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The Alchemist Games

Chapter 1: A Mysterious Meeting

It was another brisk and cloudless night in Central. The streets were quiet, except for the occasional meow from a stray cat. After all, it was three in the morning. Everyone was asleep, resting for the new day that would start in a few hours. Everyone that is, except for two people.

"Have all preparations been made?" asked a woman with a cold and wispy voice. The woman, half hidden in the shadows, wore a long black dress which matched her equally jet-black hair.

"Yes Miss Lust. All of the invitations have been printed and sealed. All that's left to do is deliver them to the State Alchemists." said a voice. The speaker stepped forward and light from the nearby street lamp washed over his tan skin. He was dressed in a men's black tank-top and dirty brown pants. He had short brown hair, and even though it was dark, you could still see the light reflecting off of his red eyes.

"Quiet Kaese. Keep your voice down. You never know when a Dog might be sniffing around." said Lust in a calm and collected tone.

"Sorry ma'am. You're absolutely right." Kaese said, looking around, checking to see if anyone was watching.

"Good. Now tomorrow I want you to deliver the invitations."

"What! Deliver the invitations!" Kaese whispered loudly. "Doesn't this seem too soon?"

"I'll decide if it's too soon." Lust said harshly. "All plans for the tournament have been set. And the sooner we start it, the better. I don't want any word of what our real intentions are to reach the State Alchemists; especially Fullmetal. It could ruin our plans if they knew."

"Very well." Kaese replied. "What are our current orders?" he asked.

"Tomorrow you and your men will deliver the invitations for our alchemy tournament to the State Alchemists on the list that I gave you. They'll have two weeks to respond. After those two weeks, we'll meet again to discuss the next step." ordered Lust, flipping her hair back with her hand.

"And if they refuse or realize that this is a trick?"

"I don't think many will. Most are too greedy to pass up on the grand prize we're offering for the top combatant. Not to mention that this fighting tournament is a wonderful way to show off to their fellow alchemists. If they don't come for the money, they'll surely come for the bragging rights." Crossing her arms, Lust continued. "However, if there are ones who suspect something, you might need to find a way to 'motivate' them; so to speak."

"Hehehe. I catch your drift. Leave everything to me and my boys. They won't know what's coming." Kaese said with a smirk.

"Good, now leave. You have your orders."

The man named Kaese turned and left, leaving the street quiet once again. A few moments passed before Lust turned and walked in the opposite direction that Kaese had turned down.

> >> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

Lust walked down the dark streets smirking to herself. Their plan was going just as they had predicted. She had Kaese and his men wrapped around her finger; and she intended to make use of them. She chuckled to herself. Men were so easily fooled. And this bunch was no exception. They were so blinded by their rage for what happened in Ishbal that they couldn't see that they were merely being used as scape-goats.

After crossing an intersection, Lust passed by an empty alley. When she had almost passed it, an ambiguous voice called out, making her stop.

"Hey there pretty lady. You know it's dangerous to walk alone at night. There are some real creeps wandering around here yah know." An unrecognizable man stepped out of the shadows.

"Envy, you know I hate it when you make fun of me." sighed Lust, who didn't seem surprised at all. She flipped her hair back in boredom.

The man was now changing form. When he was done, his real form had crazy palm tree-like black hair with a tint of green to it. He wore a black sports bra and a matching skort.

"Sorry, I just couldn't help it. So how'd the meeting with Kaese, or whatever his name is, go?" asked Envy, looking at his finger nails.

"It was fine. They're doing everything that I ask. Our plans are going just as we scheduled. The game set, and now we just need the pieces." Lust replied.

"Hahaha! I think it's so funny how that Ishbalan rebel gang thinks we're helping them to get revenge on the State. Little do they know what our real intentions are." cracked Envy, kicking down a nearby trash can for fun.

"Yes…Master did a fine job with this plan. Staging a State Alchemy tournament to test out our prime candidates for making the Philosopher's stone was a brilliant idea. And this way, we get to have some fun as well."

"And using those rebels was also genius. Someone to pin it all on when our little road test is done."

"Let's head back now; we've stayed here long enough. Master will want to hear our reports on tonight's meeting." said Lust, looking down the street.

And with those being the last words, the two homunculi disappeared into the darkness.

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Chapter 2: The Invitations

Our all-around favorite alchemists Edward and Roy receive invitations to participate in the first annual State Alchemist Games! But, suspicious of the invites they received, both refuse. Upon hearing this, Kaese and his gang decide that as "motivation," they'll kidnap Winry and Riza and use them as hostages to get Roy and Ed to participate in the tournament! What will Roy and Ed do?

Find out in the next chapter of The Alchemist Games!