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Cat in the Fortress

Ryuuka staggered back to the stronghold with a little bit—no: a lot—of Kouji's help. She didn't know she hurt her ankles that bad. But then, that was the highest she's ever fallen from. Last time it was half that height, and she had gotten a huge purple swollen bruise on the left side of her forehead that stayed for ten years. Yes she was five when that happened. She grimaced just thinking about it. She didn't know how, but she remembered the pain even though she had passed out three seconds after falling. At least this time she didn't fall on her head, because otherwise she would have literally broken her neck.

Ryuuka plopped down on one of the slightly more comfy chairs as Genrou saw her. She made a goofy grin at him and sank into the fluff. "That's my chair!" was what Genrou wanted to yell at her, but there was a bit of red at the edge of her boots that apparently hadn't been there before. So instead he just asked, "What's with the red?"

Ryuuka looked down and saw the blood peeping out from underneath her white boots, staining her light purple trousers.? (AN: I don't know what else to call it, and "pants" seem strange) She gasped and started fumbling around in her very small-looking white cloth bag, taking out a first-aid kit box that looked very much like it was bigger than the bag itself. "Sheesh! Where are the bandages! Ack!" In her haste to take out the needed stuff for treating a wound, she twisted her foot again. "OW!"

"… …Are you ok…?" Genrou and Kouji asked at the same time after a very long pause. Genrou: 'I didn't know that thing could fit so much in it… (Looking at pile of random junk starting to pile up at his feet)' Kouji: 'What a very strange girl…'

"Ah-ha! Owww…my leg…THERE IT IS!" Ryuuka yelled, holding up a giant pack of bandages. "Now how the hell do I open it…?"

As Ryuuka began to work on opening the giant, full plastic bag, Kouji and Genrou looked dumbfounded at the (at first) seemingly polite girl. Of course, the idea completely disappeared when Ryuuka started chewing on one of the corners with her canines. Both bandits noticed that her canines were exceptionally long and sharp, less human than even Genrou's. (Genrou: HEY I HEARD THAT!)

Later that day…

Ryuuka: That was better! Even though we had to look for half the bandages all over the room…

Genrou: Yer giant blazdig (plastic) bag thing exploded. Ya spilled stuff all over the room too…

Ryuuka: That wasn't nice! I was only trying to get my leg to be a little better! Sheesh…and the novel said he was so nice, too

Kouji: BLAHBLAHBLAH! Blah, blah BLAHblah blah! (Agreeing with Ryuuka, even though he had next to zero idea what she was talking about)

Ryuuka: Do ya even know what I was talkin' about?

Random bandit dude: He was being really nice to her…gee that's so sad…I wish I had that courage…

RBD #2: …Weren't you the one who killed that guy from Mt. Kaou that we were almost all killed by?

RBD #1: …


Me: (Ahem) Back to normal mode…

That night, Ryuuka looked around at the bandits worriedly.

"Genrou –" She said in a slightly whiny voice. "Are you really so heartless that you would leave a defenseless young girl out here all alone in the mountains? Did I forget to tell you that I won't be able to go back home because I got kicked out?" By then, she was already sort of clinging to Genrou's arm. (Kouji: I'm starting to feel a little sick…)

Genrou: (similar reaction)

"Umm…I guess you can stay in my room again just like last time with Reirei…" Genrou said in a very small voice, not even noticing that he had said the name of the girl that loved him, and died for him, out loud.

"Weally?" Ryuuka squealed. 'Works every time,' she thought with a secret evil grin. Before she realized it, she was rubbing her face lovingly on the sleeve of the seishi she had been in love with ever since she saw one of his pictures in the seventh volume of the manga, the one where his hair was down.

Kouji was now a strange shade of some color someplace between green and blue.

Ryuuka noticed this and peeled herself away from a (like always) blushing Genrou. (AN: Ya know, there are definitely some things a picture describes way better than the actual words. Tasuki doesn't actually blush; he just has lines between his nose and eyes. I'll ask a friend of mine to scan the picture. I can't get my own family's scanner working correctly and still add color since I hate coloring with pencil. Whew that was a long AN! Back to the story)
"Sorry 'bout that Tasu—I mean Genrou."

"'Task!'" Genrou and Kouji repeated at the same time.

"How about I have a bunny named Task?" Ryuuka tried. 'Actually Task is a pretty good name for him… Why didn't I think of it at all? Gee I've had him for like a week and I'm just now naming him!'


Genrou: Seeing as she knows so much already, She probably was just making the last part up.

Kouji: What the…She talks to rabbits and mistook Huan-Lang for it? HEY THIS TIME SHE ACTUALLY SAID GENROU INSTEAD OF HUAN-LANG! Is the world coming to an end…?

"Excuse me?" Came the girl's clear, crisp voice.

"…Did I just say that out loud…?"

Much later that night…

"Aw man I think I drank too much sake…even more than usual…think I'll go to my room early today…"

Kouji and Ryuuka sweatdropped at Genrou wobbling in a very…strange…way to his room. His arms waved from side to side as if he were dancing.

"I'd really be careful if I were you," Kouji told Ryuuka seriously. "Who knows what he would do so drunk? By the way what was that! Ya looked like you were actually trying to get him drunk. Sheesh…ya woulda thought girls your age would be more careful with this stuff…does this girl like Genrou that much too!"

Ryuuka seemed to have heard the last part. "What, are you jealous?" She grinned. Sometimes, being a freaky girl with cat-like powers was a good thing. Just like last time when was gossiping about her and Senzoka. She went into flashback mode.

"Oh that Ryuuka girl! Just because she's got a Japanese name the guys think she's just so cool! What's she got that I don't have?"

