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Written by: Chette

Part 27: One unforgettable Christmas

"Mataku mo!" Akane scolded Seiya at the VIP Room after the chaotic press conference. Usagi bowed her head down while Seiya was glaring back at Akane. "What evil spirit possessed you to do that?" she yelled.

"I don't regret doing it Akane." Seiya said, while hugging Usagi. "When Odango accepted my Love I wanted to shout it out loud to the whole world- no.. not just the whole world but the whole universe!"

"Ugh this is giving me a huge headache!" Akane yelled, and then left the two of them.

Taiki walked towards them, "I told you to think about it." he said it in a serious voice.

"Taiki, aren't you used to this by now?" Yaten smirked, while Minako standing beside him was giggling. "When it comes to Tsukino-san, I don't think Seiya thinks." he smirked, "Remember how he came back here to be with her? Remember how he broke the locket? how he-"

"Enough." Taiki said, sighing. "Demo, Marriage is a big thing!" he exclaimed.

"Seiya is old enough to know what is right or wrong," Yaten said, "though I don't think he has done a right thing-"

"YATEN!" Seiya growled,

"Jodan! Jodan! Tonikaku." he leaned forward at him, "Omedeto. Seiya.. Tsukino-san." he said, smiling, they both blush. "Taiki, instead of preaching there, why not just congratulate them?" he asked, for once acting like the eldest of them.

Taiki sighed, "Hai. Omedeto." he said.

Seiya was about to whisper something to Odango when a shadow covered them, Seiya frowned seeing the girls in front of them. "What do you want?" he asked, then he grabbed Usagi's hand securely.

Rei growled, "Usagi... you're one of a hell stubborn princess." she said, clenching her fist. Usagi looked up at her. "But... I always... always... trust you." she open her hand and released a sigh

"Rei..." Usagi bit her lower lip, and started shaking.

"I was too focus on the future... that I forgot everything can be changed. That some predictions aren't accurate and that whatever the outcome is.. you always find a way to solve it." Rei wiped out the tears coming out from her face. "When Minako..." she looked at Minako smiling, "told me.. told us... that we've been through a lot of changes already and even if the future will totally change... that she believes that everything is going to be okay, as long as we are all here...we can save the world and you... our princess... I was reminded of the past. When the world was doomed to failure, it was you who saved it."

"We thought you would need Endimyon to save the world, but we were reminded that there were times that he wasn't on your side but you fought hard and you succeeded." Ami said, smiling.

"It was the strength of your heart. That time, you were so much in love with the prince that he could give you hope and love... but now... its Seiya who can give you that." Makoto said, smiling.

"Well.. I was already at your side even before they accepted everything so you don't have to hear a long speech from me." Haruka said, smirking at Seiya. While Michiru just giggled.

Rei kneeled before Usagi and grabbed her free hand. "Usagi... forgive me for my actions. Forgive all of us... forgive us for hurting you, for taking your feelings for granted..." she said, then one by one, Ami, Makoto, Haruka and Michiru kneeled before them. Some of the people who saw that were puzzled. Minako let go of Yaten's hand and kneeled too. Taiki and Yaten were mesmerized by the act of the senshi that was displayed in front of them.

"Seiya..." Rei said, looking at Seiya. "Please take care of our princess... we will try our best to protect her... but it is you who has a bigger responsibility" she said, Seiya hesitated but nodded.

"Mouu.." Usagi stand up and cried, "Stop this royalty act and come here and hug me!" she cried.

Everyone of the senshi stood up and hug her tightly.

"Odango, do you have a passport?" Seiya asked, after the emotional scene between the senshi and them; they decided to leave them alone. Usagi and him dined at the hotel's restaurant.

"Yes. Did you recall that I went to America to visit Cynthia?" she asked, while slicing a bit of her steak. "Hmm... delicious!"

"I don't remember... was it that time, when diamond was inside my body?" he asked,

Usagi gasped, "Oh yeah.. anyway.. yes I do have a passport, why?" she asked,

"I was wondering, how would you like to go to Paris for Christmas?" he asked,

"Pa-Pa-Paris?" she squeaked. Seiya nodded. "Oh my.. is that the capital of france?" she asked, Seiya nodded again. "Oh.. you really mean it-" she stopped and her smile faded. "Oh.. well.. what about Chibiusa?"

"Your mom can take care of her right?" Seiya asked, "But if you want to take her with us, it's okay." he said, smiling.

