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Chapter 7: Let the Games Begin!

The Alchemist Games

Roy was involuntarily jolted awake as the train rumbled to a slow stop. "What's going on? Where am I?" he yawned, stretching his arms above his head. Looking around, Roy noted that it was morning now. Light filtered in through the windows, lighting up the cabin. He stood up, and looked around. He and Ed were the only ones in this part of the train.

"Damn…I shouldn't have fallen asleep…" he muttered, mentally kicking himself for not paying attention to where the train had taken them.

Roy looked out the windows on the left side of the train. Outside, he saw nothing but desert. Scanning the horizon, he tried desperately to pick out a landmark, or something to reveal where he was. He didn't even know if he was still in Amestris. However, he saw nothing. No shrubs, rivers, buildings, or even rocks. There was nothing- nothing but sand, and a lot of it.

While Roy peered out the windows on the left side of the train, Ed, sprawled out across the train seats, began to mumble in his sleep.

"No Al, you don't need to get me the stepstool; I can reach the top shelf. After all, I am 6'5"…" he muttered, completely absorbed in his happy dream.

Roy stifled a laugh. He wasn't going to let Ed ever forget this. However, he jumped in his skin as Ed suddenly rolled over and started to drool.

"I wish I had a camera…Where's Hughes when you need him the most?" Roy thought, smirking at the sleeping alchemist. "As much as I'm enjoying this, I should probably wake him up…"

"Hey Fullmetal," Roy said, sitting back down in his seat.

Ed merely groaned and started muttering again. "No, not now Al…"

Roy frowned and tried again, but louder this time. "Hey Fullmetal, wake up!" he yelled, shaking Ed's shoulder.

Ed responded by waving his hand lazily at Roy's arm, as if he was swatting a fly away. He then rolled over again so his back was now facing Roy.

Roy smirked evilly this time. "Well, I guess midgets do need their sleep. Keep dreaming Fullmetal, 'cause you'll only ever be 6'5" in your dreams," he muttered.

Snapping up in his seat, Ed angrily yelled out, "Who you call'n a midget bean sprout who'll be small for the rest of his life?!"

Roy laughed as Ed stood up and glared harshly at him.

"I didn't say anything about your height," Roy lied, folding his arms and closing his eyes. "Besides, I don't have to. The numbers speak for themselves."

Ed transmuted his automail into a blade and opened his mouth to respond, but was interrupted of any foul language he could have said as the train's intercom began to make an announcement.

"All passengers please exit the right side of the train. We have arrived at the tournament grounds. Please take all of your supplies and belongings with you."

Roy stood up next to Ed and turned towards the exit. Edward suddenly became very serious. "Let's go Colonel," he said, motioning towards the door.


Stepping out into the hot desert heat, Ed — already back to his usual self — whistled. "Wow, it sure is hot out here. Colonel, any idea about where we are?" he asked, looking around. Roy, oblivious to Ed's question, wasn't paying attention. He was looking up along the rest of the train as other alchemists filed out of the other train cars. It seemed that Ed and Roy had been in the caboose.

Ed, expecting an answer from the Colonel, looked up at him and noticed what he was gazing at. "I didn't know that there were so many State Alchemists in Amestris."

Roy looked down at him. "What, did you think that we were the only ones? There's about 200 of them spread throughout the country."

Ed shot a glare at Roy for the previous comment. "Do you know them all?"

"No. I've met most of them from meetings and such, but I don't have their titles memorized by heart."

Suddenly, the train speaker made another announcement that was loud enough to be heard outside of the cabins of the train.

"All alchemists please proceed ahead to the coliseum. There you will be briefed on the details of the Alchemist Games, as well as be shown to your living quarters for the competition. Please move now. "

Ed looked around, but saw no building. "What coliseum are they talking about? I don't even see a building."

