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Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin were now fully grown and beautiful adults. Merridean was a peaceful and happy place with its ruler, Elyon. She had become a wonderful queen. The 5 girls did use their powers once in a while, but they didn't transform as much anymore. The five were still super tight friends. They would go out and have fun once in a while, but now all five of them were wonderful parents.

When it was Will's 22nd birthday, she had a huge birthday bash. She invited everyone she ever knew to this big ball room. Everything was going out great, all her guests were happy, the food was amazing, and the entertainment was awsome, but she would have never expected what would happen when The Cobalt Blue went up to the stage suddenly. Matt had said on the microphone, "This is for you, Will. Happy Birthday". He had sung the most gorgeous romantic song ever written. After he finished playing his song, he grabbed Will's hand to lift her up to the stage. In front of everyone, he knelt down in front of her and grabbed her hand.

Will still remembered how flustered she felt when all the girls started to whisper and giggle in anxiousness and happiness. She still remembers everything that happened. Matt put the microphone near his mouth and said, "Will, our relationship has been wonderful. I've had a lot of fun with you, every moment of our time was romantic and beautiful. So now, I want to know if I can take it to a whole new level". Will remembers that she felt her face heating up and her insides boiling to the point where she thought she was soing to explode. Will only smiled so wide in return. Matt had taken out a little red box with frogs on it, "Wilma Vandom...will you marry me?".

Will still feels the excitment of when Matt opened the box to reveal a beautiful silver ring that had gold swirly decorations on the sides of the ring. All Will could to was hug him and cry with joy. And ever since then, Will and Matt had been very happy together in a pretty big orange house. At this present day, they have one 11 year-old,beautiful girl. Her name was Heather Olsen.

Heather had a brown mop of hair like her mothers, chocolate brown eyes, and a few freckles that came from her father's side. She was fortunatley tall like her father, but was a little shy when it came to people she didn't really know; just like her mom. She got the animal-loving character in her from both parents, she could play the guitar really well, and she had the small attitude her mom had when she was her age. Her best friend was Rebbeca Dove (You'll see description with Cornelia's daughter).

As we all know, Irma did not like Martin at all. Martin loved her, but she just didn't like him. He wasn't her type, but Martin changed a lot as he got older. Now, Martin wore contact lenses that made his eyes brighter and cleared his face. He grew his haira little longer and didn't make him look like a nerd or geek. He had actually took the time to give up on some of the 'geek clubs' and started to work out. He actually, in the end, turned out to be one of the popular guys! He even ate at their table when he was in high school and college. And that is when Irma actually noticed him. She would have never thought that Martin would ever be the perfect guy for her.

When Irma and Martin were much older than 13 and 14, they began to go out together. Irma began to see the boy that was inside what she knew as the geek king. He was actually pretty cool. Irma had fallen for him completely and didn't look at anyone else. It had been when Irma was 23 that Martin had asked her to marry him. They had come from a regular date from watching the stars from the Heatherfield beach. Once he had taken her back to her house, like normal, he got the guts to pop out the question. He gave her a beautiful ocean-blue ring. Irma had gladly accepted and are now a wonderful couple. But before, she had to tell Martin that she was a Guardian of the Veil. Martin was shocked to hear this, but he still accepted her, he thought it was pretty cool. Who would've thought. Now they live together as mother and father united in a modern yellow house.

Irma, like Will, had one 10 daugher named Elizabeth Green (I don't know Martin's last name). She had ocean blue eyes and light brown hair that curled up like her mom's (only a little longer). She was average hight and weight, she had no glasses, she always wore awsome clothes, and liked to be the center of attention like her mom. She was actually a lot more like her mom, actually. She was anA student, she was outgoing, athletic, and was a huge flirt. Yup, mostly like the mom...except for the A student part. Her best friend was Trixie Lyndon (you'll see her description with Hay Lin's daughter)

Taranee and Nigel Craft (that's his last name, right?) were not a very suprising couple. Everyone knew that their relationship was stronger than diamond. Ever since middle school, and now even up till marriage. It must've been because they had a very mature and sensible relationship. It was very sweet. They were extremely happy with their choice of mates. And they now had a 15 year old son named James Craft and a 10 year old daughter named Amy Craft. They were both born in Heatherfield in their white house with a classic theme.