"No! um.. I mean.. well yeah.. mom would probably tell me that she can take care of her." she said, smiling. "So when are we going to go there?" she asked,

"I was thinking on the 24th of December." he said, sipping a glass of wine while looking at her.

When they got home, Seiya and Usagi talked to Ikoku about their trip.

"So it's like that Mom..." Usagi said, "But if its wise for us to take Chibiusa with us-"

Ikuko smiled at them, "No. No. I can take care of Chibiusa" she said, smiling. "You two should enjoy Christmas. Shingo will be coming home from school and so your father and I won't be alone for the Christmas." she patted Usagi, "You've been working really hard... you need to take a break once in a while."

Seiya nodded, "I agree. she's been thinking a lot of things." he said, smiling.

"Ahhh...How delightful!" Ikuko exclaimed, "Paris is always lovely at this time of the year!"

And so the day of the 24th came out so fast, Usagi was confused that when they finally reached the airport, after they avoided the horde of Seiya's fans and media, Seiya was walking non-stop towards the plane.

When he gave the ticket to the lady and finally they were about to aboard the plane, Seiya noticed something was bothering his fiancee. "Daijoubu?"

"Nothing..." Usagi smiled, "I wasn't used to this kind of treatment. Like walking non-stop towards the plane."

Seiya chuckled, "Well I reserved first class ticket and once we get there, we'll buy anything you need and forgot." he squeezed her nose. "Who do you think I am anyway?" he said,

"Sir Seiya, this way."


I think you're my fiance? I guess I should say that to him but I can't stop blushing. Usagi whispered to herself.

Usagi thought they would ride a limousine or any sort of transportation. But instead, they took the train. A champagne trip and a dinner through the channel tunnel emerging from darkness into the flat French countryside until the train drew into the city of france. "This is beautiful..." she exclaimed.

"Are you ready for one unforgettable Christmas?" he asked, looking at his beautiful fiancee who was acting like a kid while looking at the scenery. "Paris does it better than any other, that is why I brought you here."

"Hai!" Usagi giggled, "Arigato.. Seiya..."

A few more minutes, when they left the train they saw a limousine waiting for them. The driver bowed and opened the door for them. Usagi gasped as she climbed into the luxurious leather interior of the limousine, feeling as excited as a small child. When the limosine started to move, Seiya opened the window for her to see the fairy lights woven into the trees that were gleaming golden bright all the way along the champs Ely sees and the christmas trees were festooned with fake snow. Seiya told her that they will be staying at a grand hotel not far from the Eiffel tower.

When Usagi opened the door of their room, she noticed that her fiancee rented an enormous suite whose huge windows overlooked the avenue montage where champagne awaited them as well as vases of bright red roses. She run towards the room and looked around. She went inside the bedroom. The bed was indescribably opulent, then she went inside the bathroom, one of the two bathrooms contained a Jacuzzi.

Seiya gave something to the guy who escorted them to their room, and went the door closed. He almost jumped when he saw Usagi standing now in front of him.

"Slap me."

"Eh?" Seiya blinked,

"Slap me. I want to know if this is a dream or not." she said, acting like a teenager who couldn't believe that this was happening to her.

"Why would I slap you?" he bemused. "I should just kiss you-"

"If you kiss me, I wouldn't know if I am dreaming or not." she frowned.

"Then how about doing this?" he asked, he raised his hands towards his fiancee's face and pinches her cheek, almost lovingly. "How is that?"

"It doesn't hurt." she frowned, "Ite! Ite! Ite!" she screamed when Seiya started to pinch it harder. "Okay enough!" she rubbed her cheeks and Seiya laughed really hard. "Mou~ Seiya... Hidoi."

"Hey..." Seiya frowned, "You were the one who told me that it doesn't hurt."

Usagi giggled, "I know!" she twirled before him, "Soo.. where are you going to sleep?" she asked, looking at the bedroom while the door was opened. She forgot to close it earlier.

"At the sofa." he smiled,

"Y-You're not going to come to bed with me?" Usagi asked, blushing furiously.

Seiya rubbed his hair and became messy, "As much as I want too... I have to control myself." he said, "You know.. Taiki and Yaten were right, whenever it comes to you... I don't think... it has always been... what I want and-"

"But I do want you..." Usagi said, looking down.

There was a pause. Seiya was caught off-guard for a moment, then he blushed. "It-It's not yet the right time.." he said, "Anyway... how about let's get out of here and let me tour you around france, how does that sound?"


"We could climb up the Eiffel tower." he said, poking her cheek.

