When something is completely absent for five years, and then it comes back in one moment, it is mind-numbing. When my brother used the Philosopher's stone on me, and my body came back, so did every other sense I had lost. Touch crashed down on me hardest that night.
I could feel the earth beneath me, and the sharp discomfort of stones as they jabbed into me. I could feel the air rush over my skin, and I could feel my fingers, toes, lips, legs, arms, and every other body part. I could feel air move through my mouth, and into my lungs. I could feel my chest expanding to make room for the air. I could feel my eyelids close over my eyes as they stung.

The next thing I felt was a hand on my head, and something wet hitting my face. Then I knew that my brother was touching me, making sure I was real. He was smiling at me. He had to carry me back to the run-down hotel we were staying in. My legs wouldn't work right. He wrapped me up in his red coat, which was scratchy, and warm, and carried me. It felt safe to have him carrying me, even when he stumbled, and nearly fell.

The clothes he had for me were too big, but that was all right. Soon after my brother had brought me back to the hotel, reality crashed on me, and I felt frantic. The dream-like state I had been in was gone, and I was afraid I'd wake up from a wonderful dream. I was afraid everything would disappear, and I'd be a suit of armor again. My stomach clenched, and I felt nauseated.

It took an hour for my brother to calm me down, and afterwards I didn't want to let go of him. After wanting to feel my brother's hand as he led me along, or just to be able to touch his shoulder, and feel it beneath my hand for five years. He was my assurance that everything was real. I was afraid something would go wrong. Nothing did.

First we went back to Central, and my brother got leave for a few months absence. I waited at the train station, shaken from the ride. I remember the sinking dread when it took my brother so long to get back, and then the excited relief that rushed through me when I saw him stomp into the station. I nearly knocked him off his feet with a hug. He yelped, but laughed, apologizing for taking so long.

Risenburg filled me with excitement. I refused to wear shoes, and walked barefoot to the Rockbell's. I loved the feeling of the sand under my feet, even though it hurt when I stepped on rocks. My brother laughed when I insisted on stopping at a stream, and splashing in it. He got wetter then I did.

Finally, after many detours, and nervous stops, we arrived at the Rockbell's house. Winry was waiting, she ran out, and stopped on the porch, her wrench raised and ready to throw. She didn't throw it. She dropped it, and nearly tackled me to the ground with a hug. She cried, and her tears tickled when they fell on my neck, and my shirt got wet. She wouldn't let go of me, even to hug my brother, and she dragged me into the house. Granny Pinako didn't hug me, but she did hit me with her pipe.

I thrived in Risenburg, and refused to wear shoes. I climbed trees, and memorized the feeling of rough bark under my fingers. I remembered how to swim, and how badly it hurt to stub a toe, or bang a funny bone. I learned how much sunburn hurt. I relearned how nice a warm cat was in my lap, and how cozy, and soft cats were. I also remembered how good it felt to hug people I loved, and just to touch them, and know they felt what I felt. That was my favorite thing to feel. It reminded me I was alive, and I was never going to be alone. People loved me, and they would always be there for me.

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