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Chapter 19: Healing the Heart

Sasuke just looked at Hinata holding the baby. He then looked at the baby in her arms. The baby had green eyes, just like Sakura but the baby had his face and hair. He couldn't believe he didn't see it before that it looked just like him, other than having his mother's eyes.

"I'm serious. Don't you see it? Your face and hair, Sakura's beautiful eyes. It's all here in this baby – Sakura's baby. Your baby."

"I have a son. I-I can't believe I never knew."

"You weren't here. But now that you are here, you're staying."

"Of course, my only desire is to be with Sakura and my son. I'm not falling for anymore tricks again."


Sasuke just looked at Hinata confused. Without waiting for Sasuke to answer, Hinata spoke again.

"Your son's name is Riku."

"Sakura named him what I wanted?"

"Yes. She told me that you had said if you ever had son you would name him Riku and since you weren't here when he was born, she named him Riku in honor of your wishes."

"When was he born?"

"December 22nd. He's three months old."

Sasuke just starred at the baby. The baby smiled at him and held his arms out toward Sasuke.

Hinata smiled. "He wants you to hold him."

Hinata placed the baby gently in Sasuke's arms. Sasuke just starred down at the baby as Riku cuddled up to him and smiled.

"He likes you." Hinata said.

"I don't see why. I haven't even been here for him."

Riku looked at Sasuke's face.


Hinata and Sasuke just starred at the baby. Hinata smiled.

"His first word! Sakura must hear him, but how did he know you were his dad?"

"I have no idea. I guess he can just tell."

Riku started to talk again. "Dad. Dad."

"Yes, Riku, I'm your Dad." Sasuke smiled as he used one of his hands to grab Riku's.

"Let's go check on Sakura, shall we?" Hinata said walking past Sasuke to the door.


Most of the people had cleared out of the room. They had all gone downstairs to eat. So it was just Sasuke and Hinata sitting by Sakura's bedside. Sakura was still knocked out.

"The nurse said Sakura was gonna be fine but it was be a couple of weeks for her to heal all the way up." Hinata said.

"Thank god. I can't believe I did this. Orochimaru had me under his control, if I had any idea what I was doing, I wouldn't have done this."

"I'm sure my sister understands."

Sasuke was still holding Riku in his arms. He looked down to see that his son had fallen asleep.

"You still love my sister?" Hinata asked.

"Of course, I never stopped. I never really left her, I just wanted to stop my brother then I was gonna come back, but I lost control of myself."

"My sister has been depressed ever since she came back. The only one that somewhat cheered her up was Lee. He had feelings for her and he wanted to marry her, but she only chose to wait for you."

"I had no idea. What do you mean he had feelings for her? Doesn't he still have feelings for her?"

"I'm sure he would, if he was alive."

"Lee is –"

"Dead. Him and Chouji."

"Chouji too?"

"Yes, they tell me Orochimaru killed them."

"Oh my god. This is all my fault."

"No they chose to go along and help. They knew their risks."

"Yeah but I'm sure they didn't actually expect to die..."

"Stay and watch over Sakura."

Hinata got up and walked out of the room. Sasuke only looked at Sakura's sleeping form. He got up and walked closer to the bed. He looked down at Sakura. She was covered in cuts. However, she was still beautiful.

"She looks exactly the same. I'm glad." Sasuke smiled as he noticed that Riku and Sakura's faces looked almost the same when they were asleep.

That's when Sakura started to move. Her eyes started to open as she grunted from the pain caused by her moving.

"Sakura, don't move."

Sakura froze, not because of what she was told but because she hadn't expected to hear that voice. She turned to look at Sasuke.

"Sasuke….are you back to normal?"

"Yes, and I'm here for you. Just relax and heal up."

"You promise you are gonna stay this time?"

"Forever and ever, sweetheart I promise."

Sakura smiled.

"Oh and I found out that we have a kid." Sasuke said.

"Yeah, do you like his name?"

"I love it. He's beautiful, just like his mother."

Sakura smiled at the picture of Sasuke holding Riku sleeping. Sasuke leaned down and kissed Sakura.


It had been about a week since things had settled down. Sakura was able to walk around but she was still sore.

Sakura walked into Tenten's room. She smiled as she saw Tenten resting in her bed.

Tenten opened her eyes as she heard the door open and close.

"Hey, how are you?" Sakura asked.

"Still sore, but what about you? Are you doing okay?"

Sakura smiled, and sat on the side of Tenten's bed. Tenten had just had her baby the day before.

"Yeah I'm fine, still sore but I'm healing up."

"I'm glad you got Sasuke back."

"Me too. So have you named her yet?"