And with that Usagi cling to her fiancee's arm and they both left the room.

"They say that Paris is a place for lovers." Seiya said, looking at the city while they were at the Eiffel tower. There were few people who could climb the Eiffel tower because it was quite expensive, but knowing Seiya he could afford it. The city looks beautiful during the night. But Seiya knows the woman beside him was definitely more beautiful and definitely shinning than the place. "But I don't believe that Paris is a place for lovers."


"Because my place is in your arms." Seiya said, he frowned when Usagi laughed. "Hey.. I was being romantic."

"Sorry.. but that was way too corny." she said, still smiling.

Seiya frowned and looked at the moon, he closed his eyes feeling the breeze on his face and then he begun to sing a song. "There are times, I hate my life. A time that I hate what I've been doing, a time that I hate time... because I can see you crying."

Usagi looked at him,

"You were crying again, Every time I see you, you were crying for him. He doesn't deserve your love, He doesn't deserve you. But who am I talk like that? I've even left you. There were times you were smiling, but it was a fake smile... I know because I could feel it."

"What is that?"

Seiya opened his eyes and looked at her, "It was a song that I wrote when I was in Kinmoku... I just remembered it while looking at the moon." he smiled, "I had a nice time while living on this earth... but I knew those smiles you gave to me were fake smiles before. You missed Chiba and seeing you loving him so loyal... made me love you even more." he smirked, "I left because that is what you want, and because I thought he would protect you for the rest of your life."

Usagi sighed, "Well.. things have changed..." she said, looking at the moon as well.

"The truth is... when I decided to, come back for the second time around... It was only for a short time... that I didn't plan to stay long... I just want to see you and to talk to you..." he chuckled, "So I broke my locket for you huh?" he asked,

Usagi frowned, "Not really for me, you were angry and you said not to call you a girl when you're Seiya..." she said,

"And then I found out that I am not really a girl... but a prince before who has already having a one-sided love to princess serenity. Yet... he didn't do anything, he just.. died." he said, "You know when I met your real mom... the moon queen...she told me that now its my time to protect you." he shook his head, "and... your senshi told me that protecting you is going to be a big responsibility to me." he rubbed the back of his neck, "But.. how can I protect you? I am just an ordinary guy... I am not even a senshi anymore..."

"I knew something is bothering you." she said, now placing her hand on his. Seiya looked at her. "But didn't you hear Mako-chan?" she asked, Seiya frowned. "Right now, you are my strength, you are the one who I needed could protect me even if you're just an ordinary guy-"

"Odan-" he stopped when she silence him with her lips.

"Seiya... trust in us." she smiled, "Trust in our love.."

"I do trust in us and in our love but-"

"Shhh.." Usagi said, she wrapped her arms around him and closed her eyes.

Seiya's mouth grazed over hers and despite all of the fears and anxiety he could feel, it just disappeared when he felt her soft lips. Back and forth their lips touched in a light provocation, until the desire to put his arms around Usagi's waist overrode all other considerations like pride and self-respect. They were at the public place and they knew that paparazzi might have been standing in a few meters from them, but he didn't care. The Kiss deepen and Usagi felt his tongue move inside her mouth. He pulled her closer, and after awhile, he drew away from her, trying to steady the sudden shudder of his breathing.

"hmm.. I think its time to go back," he said, rough fully. "Don't you?" he asked, while moved her cool fingers from his face and kissed their tips, one by one.

Usagi took a deep breath and nodded, "Hai.."

When they reached the hotel room, after Seiya closed the door behind them. Usagi swallowed and looked at him, "S-Shall we go to bed?" she asked, tentatively.

Seiya looked at her. "Hai.. Bed is exactly what you need." he said, carrying her like a princess.

Usagi smiled as he took her to bed. But she was confused when he just laid her there and tucked her in. "What are you doing?"

"Putting you to bed." he said, blushing.

"I was talking-" she sighed, "Never mind. I am still not dressed for the night." she said, flatly. Then she sucked in breath when she felt his finger traced her face.

"I told you there's a right time for that. You need to sleep early because we have to go to a lot of places tomorrow."

"I don't want to go to other places. I just want you be by my side." she pouted.

"Then I will be here until you sleep."

"I am not a baby. I am a woman."

"Usagi." he said, in a serious voice. She looked at him, "I mean.. Odango... I don't want us to fight. I am not in the mood-"

"You are just scared, admit it." she said, looking directly at him. "You love me but you're scared of the future."

