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Yugi laughed quietly as they closed the doors to the Pharaoh's suite, Atem and Bakura inside.

"What's so funny?" Ryou asked. He felt relieved. He loved Bakura, he loved what they shared but there was more. He had always missed Yugi. Now he didn't have to feel guilty for missing him anymore. He could be with him again. Also, Bakura could be with Atem so he would stop thinking about him as much and feeling guilty about that.

"We're being the mature ones."

"Well, they both died rather young."

"I died young, and I feel a lot older than Yami sometimes. He's not a kid, he's really mature and ran a kingdom, but I ran a company. Bakura was the King of Thieves but you took over Industrial Illusions when I died, and did a pretty good job I bet."

"I'm sorry I didn't write to you." Ryou bowed his head.

"That's fine, I understand. Just it's an odd switch. Atem and Bakura were the older ones who knew what to do most of the time while we were alive. And now it's the other way round."

"Now we're the ones who brought them together." Ryou nodded. "Where should we go?"

"I would like to see where you're living with Bakura," Yugi suggested. "And I want you to tell me all about everything that happened. Jounouchi and Mai told me a lot of stuff, but I want to hear it from you."

"I should have written to you."

"You didn't want to make Bakura jealous. Or, really, any more jealous. We didn't exactly stay virginal while waiting to be reunited with them." Yugi winked.

"That was my fault, really."

"That's what you think. Yami's not the only master of games here." Yugi laughed and took Ryou's arm. "And it's all turned out well. We love the other halves of our souls and each… complete person? Well, Atem and I love you and Bakura."

"I'm so happy you do." And to think they had met just because of this conflict, Bakura the deadliest of enemies and Ryou his pawn. Bless Yugi. Bless Atem as well.

They were gods, they could bless themselves, but Ryou wished them well anyway. Wished them the best because he loved them. "I'm sure I'll learn to like Atem. He's very brave and he saved my life in the duel in Duelist Kingdom."

"Atem's the best. Well, tied for best?" Yugi looked sheepish.

Ryou laughed. "You don't have to pretend for me. The other halves of our souls will always come first."

Yugi kissed Ryou on the cheek. "I love that you understand that, Ryou." That was what had brought them together in the first place, really. They'd turned to each other, the only person who really understood. Yugi wouldn't have felt right loving someone who didn't understand about Yami. They would have felt cheated because they didn't take first place in his heart.

He'd had a crush on Anzu for years and she had missed Yami too, but she didn't really understand the way Ryou did. No one could who didn't feel it. To be incomplete, find you other half, and have to give them up, free them, how could anyone grasp that?

Ryou was the only one who really understood him. Yami knew him, there was a difference.

All of a sudden all the years of missing Ryou crashed down on Yugi and he pulled Ryou close, standing up on his tiptoes to kiss him. Ryou leaned down to meet him. They stayed like that until they heard a crash of plates.

The servant, blushing, picked them up and fled. Ryou blushed, embarrassed. "It'll be all over the palace soon," Yugi teased him.

"Can we go to the tents? We would be more private there." Yugi nodded so Bakura took his hand and concentrated as Bakura had shown him. They hadn't needed to ride to the Palace, but Bakura had wanted to have the time. The excuse had been checking Ryou's riding form.

"Oh, this is pretty!" The tents were pitched at an oasis.

Ryou tugged over. "Come, take a closer look."

Yugi leaned over to look at the crystal-clear water. Ryou pushed him in. "Hey!" The thin linens Yugi wore clung to his body. Ryou congratulated himself on a Bakuraesque diabolical plot. Bakura had done this to him before, although it worked better if the victim was wearing linens instead of cotton. Especially royal linens.

Yugi interrupted Ryou's train of thought by splashing him. Ryou jumped in, the cannonball drenching Yugi again, and they played like kids.

He'd missed this, although he was slowly teaching Bakura to just play he'd missed playing with Yugi. The oasis rang with their laughter.

Yugi pulled himself out first. "I bet they're dueling right now."


"Well, Bakura's pretty good."

Ryou joined Yugi and kissed the top of his head. "I'm sure those two geniuses can think of something better to do."

Yugi giggled. "Like we have? There's more to love than sex, Ryou." Ryou found himself hugged by a very wet Yugi and returned the embrace, feeling himself warm up.

"Come on, let's get you out of those wet clothes." Ryou winked and tugged Yugi towards the sleeping tent.

"I can't catch a cold here." But Yugi complied, grinning. Ryou grinned back.

Their marriage had ended with death doing them part, but Atem could certainly perform another ceremony. Ryou stopped right outside the tent and started to pull Yugi's clothing off. He wanted to look at him in the light of day. Yugi pulled off Ryou's own robes. "I miss leather and buckles," Yugi muttered. "We'll have to go visit Mai and Jounouchi and wear modern clothes."

"You always were into bondage."

"Hey, that was Yami's bad influence. I'll have you know I was an innocent little light before you two corrupted me." And they both stood, spiritual bodies revealed.

Another kiss, pressed up against each other and they ducked into the tent, Ryou lying down and Yugi nesting in his arm. At first the light of the desert sun shone through the fabric but then night fell on the lovers.