James Craft had tanned skin, straight black hair, brown eyes, and was tall. He was shy like both his parents, but was very sensible and kind (which is what made him sort of a chick magnet). He was very annoying with his little sister only because she was annoying to him. He really moslty cared about sports like track and basketball more than all the clubs at school. He was sorta like Peter Cook.

Amy Craft also had tanned skin, beautiful black hair that she kept in two braids, and she was also tall. She, on the other hand, was not shy very much, but she was afraid of being alone or things like that. She took more interest in her studies than going to the movies with friends of just playing sports. She only did that with friends she knew wouldn't judge her...she was afraid of being judged. Her mother and father trained her to be very kind and sensible like her brother. Her best friend was..everyone. She always fit in with everyone.

Cornelia got married to Caleb when she was 22. Caleb had given her a gorgeous golden rign with Merridean writtings on it that said, 'Love forever and always'. They both decided to get married on Earth in a normal wedding, but both agreed that when they would get children that they were to be born in Merridean. They would make birth certificates on their own (don't ask how, I'm just putting it). They also decided to live on Earth in a beautiful and big peach-colored house, but every Sunday they would go to Merridean to visit Caleb's father and all his friends. After about one year, they had twins. They had an11 year old boy and girl, Rebbeca and Gabriel Dove (Caleb had 'changed' his last name to Dove).

Rebbeca Dove was an extremely beautiful girl. She had long, silky, gold hair, both green and blue eyes that would change color depending on her mood, she was slender, and was tall. Even though she was slender, she still had the same moves her father did (how cute, lol). She wasn't shy but she wasn't outgoing either. She was very confident around everyone, just like her mom. Like both her parents-mostly Caleb-she was rebellious. She had that little attitude towards people she really didn't 'admire'. Yet, she was still gentle; she knew when was the right time and place to throw a tantrum. Her best friend was Heather Olsen.

Gabriel Dove was also very handsome. His hair was like his father's, only gold like his twin sisters', his eyes also changed from green to blue depending on his mood, he-already at the age of 11- had muscels like the father, and he was also tall. Because he was already strong, he and his dad would go to Merridean and practice on the touch terrains (sometimes with Rebbeca, but she would go with Caleb in the not so rough terrains). He was, like his sister, very attractive. And, yes, also like his sister and parents, had the rebellious attitude. Except he didn't have much patience like his sister (yup, just like the father).

The most important thing was, though. That both Rebbeca and Gabriel shut their mouths about where they were truly born. Cornelia and Caleb told them not to tell anyone where they were born except for the children of Will, Irma, Taranee, and Hay Lin; they knew because they were total best friends like their parents. If anyone where to ask where they were born, they would say in Heatherfield. Caleb and Cornelia both thought it would be wise to, like normal, act like nothing was wrong with being born on Merridean (cause it's not). They knew that if the children were to find out, they would get very mad (hehe, very smart. Especially since they have their attitudes, haha).

Hay Lin and Eric had the cutest relationship. Little Hay Lin never thought that it would actually last that long, she was afraid that Eric would break her heart. Eric proved to be an awsome boyfriend though, and soon even more! Ever since middle school, Hay Lin and Eric were a couple. They were always the cutest ones. And one day when Hay Lin was 23, Eric proposed to her. Isn't it so awsome to have a boyfriend since middle school and then he asks you to spend the rest of his life with you and start a family? It was shocking for Hay Lin, but boy was she excited.

She still remembers her wedding day, everything was really big! Her parents had organized a wedding that involved everyone she ever knew and everyone he ever knew! That's a huge party! Hay Lin and Eric agreed to have some Asian sort of decorations since Hay Lin was from Asia (alot of people think she's only from China, but see, her parents were from China and she was born in Asia. Her parents raised her with the Chinese language and stuff.). And even part of the wedding was in Chinese! And of course, everyone understood, even Eric's part of the family (I got that from the books). It was a huge and awsome wedding. Everyone had fun, expecially all her friends. Really, only Will and Cornelia were engaged at that time. It was a big blast.