"I am not-"

"Then prove it." Usagi said. "You don't have to be easy on me, Its not my first time anymore."


"Prove it."

"DAMN IT!" Seiya stood up, yelling frustrated. "You're right. I am scared. But I am not scared for me. I am scared for you!" he flared. "In the past... I couldn't do anything to protect you! I saw Endimyon protecting you but I didn't do anything!" he realized he was trembling. "I just died... died while doing nothing."


"I am useless..." he cried and felt his legs gave away. He slumped on the floor. Then a few minutes later he felt her hands on his shoulder shaking him.

"SNAP OUT OF IT SEIYA! THIS IS NOT YOU!" she yelled. Seiya gasped. "Where is the self-egoistic Seiya who claims that he is the best man in the whole world?" she asked, "Where is the confident Seiya that I know?" she asked,


"You know..." Usagi smiled sadly, "This happened to me before as well... Mamoru dreamed that I was in danger and he jumped to conclusions that he needed to stay away from me-"

"I won't leave you Odango it's just that-"

"But isn't that the same?" Usagi asked, "He was quite scared that time to lose me, but he didn't even think that he was already loosing me when he broke my heart." she wiped her tears. "I don't want you to commit the same mistake.. Seiya..."

"Do not worry, Odango.." he wiped his tears. "I will not commit the same mistake."

"I know you won't." she said,

Seiya looked at her deeply into her eyes. "You know... you really are beautiful...Odango..." he said, softly and then he grabbed towards him and began to kiss her. Usagi stifled a cry of surprise sounding on her lips. She wasn't expecting that. Then she melted against him, opened her mouth beneath his as naturally as breathing and gave a little moan. He slid his arms around her waist and then brought her even closer, reveling in the sensation of her soft curves and the silken spill of her hair as he undo his dango hair style. He stopped kissing her and looked at her, her hair sprawled out behind her, her eyes blue eyes shinning. "Are you sure...about this Odango? It's almost Christmas..." he said, then he glanced at the clock.

"Isn't it going to be a memorable christmas then?" she asked, as she stood up and reached out for Seiya to stand up as well. She shrieked when he swept her into his arms again and carried her quickly to the bed. "Am I heavy?" she asked, blushing.

"You're as light as feather," he contested as he lay her down on the bed. "Are you sure... about this?" he asked, her hands starting to undress him. "I guess that's a yes." he smirked, he peeled away her clothes and then took off his own clothes, for he couldn't wait anymore because Usagi's hands were trembling while trying to accomplish the task. And then pulling her into his arms, at long last.. finally... she's going to be his.

12:00 midnight, Seiya turned on his side and leaned up on one elbow to gaze down at her, tracing the line of her body with one finger, "Merry Christmas...Odango..."

Smiling, she turned to her fiance, just reaching up to caress his perfectly shaped jaw, "Merry Christmas... Seiya..." she whispered, "and I'll have you know.. that was amazing." she giggled.

Seiya blinked, "Honto ga?" he asked, blushing. Well Odango was his first time.

She kissed him, "Yes, really."

Seiya rubbed his hair and blushed deeply, "Well.. I thought I was a clumsy... because you on the other hand-" he looked at her.

She stared at him, "No comparison Seiya. Because you're the best"

His aqua eyes lit with a warm, tender glow that matched the joy in her heart. He bent to press his lips to hers and she responded with a delicious enthusiasm.

It was already afternoon when Usagi finished showering. She couldn't believe that she slept the whole christmas morning. But it was a blissful sleep, being hugged by Seiya was something she could get used too even in the future. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. She put on her bathrobe and smiled at the sleeping Seiya on the bed. After she fasten her robe, she opened it and saw the boy bearing two fancy carrier bags. Usagi received them and looked at the expensive bags at her hands.

"What was that?" Seiya asked, yawning. His naked chest showing.

"These came." she said, she saw Seiya smiled and saw him patted the bed. Signaling for her to sit on the bed. Blushing, she obeyed him and put the two bags on top of the bed.

"Open them"

From the first bag she pulled out a pink silk dress which slide through her fingers like a snake. "Wow..."

"Do you like it?" Seiya asked,

"I love it... but how did you know my size?" she asked.

There was a pause. Then a wicked smile. "I know all about my Odango.. Odango."

Usagi's cheek grew hot with embarrassment as she correctly read the expression in his eyes. Her fingers were trembling as she opened the second bag which contains a pair of pink shoes and some pink gloves. "What are these for?"

"For our Christmas dinner date later."