Roy also gazed off into the distance, but only saw heat waves dancing off of the sand. "The heat waves are creating the illusion that nothing's there. Come on Fullmetal, I didn't even think that you were that oblivious. Next time use your head." Roy replied smugly, and turned towards the head of the train.

"Whaddya mean, 'use my head'? I bet that I'm a lot smarter than you-"

"Come on, even if we can't see it, we can still follow the people up ahead who can," Roy said, walking ahead of Edward.

Ed growled at Roy and grudgingly followed behind. "I knew that coming to Central was a bad idea…"


As they began walking towards the front of the train, a large image began to appear, as if it were rising out of the sand ripples.

"Wow!" Ed exclaimed, running to catch up with Roy.

They then both stopped and stared at the scene before them as other alchemists filed around them.

Before them was a huge Roman-style type coliseum made of gray granite. Large arches complimented the already massive wooden doors, and stained glass windows patterned the top of the wall — which were also protected by large arches. Hues of blue, red, purple, white and green glass pictured scenes of alchemists, flowers and the elements. There were gargoyles on top of pillars, and intricate carvings along the walls.

After a few seconds of admiring the surprising beauty of the colossal stadium, Edward regained his senses first and cried out, "How the hell did they build this out here?!"

"It doesn't matter, all that we know is that these guys mean business. That's enough, let's quit gawking and go inside," Roy said grumpily as he began walking towards the stone steps. He then stopped, and looked back at Ed through the corner of his eye. "If anything, we need to be careful…we don't know anything about these guys."

"Right- let's do this," Ed agreed, nodding.

As they walked up the steps, the other alchemists who were already there were chatting and gossiping with excitement about the upcoming games. Ed began to fall behind, and soon he was racing up two steps to Roy's every one.

"Damn it Colonel, slow down!" Ed panted at Roy.

"What? I can't help it if you're short and can't keep up."

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" Ed exploded.

For the rest of the way up the steps, Ed bitched at Roy, and tried to trip him down the stairs. Unfortunately for Ed, Roy saw this coming and Ed was the one who ended up at the bottom of the steps.


Before long, they had reached the top of what seemed like an endless flight of stone steps to the wooden doors where a crowd was forming.

A man stood as a bouncer in front of the door and yelled above the crowd when most of the alchemists had gathered around. He wore a tight white shirt that showed his chiseled muscles. He also wore baggy black pants, and sunglasses to shield his eyes from the sun, or to just cover them up.

"Everyone, please take out your pocket watches! We have to verify that you are indeed certified as State Alchemists. Please form a line in front of the door!"

Groans and complaints erupted throughout the crowd.

"What's this?!"

"What? Why do we have to wait?"

"Yeah, it's hotter than Hell out here!"

"Why should we have to answer to you? We're professionals here!"

"If anyone wants to question my authority, then take it up with me in the tournament!" various people shouted from the crowd.

Roy and Ed rolled their eyes and sighed as everyone filed into a line.

"Hey, it's nothing personal. I'm just following orders. We just want to make sure you're the real deal," the doorman said.

"Why?" someone yelled in the back of the line.

"Because we don't want any posers, and no more fatalities than are necessary." The man absent-mindedly said.

Suddenly the crowd went silent. "What did you say?" Even Roy and Ed took a sharp breath.

Realizing what he had just said, the bouncer twitched and attempted to rephrase what he 'meant' to say. "Well, uh…you…see, w-what I meant b-by that is that there are, uh…a f-few dangerous tasks that you might h-have to perform…and, uh…we just don't want anyone who's not qualified to attempt something and get hurt," he stammered, obviously flustered. He coughed, and waited to see what the alchemist's reaction would be.

Apparently, this was enough to satisfy the crowd. Conversations picked up again, and everyone loosened up. Everyone that is, except for two.

Ed snorted in disbelief. Tugging on Roy's arm, Roy bent down so Ed could whisper something to him. He already expected what Ed was going to say.

"I can't believe these people! Did I just hear right about the fatalities? Or are they stupid or something? What the hell are these bastards doing in the military?!"

