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Cold, metalic, yet strangely comforting. The last relic of his clo...of Rau. Rau...a man, a clone, a monster. Which was why it was so strange that he even had these now. The army that Rau had fought for didn't want to remember him. Yes, they wanted to forget the man that could have been their saviour. They favored the boy that had won, the boy that preferred the violent, war torn people they had now. They wanted a hero, not a saviour.

He shifted his fingers, making the metal jangle. It sounded so small, so wrong for the man that had worn them. He sighed. He'd wanted them to sound like Rau. To have a least some of Rau's rich voice and passion. To be at least something like Rau. This... this sounded like Athrun! So small and quite, afraid to stand alone. Afraid to go alone to do what was right. Afraid to be on their own. Rau had been nothing like that. Rau had done everything on his own. And the world had still favored that coward, another hero, over salvation.

And proof of that lay on the end of this chain. Both metal plates still lay on it. The army hadn't taken the one it was meant to take. They just wanted to forget. They had heros to remember, they had their good fight to win.

Would the same go for him...if they found out what he was? Would anyone take his chain and cling to it to remember him? If Gil were to fail, if he were to die, would anyone really want to remember him? No, he didn't think so. If Gil failed, Gil died. And Talia, Talia wouldn't...she had her own son. Her own worries. And Shinn, he couldn't burdon Shinn with his memory, the boy had too much painful memories as it was. And...and her...that was a definate no. He pushed her away, he'd made her feel unworthy, he killed her sister for crissake! Shinn had earned forgiveness, Shinn had cried, had screamed sorry countless times. He hadn't followed suit, he didn't know how. He'd hurt her, but he couldn't help her. Kill, destroy, cause pain, that was all he knew.

No-one would want to remember someone like that. Except...maybe...but...maybe Athrun. Hadn't Athrun said in his diary that Rau had seemed like a father to him? Thank God for hackers. Thank God for...Meyrin. And even if Athrun hadn't liked Rau, he'd take them anyway. Athrun was like that. Too kind, too caring, too confused and way too understanding.

But Athrun was dead. He'd watched the explosion. He'd heard that cry. Unless Athrun was immortal, or could breath underwater, there was no way he could have survived. Athrun Zala was dead as a doornail, just like the rest of the Zalas. But still, it was good to think that someone would care enough to remember.

He smiled suddenly. So say Zala were alive, and say they met again, and say he got the chance, then maybe he'd give both chains over. Keep Rau's memory alive...and make sure she never forgot. Yeah, it was great to dream, but it wasn't going to happen.

Rau...Rau had been smart. Rau had left people that'd remember him. Rey'd made sure to kill them off. The one person who'd remember, he'd destroyed. Like only he knew how.

Rau's chain clinked again. Just as his saviour's and Meyrin's were doing at the bottom of the ocean. A cold, metalic rememberence of a once beating heart. A long surpressed laugh escaped. Cold and bitter, like the jangle. A sound of lost people. He let the metal clink, let their memories stay alive. Because, in the end, this jangle was all that would be left.

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