She closed her eyes as his index fingers and thumbs began to lightly pinch her nipples. They hardened in response to his touch and a low moan escaped her lips. The dark chocolate color of her areolas and nipples were in contrast to the caramel colored skin of her breasts. In many ways Mari and Shayera were similar, but this was an area where they were quite different. As he continued to increase the pressure on her nipples, his mind's eye wandered back to a different time. A time when his hands and lips were on Shayera's breasts.

Shayera's nipples were pink and more sensitive to the touch than Mari's, but both women loved the warmth and tenderness of his caress. While keeping his right hand on her left breast he pulled her body close to his using his left. The drops of water from the shower glistened against her skin. He began to kiss her passionately and she felt his member harden against her thigh.

While returning his kiss, she reached down and began to slowly and softly stroke his manhood. His body shivered at her touch as she slowly increased her speed and tightened her grip. With each successive stroke she could literally feel his growing excitement and soon she began to hear it as her rhythmic movements caused him to vocalize his pleasure.

As she continued, he removed his right hand from her left breast and slowly moved it down her left inner thigh until he found her pubic hair. She kept it short, but the short natural curls remained. Again, it was a stark contrast to Shayera's completely shaved area. Mari had forgotten how large his hands were until his middle fingers began to massage both her outer and inner vaginal lips.

He moved his right hand in a slow circular clockwise motion while maintaining the pressure on her right nipple. The combination of the two caused her to slowly open herself to him. Her legs began to slowly spread further and further apart as his hand moved from her vaginal lips to her now erect clitoris. Her moans deepened as he began to softly apply pressure to it.

In response to this new sensation she removed her hand from his member and braced herself against the shower wall with each arm. He could hear her breathing quicken as his right hand moved faster and applied more pressure to her clit. No longer willing to bear just the touch of his hands, she turned her back to him, placed her left hand against the shower wall and grabbed his manhood with her right.

"Take me" she said in a hushed voice.

He pressed his torso against her as she guided him inside her. A gasp escaped her lips as she received his fullness and he uttered a deep moan as he experienced her combination of tightness, warmth and wetness. He placed his hands on her hips as she bent over. He began thrusting slowly and rhythmically. He was not a jack rabbit lover. He wanted the wonderful sensations to last and he wanted them to build.

With each successive thrust he began to gyrate in a counter-clockwise manner. With each gyration he would pull out a little and then thrust a little deeper. She vocalized her pleasure and began to arch her back so that he could go even deeper. As his thrust became more powerful she braced herself against the shower wall using her forearms. His senses were becoming overwhelmed. The sight of the water rolling down her back, the sound of her passionate moans and the wonderful feeling of being inside her, excited him. He began to thrust and gyrate faster until her moans became shorter and louder. They were slowly making the transition from making love to having sex. Mari would push the transition further.

"Fuck me!" she suddenly yelled out.

She wanted him to feel her. She wanted him to know that regardless of what the future held for them, he was going to know what it meant to be with her. She was creating memories. The kind of memories that were going to strike him out of the clear blue, but would make him smile, make him blush and yes, make him hard. He was going to know what it meant to love her physically even if he did not completely love her emotionally. And as if on cue, during this moment of increasing ecstasy, his mind's eye flashed back to Shayera.

He flashed back to how Shayera would often spread her wings during their rear entry positions and how her wings would spread wider when she was close to climaxing. Thinking about Shayera in that way excited him, but he immediately felt guilty for it. Mari snapped him out of his brief mental wandering by rocking her hips back and forth. She began to match his thrusts with her own counter-thrusts and soon they were in sync.

The rhythmic sound of his upper thighs hitting against her full buttocks became louder and small droplets of water began to spray out between their bodies during impact. He could feel himself wanting to ejaculate, but he held back. He wanted her to climax as well. He reached around with his right hand, placed it between her legs and began to massage her clitoris. She cried out in ecstasy.

A rush of warmth went over her body as each hip thrust was accompanied by clitoral pressure. She began to buck her hips wildly as she neared orgasm. Her audible and physical responses only heightened his excitement as he began thrusting ever faster. With neither able to hold back any longer, both cried out from the resulting euphoria of climaxing. Their bodies involuntarily trembled and they breathed heavily. As his body relaxed, he allowed himself to fall against her back. She loved having his weight on her.

"Wow. That was…wonderful" she said softly while slowly turning around to face him.

"Yes it was" he said giving her a quick kiss. "What got into you?" he said laughing.

"You did!" she said laughing as well.

Again he kissed her, but this time more passionately.

"Easy Tiger. Unless you're ready for round two" she said raising her right eyebrow and smiling.

"I'll need a minute" he said laughing, while sitting down.

"I was joking John! Besides, I gotta go to bed. Early shoot in the morning" she said. "Hand me the soap will you?"

He looked around, found the soap and handed it to her. As she began to wash herself, he stared at her. She was beautiful. Not only beautiful, but smart, witty, passionate and strong willed. She was everything a man could ever want he told himself. So why couldn't he connect with her in the way he had with Shayera he asked internally. It was a question he would not be able to answer – at least not at this point in their relationship. He resigned himself to enjoying the moment and casting his fate to the winds.

As she rinsed off, she handed him the soap, kissed him and stepped out of the shower.

"Don't be too long" she purred.

"I didn't think I could ever be too long" he said devilishly.

"You're bad" she said slightly smiling and grabbing a towel. She walked into the bedroom and disappeared into the darkness.

He began to lather the soap on his arms when a strange, but powerful thought hit him.

Destiny was going to have to pull hard on those strings if Warhawk was going to be.