"Well, it goes to show you that not even our government system is perfect."

"I'd be careful if I were you Colonel. That could be taken as treason if heard by the wrong people," said an outside voice.

Ed and Roy jumped in their skin and quickly turned around, prepared to attack. But as soon as Roy saw who had just interrupted their conversation, he relaxed.

Before them stood a man about 6'2", who appeared to be about 39 years of age. He had bushy red hair, and a red goatee to match. He wore thin-rimmed glasses, and a military uniform with a matching hat.

Roy grinned. "Ah, Brigadier General Faust, how have you been? I haven't seen you in months! How are things up North?" he asked, leaning over to shake Faust's hand.

Faust grinned and accepted the handshake. Ed watched with interest and confusion.

"Eh, not bad. Slow, as usual," Faust replied, shrugging his shoulders. "I hear that you got moved to Central! Congratulations! Now they can keep a closer eye on you." he said, grinning.

Ed butted in. "Wait, how do you two know each other?"

Roy laughed. "Oh, sorry Fullmetal. This is Brigadier General Max Faust. Also known as the Raining Mist Alchemist. We were training buddies in basic boot camp. "

Faust also started laughing. "Yeah, those were the good times. I knew him before he ever met Hughes. I was always bewildered at how Roy could keep up with me. Ten years younger, with hardly any stubble on his chin, and he could still match me," he exclaimed, clapping Roy on the back.

"And if I remember correctly, I could even beat you sometimes!" Roy said, grinning. "So Faust, what are you doing here? I didn't think that you'd be interested in stuff like this."

Max stepped back and put his hands in his pockets. Smiling, he replied, "I would have said the same to you. I guess I'm just here to check it out and have fun. The money is an eye opener too. It's been a while since I've really gotten to use my alchemy. So what about you? Are you here for the bragging rights?"

Roy suddenly became very tense. Ed glanced up at Roy, and wondered if he was going to tell this man why they had really come to the Games.

Roy regained composure and said, "Yeah, I'm here to…uh…show off my skills."

"Hah! Haven't changed a bit I see," Faust laughed, clasping Roy on the shoulder. "Well, good luck to you both," he said, nodding to Roy and Ed. "See you inside." he added, nodding to Roy once more. He then walked away and took a place up ahead in the line.

"Why didn't you tell him?" Ed asked.

"Come on, lets get in line," Roy quickly said to avoid answering Ed's question.

Ed looked curiously at Roy and shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever."

Roy and Ed took their places in the slow moving line as people flashed their pocket watches at the doorman.

Ed grumbled about how stupid people were while Roy listened to other alchemists' conversations. He listened to see if anyone else had mentioned coming on behalf of someone else. From what he had picked up, everyone else had come to the Games on their own free will.

"Who are these guys, and what the hell are they planning?" Roy thought. "If were Riza were here, she'd have an idea…" A twinge of guilt shook Roy's stomach. He realized that he had no idea where she was, or even if she was alive. But he had to keep faith that she was still breathing. "Riza…I promise to save you."

When they had finally reached the front of the line, and Roy absent-mindedly flashed his pocket watch at the doorman. Roy was about to proceed inside with Ed behind him when the bouncer grabbed his arm.

"Hang on," he said, and handed Roy a crumpled note from his pocket. "Let the kid see it too."

Roy looked at the man breathed in sharply. The bouncer's sunglasses had slid down his nose, and Roy looked at him in the eyes. He noticed that his irises were red. The bouncer, noticing this, pushed them immediately back up and roughly let go of Roy's arm. "Get inside," he grunted.

"Hey! Who you calling a kid?! Why don't you say that again-" Ed ranted as Roy dragged him inside by the scruff of his cloak.

Roy's eyes were widened in terror. "His eyes…they were red…and that can only mean one thing…"' he thought, finally connecting the dots. "Damn it…we're all in great danger… I have to tell Fullmetal, but not here…not now. We have to find Winry and Riza and get everybody out of here, as soon as possible."