Tenten smiled. "Yes. Neji and I named her Dai."

"That's really pretty, Tenten. I'm so happy for you and Neji."

"Yeah, this means you're an aunt now and Riku has a little cousin."

"Yeah. Now Hinata needs to have a kid."

"Her time will come."

That's when the door opened and closed. Neji came in holding the newborn baby.

"Well, she's had her fresh air for the day, here Tenten you take care of her for a while, she cries too much."

Neji handed the baby over to his wife. Tenten held the baby in her arms.

"She's smiling. She likes you Neji." Tenten said.

"She better like me, I'm her dad. And Sakura I have to give you credit trying to keep a baby quiet is a lot harder than I thought."

"Yeah so you need to say your sorry for telling me to keep Riku quiet all those nights when he woke up." Sakura said smiling.

"Yeah whatever." Neji said to his sister.

"But anyway, speaking of fresh air I think I'm going to find Riku and take him outside with me, I'll check back with you later Tenten. If you need any help with the baby, just ask." Sakura said standing up.

"Don't worry I'll send Neji for you when I need you." Tenten said smiling.

"Alright." With that, Sakura walked to the door and walked out of the room.


It was a sunny day, and Sakura was sitting outside under her favorite cherry blossom tree, the one she had sat under so many times when she was younger. Riku was sitting in the grass not far from his mother playing with some of his toys.

Sakura wore a light purple kimono with white flowers on it. The slash that went around her waist was pure white. She wore a light purple tie in her hair.

She was looking out across the courtyard when her eyes fell on two graves. Lee and Chouji. In honor of them Sakura wanted them to be buried in the courtyard instead of just some old cemetery. Their funeral had been about two days after the remaining group had gotten back.

Sakura felt a tear fall from her eye. She hadn't know Chouji too good, but she was still upset because she felt as if it were her fault. She had asked him to come when it was none of his business.

But then there was Lee. She was going to miss him so much. Sure, she did not love him but she did have small feelings for him. He had been there for her for the past year. He was the only one who had been able to somewhat cheer her up. He cared for Riku and was kind of like Riku's second father.

I only wish I could have been with him in his last moments.

Ino had been with Lee in his last moments. The others were fighting Orochimaru. He had told Ino to tell Sakura that he loved her. Sakura cried when Ino had delivered his message. Ino and Shikamaru were the most upset about Chouji. But they didn't blame anybody for his death. They were just happy no one else died.

"There you are."

Sakura looked up to see Sasuke walking toward her. He smiled at her.

"How are you feeling?" He asked.

"Good. Have you seen Neji and Tenten's baby?"

"Yeah, she's cute. But not as cute as our boy." Sasuke looked at Riku playing in the grass.

Sakura stood up to stand next to Sasuke. She smiled as she realized something.

"Do you know that this is where you were standing when I saw you from my bedroom window? That night when you came back for me? Do you remember?"

"Of course I remember. I also remember that you looked so beautiful that night standing on that balcony looking out of your window."

Sakura smiled as he kissed her. "Then maybe this is the right spot to ask you to something." Sasuke said.


"Since you already have my ring," Sasuke said holding Sakura's hand touching the ring he had gave her a long time ago, "If you would marry me."

Sakura just stared at him in shock. She looked him in the eye and said, "You know what my answer is, you shouldn't even have to ask."

"Yeah but I just want to hear you say it."

"Then yes, I would love to marry you."

The End


Sasuke&Sakura: Of course married and had two more children. Another boy named Kenji and the youngest was a girl named Yuna. Sakura was the heir to the throne to rule but her and Sasuke decided to leave the palace and live like regular people, like Sakura said, she wasn't cut out for the whole princess life. Therefore, Hinata and Naruto ruled the kingdom.

Naruto&Hinata: Took over the kingdom and had four children. The first was a boy named Sora. The rest were three girls, Ayame, Cho, and the youngest was Hitomi who happened to take an interest in ninjas and had no desire to be a princess. So Hitomi ended up moving out of the palace at age 13 and lived with her Aunt Sakura and Uncle Sasuke. There they trained her and she became a ninja. Naruto and Hinata didn't care she moved out as long as she came to visit a lot. They supported her choice. Hinata only said she got the genes from Sakura and Misao (Sakura's and Hinata's mom.).

Neji&Tenten: Returned to their ninja lives and settled in a small town to raise their daughter, Dai. They then had another child, a boy, named Naoki.

Shikamaru&Ino: Were married and continued to wander from place to place. They never really settled down in one town. They never had kids and were happier without them because then they wouldn't be able to enjoy their love of traveling. They traveled to most of the world and came to visit the Sasuke and the others once every couple of years.

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