Now at this present day, they lived in an orange and yellow house in Heartherfield with a 10 year-old daughter and 6 year-old son. Their daughter, Trixie Lyndon, was average hight and skinny, her skin tone was more like Eric's than Hay Lin's, she had short and straight black hair she kept in two pony tails, and like her mother, she liked to wear funky clothing. Her main language was Chinese because both Hay Lin and Eric decided to teach them Chinese when they were young and then bring them to an English school. She was shy like her dad, but when it came to boys, she was a little...outgoing with them...like Eric did with Hay Lin. She had that random sense of humor Hay Lin had, and her best friend was Elizabeth Green(just like the parents, lol).

Their son, Ulrich Lyndon (haha, from Code Lyoko. I thought that name since they're Chinese, right?), was short and skinny, his skin was more like Eric's than Hay Lin's, he had Eric's hair color and style, and he usually wore the clothing that Hay Lin designed on her free time. His main language was also Chinese. Ulrich was a little athletic and smart, he was shy, but when he was with his friends he was the most outspoken one. And by that I mean, would scream out pancakes in the middle of a conversation.

The best part about it was that all five girls were in a circle of friends like their parents. And at this very moment all girls were going to go meet at the park to play around.

With Will...

"Hey mom, are we gonna go to see Elizabeth, Amy, Rebbeca, and Trixie right now?", Heather asked her mom as she and her parents walked on the sidewalk. "Yes we are. We're going to the park", Will smiled. "Well, why couldn't we use our car?", Heather asked. "Because it's better to get some fresh air, honey", Matt laughed. "Oh fine, but if my legs break, it's your fault", Heather smiled slightly. "Ok, it's going to be my fault", Matt laughed. Heather skipped next to her parents thinking how everything was going awsome.

With Irma...

Irma and Martin were waiting for the others on the bench of the park, watching Elizabeth run after a yellow butterfly. "How come everyone is so late?", Irma asked, looking at her watch. Martin put her arm around her, "They shouldn't be far from here, now". Irma smiled. "I guess I could wait a couple more minutes for those lazy bums", Irma laughed.

The butterfly Elizabeth was trying to cath flew towards a hose that was was leaking water and made the ground there all wet with water. Elizabeth stopped in the center of the water since the butterfly flew too fast for her to catch. "Oh darn it!", Elizabeth whined. Elizabeth turned back and started to walk towards her parents again when she felt something wet under her shoes even though she already walked passed the water. She looked down and saw the water flowing around her feet on the ground. She walked a few more steps and stopped. The water slithered in the sidewalk around her again.

"Stop water! Go away!", Elizabeth said to the water as if it would pay attention. But it did! The water immediatley went back to its source. Elizabeth looked back with wide eyes and jaw dropped. "Mommy, daddy!", Elizabeth screamed and went to her parents. "What is it, Elizabeth?", Martin asked. "Look what I can do, guys", Elizabeth smiled. She spread her arms and looked back at the water. "Water, come!", Elizabeth said. Immediatley, the water came around her feet again. Irma and Martin gasped and looked at each other. "Isn't that a cool trick?", Elizabeth clapped.

"Irma, you were the Water Guardian weren't you?", Martin whispered. "Yeah, I still am...or...mabye I'm not", Irma whispered. "Elizabeth, I think there are butterflies over there", Martin pointed next to him. "Yay! I'm gonna gettcha!", Elizabeth yelled in joy and went to run over to where Martin pointed. Irma extended her hand, "Water". The water flew up. "I still have my powers", Irma sighed in relief and let the water down. "So...that means that somehow she got the water powers from you", Martin whispered. "Or mabye...the new generation is already coming in place", Irma whispered. "You have a point, I mean, look at how the water from the hose is following her right now and surrounding her feet. She has a lot of power in her", Martin pointed to Elizabeth. He was right. "We have to tell Will about this", Irma said.

With Taranee...