Inside, Ed calmed down, but began pouting instead. "So, what'd he give us?" Ed grumpily asked with his arms folded across his chest.

"I don't know," Roy said shakily, unfolding the note. "But we're about to find out, and it's probably not something good."

Ed peered over Roy's elbow and they both skimmed the note. It simply said;

Keep your mouths shut while you're here.

Tell anyone about your friends, and they'll be the ones who suffer.


"That bastard!" Ed yelled after reading the note. "Who does he think he is? I outta-"

"Do nothing. Fullmetal, there is more at stake here than just getting Winry and First Lt. Hawkeye back. You have to remember that we're on their turf. We have to do what they say for the time being." Roy said, walking deeper into the great hall. Alchemists were gathering to sit on benches placed in front of a large podium.

Ed stared at the Colonel. "More at stake…?" he repeated, vaguely understanding what Roy had meant by that. He quickly shut his mouth, and shot a glance at Roy. Roy in return glanced at Ed, and immediately understood that Roy had figured something out. After that, they were both quiet while they looked for a spot to sit.

The hall itself was enormous. Inside, larger arches supported the ceiling along with various stone pillars at the edges and corners of the room. The interior was a dark brown, and the walls were laden with elegantly engraved designs. Various corridors branched off from the main hall.

They continued walking for a while until they reached the back of the hall, close to where the podium was. They both took a seat on an empty bench. The two sat in silence for a while, absorbed in their own thoughts as the other alchemists slowly filled up the room and occupied empty seats.

Soon the hall was full of bodies and chatter, and a man then stepped up onto the podium. Roy scowled as he saw that the man up on the stage was Isaac.

Isaac looked around, satisfied that everyone was in the hall now. He adjusted his microphone and then tapped it a couple of times while clearing his throat to get everybody's attention. The alchemists settled down, and he smiled when everyone was quiet.

"Welcome brilliant State Alchemists!" he yelled enthusiastically while spreading his arms out wide. "It's an honor that all of Amestris' greatest and most prestigious alchemists are all settled here under one roof on this very day. My name is Isaac, and I'm the one in charge of this fantastic, fun little event. If you have any questions, you can ask me or my men and we'll help you. You can also consult the guidebook that we sent you for the basics. There, there should be some basic information about the event. Are there any questions right now that I can answer before we start the event?"

Ed leaned back in his seat and whispered to Roy, "Did he say something about a book? How come we didn't get one?"

"They must have sent it to the people who originally R.S.V.P'd."he answered, assuming that that was the case.

"How come the tournament was so short noticed?" somebody yelled from the back of the room.

"Ah, very good question," Isaac said calmly. "You see, we're being sponsored by a few very wealthy people, and in order to do this, we had to agree on a time. I'm sorry if the announcement was sudden, but it was when they wanted it. Anything else?"

"How come there's no publicity?"

"So impatient! Of course there will be publicity, but we wanted to keep the information quiet while we were still setting up. The world will know who is the greatest as soon as the competition is over. Anything else?"

The room was silent for a few minutes. In the background, somebody coughed.

"Alrighty then…now that there are no more questions, and I know how eager we all are to start the competition, I'll get right down to the rules."

A murmur of excitement swept through the halls like wildfire, and everyone shifted in their seats.

Isaac raised his hands over his head and waited for everyone to quiet down. "Over the course of a few weeks, you all will participate in a series of short competitions. This will determine who the most skilled alchemist here is. Tasks are completely random, and could be anything from one-on-one fights to who can create the prettiest rocking horse. Now, you may be wondering why we'd do this, but the point is that there is no way to prepare for them. Here, we are testing your quick thinking and alchemic ability. There is no such thing as cheating. Anything goes. We'll find out who is the best through elimination. If you loose, you leave. No exceptions. We will award the prize money to the last competitor. Now, there's one other-"

"Wait, why can't we stay and see the rest of the tournament?" somebody from the audience yelled.