Usagi's heart started beating really fast. "You know you shouldn't do these.. I know you can afford it but-"

"But I want to shower you with gifts... Odango, I want to spoil you." he reached out for her, and then kissed her deeply. "You are supposed to be a princess, not just a soldier." he said, tracing her jaw. "and I want to give you all of these... its my happiness so just let me..." he said,

They arrived the restaurant and the waiter led them through several packed rooms to a table in a smaller room beyond, where Seiya had to duck his head to avoid the lintel. Two other tables in the room were unoccupied after a second, Usagi realized there were no place settings on those tables. She glanced quickly at Seiya, looking so darkly handsome and assured in his elegant suit. Her knees had only just started to recover from the sight of him when he finished getting dressed at the hotel. Thank god he offered his arm for her. She slipped off her black coat and handed it to the waiter. She could feel his eyes and turned to see him assessing her in her pink dress. The wolfish hunger in his eyes thrilled through her with a delicious awareness of her feminity.

His dinner setting had been adjacent to hers, and as he took his chair she absorbed the atmosphere of the restaurant. "This is very intimate." she said with a smiling lift of her brows once the waiter had delivered their menus and departed. His eyes gleamed.

Usagi giggled, "You know? that gaze of yours, is surely deadly." she pointed out.

His sensous lips gave a very faint twitch. "Well.. should you be careful then?" he murmured.

She smiled, and raised her brows, "Why should I? on the other hand, you should be careful to me."

"Ah." He flickered her with a smiling glance. After a moment his eyes veiled and he said, "Well that I can't argue."

The waiter came back to get their orders and poured a delicious champagne at their glass. After they clicked glasses and tasted the delicious wine, Seiya said, "This is what I like about going out to other places except Japan... when no one knows that you are a celebrity." His eyes were all at once cool and steady.

"But you are known around the globe-"

He said quietly, "Yeah but they respect me because I am a foreigner at this land." He gazed silently at her, his eyes unreadable, then he asked softly, "Ne.. Odango... what do you see yourself in the future? Do you really see yourself as a queen?" he asked, "I am kinda of curious."

She smiled and said brightly, "Well.. I do see myself as a queen in the future because I've seen it."

Seiya blinked, "You did?" Usagi nodded. "So you saw your future self?"

"Yes. But I believe there were changes now since a lot of things happened..."

"I see..." Seiya said, "Were you fond of the changes?" he asked, there was a bit hesitation and he was afraid to ask that but he asked it anyway.

"Well... at first I was afraid to change everything..."

"But... will you still let your destiny change... if.. Chiba didn't met that girl in America?" he asked, looking down.

Usagi watched his hands clench and unclench. He was afraid , that much was clear. She reached out for him, "I knew that if these things didn't happen... I would still be with Mamoru..." she saw him sighed, "Demo... it happened right? so.. let's just be thankful for that.."


She leaned over and kissed his lips. Just a gentle little sexy kiss, but it was enough to soothe Seiya's fears and anxiety.

Their first courses arrived. The soup was rich and fragrant. In between mouthfuls they did their best to steer the conversation into useful channels. Seiya for the first time hearing Usagi's plan for her life and for Chibiusa. While Usagi found out Seiya's deeper feelings about Music, about Life and he also told her about Kinmoku since she asked. Seiya didn't really remember much, but he told everything to her whatever he remembered.

"It was a small kingdom but even though the places were scattered, the stars were united." he took a sip of the wine. "It's like... even though you are far away from someone, there is still this connection..."

After their dinner, they were being offered some pastries for dessert which Seiya gladly ordered because he knew that Odango loves pastries.

Meanwhile in Japan

Saphir opened the door of his brother's room and realized it was empty. But the room was messy. The television was broken and so the magazine was torn. "Masaka!" he bent to pick up the newspaper and saw Usagi and Seiya's smiling face. He put the papers together and gasped when he read that Seiya proposed to Usagi in front of the Media. He trembled seeing the television broken. "E-Esmeraude!" he yelled,

"What is it Saphir?" she asked, and gasped seeing the room. "What happened here?"

"Where is brother?" he asked, trembling.

"I don't know Saphir..."

"We better find him! We must ask help from the senshis" he said, Esmeraude nodded.

Not far away from that building, The Prince of the Darkmoon looked at the blood in his hand. He just killed one man in front of him. He was about to pick up a fight and he was annoying him so he grabbed his neck and squeezed it until blood came out of his mouth and died.

"You're next... Seiya Kou..."

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