"A boyfriend," The girl's friend replied as Ryuuka pressed against the nearest wall on instinct. "Don't those people think girls that have a boyfriend are so great? I hear Senzoka's asking her out to the dance."

"Aw! Him too! But he's like the hottest guy around! Other than so and so, that is."

Ryuuka was just about to protest out loud when she caught herself. Senzoka wasn't asking her! Actually he was asking her something. A question. He wanted to know what the square root of 7225 is. She had quickly replied 85, while thanking her mom for teaching her the squares of numbers that ended in five. Eighty-five sounds nothing like "sure" or anything close to it, and "Hey Ryu, what's the square root of seven thousand two hundred twenty-five again?" sounded nothing like however someone asks somebody else to a dance. Gee, are human ears really that bad? She would never know.

"Um, Ryuuka?" Kouji asked, waving his hand randomly in front of the girl's face. "You still home?" He suddenly regretted his word choice. What girl wouldn't think of home when faraway with a lot of strangers? Even though Ryuuka didn't act like the bandits were strangers, Kouji added to himself.

"Huh—oh yeah! Ahem sorry 'bout that," Ryuuka's eyes became focused again and she grinned apologetically. "I'm going to bed thanks a lot—"

"Watch out for the…pillar…" Kouji sweatdropped as Ryuuka fell to the ground in the form of a piece of paper.

"Owww…" Ryuuka groaned as she rubbed her forehead. "That hurt…"

"Do you always do stuff to yourself?" Kouji asked, sticking his head into the scene. Ryuuka just gave him a look that said, just go away and don't bother me.

Five minutes later, Ryuuka crashed into the door of Genrou's room. "OW! Why do they paint these things black? Sheesh, I thought they were red in the anime!" She grumbled as she tried to open the doors. "Argh! Ahh! OW! That hurt…"

Kouji came rushing over from the other side of the stronghold. Or maybe he was just standing guard real close to Genrou's room. Either way, he ran until he almost crashed into Ryuuka. "Oh…you're…still outside…?"

"Don't leave out very cold," Ryuuka replied dryly. She knew what Kouji was thinking of. Ryuuka almost shivered at the thought. Though she most likely did shiver, from the wind. It was the mountains, and though it was raining, America was still relatively warmer. "I am colllllllld!" (AN: This is one of the author's very often-used and very unique lines. Of course, it also belongs to one of her male classmates in school.) Ryuuka looked at the blue-haired…very handsome looking person who was, coincidentally, three years older than her. No matter how many times her friends used the word "hot," she just couldn't bring herself to say it. Ryuuka knew this was strange, but she just didn't like using the word. For some reason, people of the opposite genders who have three years difference in age were most often the most compatible. She just wished that she had arrived two years after so she would be three years younger than Genrou. She almost sighed out loud. Kouji looked at her strangely.

"Are ya suddenly not cold anymore? 'Cause if so I'm goin' back ta my post." Ryuuka instantly snuggled into his side.

"Yes I'm still very cold now could you PLEASE GET THE DOOR OPEN SO I WON'T BE!" Ryuuka yelled in a muffled voice into his chest.

"I think it's locked."

"You can actually lock these doors?" Ryuuka asked, looking up at Kouji blankly.

"Uh, yeah," Kouji replied disdainfully. "It's supposed to be the leader's very private room?" He began to yell his favorite lines from a totally random TV show Ryuuka has never even heard of. She only knew it was a TV show because a copyright slip was suddenly found on Genrou's door. Ryuuka facefaulted, only to get up immediately for the ground was unbearably cold.

"WOULDYA KEEP IT DOWN OUT THERE I'M TRYIN' TO SLEEP IN HERE!" Genrou's voice rang in the dark, hollow hallway.

Cricket chirps are surprisingly loud indoors.

"Wow…" Ryuuka whispered. "I thought he was already asleep with all the liquor he downed…"

"Yeah…" Kouji agreed in an equally soft voice. "Wait why are we whispering?"

"No idea. Is it okay if I go to your room for tonight? Very drunk people don't smell pretty."


"I'll take that as a yes. Thanks!" Ryuuka grinned, showing her long canines again. Kouji suddenly felt something made Ryuuka's fangs different from Genrou's.

"Are you sure?" Ryuuka asked, sitting on Kouji's bed with the covers up to her abdomen. Kouji was lying on the ground, legs crossed and arms behind his head as a pillow. He looked over at her. Ryuuka suddenly saw the scar on the other side of his face again. She remembered that Kouji already knew that Genrou's Tasuki.

"Oh, yeah! I said so, didn't I?"

"But isn't it cold down there?"

"I said it's all right!"

"Oh. –Kay."

Halfway through the night, Kouji felt something fuzzy on his face. He was about to complain when he got a mouthful of fur. He sat up and spat the fur out. In the dim light of dawn, Kouji saw that it was a small cat sitting next to his pillow. It looked like it just woke up. The cat saw Kouji and jumped onto his bed, frightened. He could hear small hissing noises.

"Wake up Ryuuka! There's a cat on—" He never got to finish his sentence when he suddenly noticed that the redhead was missing.


The cat raised its head. Kouji lit a lamp. It was red, with one stripe of black, just like Ryuuka's hair.

"Ryuuka? Is that you?"

"RREEOWR! …Meow…?" Ryuuka looked surprised for a second. 'What is this?'

I wrote this chapter listening to a DNAngel song, an InuYasha song, and two Fushigi songs named "Never Get Away" (Suboshi's song) and "Dreams Come True." Suboshi's seiyuu a. can't sing, or b. was using a thirty-year-old's voice on purpose. No offense to him, though.

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