Isaac looked like he was going to pop a vein at the disturbance. Ed noticed this, and laughed quietly while making a face at Isaac. "Because we don't know how long this will take," Isaac responded smoothly while regaining his composure. "And I'm sure that ranking officers such as yourselves are needed back at your headquarters."

Roy and Ed's eyes widened. How could people buy this bullshit? Ed made the motion to stand up, but Roy immediately grabbed his arm and pulled him down. Ed shot a glare at Roy, and Roy pulled out the note to remind Ed about the consequences of speaking.

Isaac's excuse seemed to satisfy the audience's question, because no one pursued it. Isaac went back to making his introduction.

"Right then…are there anymore questions? No? Alright then. Now if you'll follow me this way, we can start the first task."

"What?!" the hall erupted with yells as everyone jumped to their feet. "We haven't even been here an hour!" This even surprised Roy.

"Like I said, the events are random. If you've got a problem with it, then go home. There's about 200 of you, and we need to cut that number at least in half while the train is still here," he said, looking sternly into the crown. "Now if you'll follow me down the hall, we'll go to the arena."

Scuffs and scrapes echoed through the hall as the alchemists pushed the benches back and rose to their feet. Ed and Roy quickly exchanged glances.

"Riza, here I come." Roy thought, punching a fist into his other hand.


Entering through a long hall, the alchemists followed Isaac like baby ducks going to a pond. They then turned down another wing, and walked carefully up a steep flight of stairs that was dimly lit with candles. At the top of the stairs, it opened up onto a large balcony. Upon reaching the balcony, everyone gasped. They were inside a giant dome, with a large, multi-pane window on top allowing light to filter through. Inside, the room itself was like a giant round coliseum, and alchemists were watching from the top. Stone bleachers wrapped around the room like a giant bowl. At the bottom of the arena stood a giant rock maze.

Isaac watched the alchemist's expressions change. "Impressive, isn't it?" he asked, folding his arms. He then turned around and faced the militia men. "Welcome to where the Alchemist Games will be held. This is the coliseum," he spread his arms out, "as you can see, that maze down there is your first task. You will all be divided into groups, which will enter though four different points into the maze. In the center of it, there is a large circle. The first one hundred people to get to the circle move onto the next round. You can use alchemy in any way you like, but you can't break down the walls. Now, let's get started. Everyone follow me, and watch your step."

The crowd buzzed with excitement. Roy and Ed merely followed, listening to the conversations. Somewhere they heard Armstrong saying, "My maze navigation techniques have been passed down through the Armstrong family line for generations…" The two exchanged glances and sighed. At least somebody was having fun.

At the bottom, Isaac put them into different groups by counting off heads. He put Roy and Ed into different groups, grinning maliciously as he numbered them off.

"Well, I guess you're on your own kid." Roy said, looking over to Ed.

"Good. I don't want to work with you anyway. I'll save Winry myself, and you can worry about First Lt. Hawkeye. Besides, you're an old man. You'll just slow me down."

This made Roy laugh. "Alright, suit yourself. But you'll be the one who's eating my dust."

"All right people! You know the rules, and be careful. We've put a few 'surprises' in the maze for you to make it interesting," he said, chuckling. People didn't have a lot of time to think about the presents that Isaac had left for them however because he immediately said to go to their starting positions.

Isaac walked back up to the balcony where they had all come in from so everyone could see him. "All right everybody! Remember, the object of this event is to make it to the center as fast as you can before everyone else. Only the first one hundred to reach the center will move on. You can use your alchemy, but not to break down walls. Travel alone or in a group- it's your choice. Just remember, there are dangerous booby-traps in there," he said, positioning himself a little better to see everybody. "Okay, at the sound of the gun you can begin!" he shouted through a funnel to amplify his voice.

Another man walked up the stairs and handed Isaac the gun. He raised it over his head and fired a shot. "BEGIN!"