"Mom! Tell James to stop poking me!", Amy yelled from the back of the car. "You're such a moma's girl, Amy", James teased. "James stop teasing her, you wouldn't like to be teased", Nigel said. "Yeah, she's only 10 and you're 15", Taranee added. "Ow!", Amy yelled as James pocked her again. "James, stop it, or you're not going to basketball finals", Nigel warned. "Oh fine", James sighed and crossed his arms. Amy stuck out his tongue. "You two have to learn to get along and be nice to each other", Nigel started.

"NIGEL! STOP THE CAR!", Taranee screamed as they turned the corner. A huge building was on fire right in front of them. Nigel gasped and pressed the breaks quickly. James and Amy screamed as the car jolted slightly. "Oh my god! Nigel call the firemen!", Taranee yelled. James, Amy, Taranee, and Nigel ran out of the car. James and Amy just kept staring at the firey building and Nigel and Taranee were busy trying to call the firemen.

"Excuse me, ma'am and sir? Do you know if the firemen are on their way?", a woman asked them with worry in her eyes. "We're going to call them right now", Taranee said. She could've used her power of fire to stop it, but once she gave birth to Amy, her power got weaker. The fire was too big to stop, even for her. "Someone help those kids!", a man yelled. Taranee and Nigel's eyes went wide and turned around to see Amy and James standing in front of the car, the burning front of the building about to fall on top of them! "Amy, James!", Taranee yelled as she and Nigel began to run.

James screamed, knowing that his parents wouldn't make it in time to save them. Amy, though, did not scream. She felt a rush of power go through her body. She, suddenly, had the feeling she could stop the fire. She had the feeling she could save her brother and herself. Amy extended her hands over her. James stared at her with disbelief. Amy felt the power go through her veins to her hands. "FIRE!", Amy screamed, and as if a command, the fire stopped in its place with the building as well. Everyone around gasped and fell silent. "FIRE!", Amy screamed again, and the building fell to the other side, saving herself and her brother.

Amy slowly let her trembling arms down to her sides. She felt her brother's eyes look at her with shock, she thought this would be the perfect advantage. She turned to him with her hands on her hips, "You still wanna pick on me?". Taranee and Nigel ran to them, quickly enough for Nigel to catch James when he fainted. "Sweety, since when could you do this?", Taranee put her hand on Amy's shoulder. "I...don't know...just now, I guess. I don't even know what happened. Is something wrong with me?", Amy asked. "She must've inherited my powers", Taranee whispered to Nigel. "The new generation", Nigel nodded. "What? Powers? Generation? What are you talking about, mommy?", Amy asked. "We'll explain later, get in the car", Taranee said. Nigel carried James into the car and got back in like normal. "We have to tell Will", Taranee told Nigel. "Yeah, but first, let's get out of here before anyone asks questions", Nigel said as he saw the crowd of people coming towards them.

With Cornelia...

Cornelia, Caleb, Gabriel, and Rebbeca were sitting in the private cart they had in the subway(I don't mean private like they bought it, but as in no one was there). Caleb had a fascination for the subway since it was underground, it reminded him of Merridean (yes, they did have a car, and yes Caleb could drive now).Gabriel was busy playing his Game Boy, Rebecca was looking out the window at all the rocks, and Cornelia and Caleb were smiling at each other and enjoying the family that they had wished for when they were teenagers.

"Hey dad, when we go to Merridean again, can you teach me how to climb those weird trees?", Gabriel interrupted his game. "Sure, Gabriel, I think you're old enough. What do you think Cornelia?", Caleb laughed. "Sure, we want our little man to be nice and strong", Cornelia patted his gold hair. Gabriel smiled at his mom.

"Hey mom, how come every time I touch the window the rocks move?", Rebbeca asked. Cornelia and Caleb looked with curiosity. "Can you show me, please?", Cornelia asked. "Ok, look", Rebecca reached her hand to touch the window. The rocks seemed to vibrate. "Close your hand into a fist and move it to your left, Rebbeca", Caleb said, he was remembering that Cornelia would close her fist and the rocks would move with her command. "Ok, dad", and with that Rebbeca closed her hand and moved it to the left slowly. The rocks started to move!

