Draco Malfoy stared at the little vial of potion in his hand, the orange liquid swirled within it, just like pumpkin juice. He Watched Harry Potter 'the boy who would not die' talking to granger and the weasel. He was going to prove he was loyal to his father; he hated Voldemort but would do anything to please his father.

Lucius had told Draco to put the potion in Harry's pumpkin juice at breakfast in the great hall at the start of the 6th year and to make sure that he was touching Harry's skin when he drank it.

He had no idea what was in the potion or how it would work, all he knew was that it would deliver Harry Potter to Lord Voldemort and Draco would be honoured by the Death Eaters. Draco had used the Imperius curse on a house elf to insure that the potion was placed in Harry's morning juice.

As Harry began to drink Draco ran full pelt towards him and accidentally (on purpose) bumped into him making sure to touch the skin on his hand, as soon as this happened a bright white light engulfed Harry and Draco illuminating the entire hall and causing the students to shield their eyes. Draco was thrown across the room landing in a mass of robes. The teachers ran to the scene Professor Snape heading straight for the injured Draco.

Snape got to Draco and moved the 2 sets of robes that were laying on him checking for injuries, what he saw made him gasp in surprise.


The hall erupted with complaints and Ron and Hermione were pushed out of the doors with the crowd despite trying to search for Harry.

"Where is he Ron?" cried Hermione

"I don't know one minute he was there then flash! He was gone"

Back in the great hall the teachers had loaded Draco on a stretcher he still lay on is side and Snape refused to let anyone touch him.

"What's going on Severus, were is Harry Potter?" asked Minerva "come on we'll apparate him to the hospital ward"

"NO! Trust me we'll just levitate him, I will explain when he has seen Madame Pomfrey" said Snape sternly.

What is it Severus, cried Madame Pomfrey as they entered the hospital wing and lay Draco on A bed.

"This!" said Snape coldly as he threw the extra robe from over Draco.

They all gasped in shock, Draco laid on his side his stomach bulging out, pulling his school jumper taut around it.

"How can he be pregnant Severus?"

I think I have an idea said Snape pursing his lips, he held out the extra robe so the others could see it, it was a Gryffindor robe and sewn into the neck was the name 'Harry Potter'.

"Oh Merlin! You don't think……. you don't think that this is Harry" said Madame Pomfrey as she placed her hands over Draco's large belly.

"There's only one way to find out! Madame Pomfrey we need some blood tests and a scan of the baby's magical signature" cried Snape as he transfigured Draco's taut clothes into pyjama bottoms and a large white t-shirt, he was then laid on his back as Madame Pomfrey scanned him with her wand, she gasped.

"What is it Poppy?" said Minerva worriedly

"Its Harry, the baby is Harry but the signature it's slightly different somehow"

"Draco is pregnant with Harry Potter? Dear Merlin could this get any worse" cried Snape

Suddenly there was a groan from the bed and Draco began to stir.

"Call Dumbledore he'll be able to explain this better than anyone, oh and body bind Mr Malfoy in case he injures himself or….er Harry" said Minerva


Draco woke to see the blurred vision of Dumbledore standing over him, he was aware of a weight pressing on his lower abdomen and the fact that he couldn't move except for his eyes.

"Ah Draco, I see that you are awake" said Dumbledore with a twinkle in his eye.

"What happened? Why am I in a body bind?" cried Draco in desperation.

"Well it seems that something strange occurred when you touched Mr Potter at breakfast this morning, but alas I don't know how or why. I am sure you are aware that as a full blooded Submissive Veela you have a womb?" smiled Dumbledore

"Yeh what's that got to do with anything" said Draco angrily.

"Well Draco, it seems that Mr Potter was rapidly de-aged physically but mentally he is still 16 years old and as you were touching him he was transported into your womb, you are now 8 months pregnant with Harry Potter Mr Malfoy".

"What!" Draco was burning he tried to get up and move but failed miserably "How do I stop this!" shouted Draco

"Hmm Mr Malfoy? If I release you do you promise to stay in bed and not do anything...drastic?" smiled Dumbledore

"Yes anything!" Draco was instantly released and sat up with great difficulty, he looked down at his stomach, placing a hand on it before gingerly lifting up his t-shirt to look at his bare skin, the skin rippled as he felt movement inside and gasped.

"H-how do I get h-him out" said Draco as tears ran down his face, his blonde hair in a matted mess.

"Well poppy has been working on this all day, I'm afraid you will have to give birth to Harry in a months time to be safest, before we can restore him to his proper age, of course you will be fine Harry!" said Dumbledore as he leaned in towards Draco's bump.

"W-what? He can hear us?" cried Draco

"Of course! he is still mentally 16 years old; I know it sounds impossible but magic works in mysterious ways! I think I know a spell that will allow you to hear Harry's thoughts and he yours!" Dumbledore pulled out his wand and pointed it at Draco's abdomen, there was a strange blue light and then Draco could here Harry Potter's voice from deep within him.

"..It's dark in here"


"Oh Malfoy I see you've heard what's going on! I never knew I would be the one to get you knocked up... well not this way anyway"

"Shut it potter? As soon as you're out I want nothing more to do with you! And we will never discuss this again got it?


"Is it working?" asked Dumbledore rousing Draco from his brief conversation with Harry.

"Erm yes" stammered Draco.

"There's just one more thing Draco, Harry I hope your listening too, it seems that when this incident took place, something strange occurred, it seems that the DNA of Harry's mother Lily was replaced. ...hmm…how can I put this? Harry Potter is now the biological son of James Potter and yourself Draco, you are now Harry's biological mother, I'm afraid we can't change this fact as Lily is deceased." Dumbledore looked at his hands.




"Well Mr Malfoy if you have no more questions I think you will be able to go to your dormitory as your pregnancy is a healthy one, you will have to wear a simple concealment charm I have told your friends you are ill and not to ruff you up or make you do anything exciting for a while, Harry your friends have been told that you are in special training for a month okay?" smiled Dumbledore.

"Sir? Harry just wanted to know if being my s-well a Malfoy will affect his appearance"

"Well he looks a lot like James so I don't think much will change, he may or may not gain the trademark hair, but I'm afraid his eyes, well he will have his mothers eyes, your eyes Draco." Dumbledore then said his goodbyes and then left for his office.

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