Everyone rushed forward into the maze, and the Alchemist Games had officially begun.


Once inside the maze, Roy immediately split up from the rest of the group he had been put with. At the first fork in the maze, when they took a right, he had discretely turned left.

Roy stopped and waited until their voices faded away. Dark inside the maze, the walls loomed at least forty feet above his head. He continued walking, concentrating on finding the middle of the maze and passing the first event. He decided to light a spark to help light his way. He controlled the air around his glove using alchemy, and carried the fire in his palm.

A frightening scream cut through the air. Roy stopped dead in his tracks and quietly listened. "Oh yeah…I forgot about the surprises…looks like somebody already found one. I better hurry up…" he thought, hoping he would be lucky enough to not encounter one. He quickened his pace, and took the time that he had to figure out what the hell was going on here. "Okay, so I know that the guys running this thing are Ishbalan. That much is clear. They gathered all of the State Alchemists into one place, which could only mean one thing…they want to try and take us out in one swoop. But why now, and-"

Suddenly, Roy's foot sank into one of the cobblestones in the stone floor and he stumbled forward as he activated a switch. "Oh shit!" he yelled, once again, forgetting that the maze had booby traps. Slots in one of the walls opened up, and arrows launched themselves out across the hallway where he was. Roy quickly ducked down to dodge the first wave of arrows.

"Crap!" Another wave of arrows flew by him, and he ran forward, dodging as he went. "Enough of this!" he yelled, throwing himself against the wall and snapping his fingers. He sent a stream of fire at all of the arrows and arrow vents in the wall. When the smoke had cleared, there was nothing but ashes riding on the smoke that was flowing upward from the arrow shoots.

"That was close…" he said, panting and straightening himself upright. "What the hell is the point of all of this?" he asked himself, brushing a bit of ash off of his overcoat. "Soon, before I know it, I'll be running from giant rocks and dodging swinging axes..."


Walking deeper into the maze, Roy lost count of the number of turns he had made. Right, left, right, right, left…it was all a blur now. He figured that he was getting close to coming to the middle because the halls were gradually getting much wider and brighter, with more light shining through. Since the arrows incident, Roy hadn't encountered anymore "gifts" that Isaac had talked about. He carefully watched his footing, and carefully looked around each corner he turned down. However, Roy was becoming a little apprehensive. He hadn't seen anybody else since the beginning, and was starting to wonder who, if anybody, had already made it to the middle. He also became very suspicious of the surroundings. Without anymore action, he wondered what else was in store for him. "I can't possibly have this good of luck…" he thought.

And soon, he was right. Roy came to another turn point, and carefully watched his footing. He walked around, and saw that he had come to a four way intersection. There was a strange sound coming from the end of one of the halls. "Is that…growling" he wondered with his back pressed against the wall. He then tightened the glove on his right hand, letting his imagination predict what was around the corner.

"Okay…on the count of three…one…two…three!" he muttered, jumping into the wide intersection.

What he saw was NOT what he was expecting. Roy's eyes widened. Before him stood a giant chimera that was half lion, eagle, alligator and turtle. He had only seen a few failed chimera experiments, but never a live one, and never one this big. He had heard that Shou Tucker, the Sowing Life alchemist had once created a talking chimera, but Roy himself had never had a chance to see it.

It didn't notice Roy right away as he jumped out. The chimera was distracted by something clad in blue. Roy glanced down at what the beast was preoccupied with, and gasped. The beast was already licking the blood off the back of a fallen State Alchemist, whose uniform was torn up.

Finally noticing Roy, the chimera (which we will now refer to as the Linogator: pronounced Line-oh-gay-tor) looked up, smacking its lips. It began to get up, and Roy immediately snapped his fingers, sending a wave of fire towards the Linogator. Roaring from the pain, the chimera jumped out of the flames and towards Roy. He dodged its massive claws, barely escaping death. The linogator turned around, its scaly skin steaming as it landed on all four legs on the stone ground. It flicked his tail back and forth, baring its dripping fangs.