Cornelia gasped. "She has your powers, Cornelia. I remember that move very clearly like it was yesterday", Caleb whispered. "Let's be absolutley sure", Cornelia said and picked up a couple of rocks from the ground. Cornelia and Caleb knelt down over to where Rebbeca was sitting down. "Rebbeca, I want you to focus on these rocks and imagine that they're spinning in a circle in my hand", Cornelia opened her hand to reveal the rocks. "Um..ok", Rebecca said. "But first, extend your hand towards your mom's hand", Caleb instructed. Rebbeca nodded. She extended her arm towards Cornelia's hand and closed her eyes.

Her hand started to glow bright green. This brought Gabriel's attention. He went to stand next to his parents. Rebbeca's hand started to tremble as the rocks started to float in a neat circle above Cornelia's hand. Slowly, they started to rotate. "Whoa! How come Rebbeca has Merridean powers and I don't!", Gabriel complained. "You have my fighting skills", Caleb said. Rebbeca opened her eyes and gasped. "Am I doing that?", Rebbeca breathed. She closed her fist and the rocks joined together. Rebbeca gasped again and let go of the rocks. The rock fell to the ground.

"Mom...dad...what's happening to me?", Rebbeca breahted. "You have been given a gift that your friends also have. You have been chosen, Rebbeca", Caleb explained. Rebbeca didn't understand. "You will understand when we get to the park, ok? Trust us, you are very special", Cornelia smiled. Rebbeca nodded, even though she really didn't understand. Caleb, Cornelia, and Gabriel went to sit down in their places again. Caleb held Cornelia's hand, tangling their fingers together. "We got our wish, Cornelia", Caleb smiled. Cornelia smiled and squeezed his hand, "You're a wonderful dad".

"And we are walking because?", Trixie asked. "Because the air is beautiful at this time of day", Lyndon winked at Hay Lin. She understood and blushed. "I guess that's ok", Trixie smiled. "No it's not, the air keeps putting my hair in my eyes", Ulrich complained as he fixed his hair. "We're almost there, Ulrich", Hay Lin smiled. "Yeah, don't be such a baby", Trixie crossed her arms. "I'm not a baby!", Ulrich pouted. "Ok, ok, you're NOT a baby", Trixie said with sarcasm. "Thank you", Ulrich said. "You don't get it", Trixie rolled her eyes.

"What did we talk about, kids?", Eric asked. Both sighed, "We must be nice because if not, we will be bad people. We know". "Well, if you know so much, then why don't you do it?", Hay Lin grinned. "Sorry, mommy. Sorry, daddy", they said. "It's ok", Hay Lin giggled with Eric.

"Ok, Trixie, since we're being nice, can you keep this wind away from me?", Ulrich asked as he put his hair back in place. "I can't do that, I'm not mother nature", Trixie replied. "Well, can you get in front of me to block the air?...Oh hey! It stopped!", Ulrich rejoyed. It was Hay Lin who stopped the wind from hitting them. Hay Lin winked at Eric. He winked back.

"Oh great! Now it's hitting the back of me and my hair is getting messy", Ulrich complained. Trixie groaned, can he be any more annoying. He has to announce everything like if he were a reporter or something. "And now my eyes hurt cause the wind is throwing sand at me!", Ulrich rubbed his eyes. "Fine, you baby! Air! Stop hitting him!", Trixie yelled in sarcasm, knowing it would not stop. Though, she did stop it. Trixie stopped and looked at her hands. "Whoa! How'd you do that! Are you a magicy girl or something?", Ulrich rejoiced. "I don't know how I did that! That was weird", Trixie told her parents. Eric and Hay Lin looked at each other.

"Did she get your air powers? No, she couldn't have, you still have them", Eric asked. "Yeah, probably I gave some of my powers to her", Hay Lin whispered. "And mabye it's also the new generation!", Eric said. "Oh my gosh, that's true!", Hay Lin said. "What's true?", Trixie asked. "Nothing, sweety", Eric smiled. "We have to tell Will when we get to the park", Hay Lin whispered and kept on walking with her family.


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