureen" and at the one part, where Joanne admits that Maureen cheated, Mark goes "She Cheated." And he sounded… happy. So I decided to put together a little one-shot in which Mark… well, you'll see.

Again Flashbacks

She cheated. Mark smiled a little to himself. That was her nature, to cheat. Maureen was like… like fire, no, a snake. Something that was beautiful from far away, but get to close to it, it will turn and bite.

Mark's smile faded a bit when he saw how much Joanne was hurt by this betrayal. 'Why am I so sympathetic?' he asked himself. 'She's the reason Maureen and I aren't together!' Then, the idea hit him, that without Joanne he'd be the one in her place, complaining to Roger about how ( or who ) Maureen cheated. Again. Roger had always looked at him, as if he was stupid, and repeated the same thing that he had told Mark ever since the first time she cheated.

"Sorry Mark, you should dump her." Usually at that point, April would hit Roger, and commend him on his sensitivity. It was generally was April that had helped Mark through it. She had Maureen weren't the best of friends, but April never gave Mark the blunt answer to dump Maureen.

Mark focused back on the dance, and all he could think about was the last time Maureen cheated on him; the day after April's funeral.

"Markie," Maureen had said, "I can't live like this anymore. I'm moving in with Joanne." She slipped on her coat. "I'll always love you, pookie." She said, grabbing a bag of her clothing, and kissing Mark on the cheek.

"Goodbye." And she walked out the open door, leaving Mark standing there in shock. He finally shut the door.

"I'd fall for her still, anyhow." Joanne continued, snapping Mark back to life.

"When you're dancing her dance, you don't stand a chance, her grip of romance makes you fall." Mark knew how true that was; he couldn't count the many times that Maureen had cheated. But, it didn't matter now. She was Joanne's problem.

And that made Mark smile.

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