"I knew I wasn't going to be off scott-free just because of some arrows!" Roy began to back up to the other side of the wall, sweating.

The Linogator struck again, jumping at Roy's outstretched right arm. Roy dropped and rolled, but the linogator managed to quickly slash at his shoulder. Claws tore through flesh as Roy screamed in agonizing pain.

Roy jumped up and away, clutching his shoulder which was now dripping with his own blood. The right shoulder on his coat had quickly turned from a blue to dark shade of maroon.

The chimera lunged at Roy again, and he jumped back, skidding on his feet. Now the two paced around each other, and the linogator growled as it steadily backed Roy into the wall.

"Who in the world would create such a beast as you…you abomination…?" he taunted the chimera, not that it could even understand him.

The Linogator leaped up to strike again, with both of its paws aimed at Roy's heart.

"Gotcha!" Roy yelled, somersaulting forward and snapping his fingers at the same time, sending a stream of fire at the chimera's belly. It scorched him, and the beast catapulted forward, hitting the wall that Roy was just backed up against. Roaring in pain, it slid down, legs ajar when it landed on the cobblestone floor. It twitched and growled, but didn't get up. Its stomach and underside were steaming. Pieces of skin and hair were burnt up as Roy smelled the sickening smell of burning flesh.

Roy stood up, holding his shoulder and panting. He frowned slightly at the creature, and slowly sauntered over to it. For a moment, the two beings made eye contact. Roy saw rage in the creature's eyes, as well as pain. He then raised his left arm and snapped again.

The chimera roared one last time, and then was silent as the flames engulfed him. Roy stood for a few moments and watched as the flames died down. Soon, all that was left were the remains of the charred skeleton.

He sighed, and winced as his bloody shoulder throbbed. "This isn't good…" he muttered looking at his arm. He then remembered the corpse that the monster was snacking on. Roy walked over and turned the man over grimly with his good arm. He hoped that it was nobody that he knew.

"Well that's a relief…" he thought upon seeing the man's face. It was no one that Roy had ever met before, but when he saw the cold, glazed eyes of the alchemist, he threw up a bit in his mouth. Coughing, Roy stumbled back with his eyes watering. He had seen death before, but it never got any easier.

Getting a hold of himself, he looked one last time at the body. "You poor sap…we have no idea about what we've gotten ourselves into," Roy walked over to the wall farthest from the body and leaned against it, sliding down to the floor. The blood from his right shoulder left a skid mark, with the crimson standing out against the grey. Resting a bit, Roy closed his eyes and ripped off his sleeve. He looked at the wound. It wasn't fatal, but it wasn't going to stop bleeding on its own. Roy tried to apply pressure to the wound, and then decided to wrap his shoulder by ripping another piece of his uniform off. "This is defiantly going to slow me down…But, I can't afford to be slow...not when Riza is at stake. There's only one way to fix this so I don't have to worry about it though..." Roy thought, mentally preparing himself to cauterize his own wound. This was not going to be pretty…


Roy trudged down the next hall grumpily. He was still in pain, even if the wound had stopped bleeding. He was glad that no one was around to see him cauterize his injury. He had probably screamed the loudest he had ever screamed in his entire life, not to mention that he had nearly passed out twice. "If only Fullmetal could have seen me…for once, he'd probably be able to come up with a good insult…" he muttered to himself.

Slowly, moving his arm as little as possible, he continued marching. As he passed another four way intersection, Roy began to hear voices and screams. Instantly thinking there was another chimera, Roy ran towards the noise ready to snap his fingers. Turning around the corner, he saw that there were signs of transmutations taking place.

"What the-" he said, looking around at a few fallen bodies. Most of them were still breathing, but injured very badly. He looked over and saw the thing that had caused this much damage. Roy gasped.

"What the hell are you doing?!" he screamed at the source of all of the disaster.

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